Thursday, May 21, 2009

Songs in the Key of the Honest Man's Life - Quiet Storm

Quick backstory behind why this song gets the Honest Man so fired up. 1999. Chicago. July. Hot. As. Shit. Me, K dawg, Gangsta D, Pilot, and host of others decide to kick it in da Chi for the Taste of Chicago. To put things in perspective, we decided to crash at our homegirl's apartment. 4 guys. 4 gals. And no hanky panky went on whatsoever. Shit, it was too damn hot LOL.

Anyway, the trip didn't start off on the greatest note. We were having problems finding the right place to party. Either we were too late to the spot to get in or we did not have that certain look to get in. Think more Abercrombie, Gap-ish when we needed to be more Kenneth Cole-ish. Regardless, we still had fun kicking it during the day, touring Chi but deep down inside I know we wanted to leave Chi-town on a good note.

Sunday night. Last night in town. We didn't know where to go but we all were like damn that, we not changing our attire for NO ONE. Somehow we got a flyer about this spot called Dragon Room and they were having a party that night. We get there, it's evident from the folks in the line we getting in. Cats rocking jump suits, Fubu, etc all the typical negro stuff we accustomed to. We get inside, walk around first to get a feel for the spot, and see who's doing what. I remember me, D, and K Dawg walked to the dance floor, they started playing "Quiet Storm" and we were on the floor like flies to shit. Next thing I know, we had shorties all over us. I don't know if it was because we were posting on the wall like squares but I'm talking chicks had us in dance sandmiches (yep it's a word), cutting a fool. And all because we heard Lil Kim saying "It's the Queen to Bo-bee". Good times indeed. Sigh I miss those days.....

Mobb Deep f Lil Kim - Quiet Storm (remix)

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Gangsta D said...

Classic. Material. Never forget the infamous Dragon Room:)