Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Songs in the Key of the Honest Man's Life - Other Side of the Game.

How does one describe Erykah Badu? The face of 90s Neo Soul? The epitome of random weirdness? The mother of children who likely will face job discrimination because of their crazy names? The voodoo mistress who impacted every rapper she crossed paths with (see Andre 3000, Common)? Pioneer? Truth Teller? Borderline down ass/earth chick??

Honestly I dunno. I do know that I was an instant fan back in '96 when she dropped "On and on." It only got better when I copped "Baduizm" and said to myself INSTANT CLASSIC. Straight rocked the hell outta her CD for months. So imagine my disappointment when "Mama's Gun" dropped. And subsequent albums after that. Just gibberish shit that I didn't understand nor cared to. I was like, just make something that is in English por favor :-).

She's been making a mini comeback with her latest album. It's actually the closest thing I've heard to "Baduizm." And who knew that Badu had junk in the trunk (see "Window Seat" video)? It was like the Alicia Keys "if I ain't got you" video. Yep that kinda revelation. But anyway, today's SITK is my favorite cut off her first album. Her tale of struggling with the great lifestyle she has but all due to the fact her man is pushing snow. And I don't mean the kind you build snowman with kiddies. It's beautiful song that expresses her dilemma over what to do if someone indeed "comes for you."

Erykah Badu - Other Side of the Game

Monday, January 17, 2011

Remembering Dr. King

There will not be any funny comments today. No smart alecky or sacarstic commentary from the Honest Man. No duplicate post like two years where I expressed displeasure on certain pop culture topics. Nope I am coming at you openly, seriously, and honestly.

Today is Martin Luther King Day. Technically his birthday is January 15th but we always celebrate his day on the 3rd Monday every January. But regardless of the date, the point is to remember what this man did for the Civil Rights movement. He was the face of the bigger movement by our fathers, mothers, grandfathers, grandmothers, and countless others to give future generations the ability to do simple things such as get equal opportunities to vote and apply for jobs.

So in honor of him and to express my gratitude for all Dr. King did for folks like me, I'm posting his full "I Have a Dream" speech. Use this as a reminder for the struggle our predecessors went through and the obligation we have to carry on his message and make sure what he fought and died for was not in vain.

Thank You Dr King!


Sunday, January 16, 2011

Know Your Role & Shut Your Mouth - Natch tells it like it is!

The Honest Man decided yet again to launch another recurring blog entry. You might be going damn Honest Man, how many recurring blogs are you going to have? Well I thi....it's DOESN'T MATTER WHAT YOU THINK JABRONI!!! The Honest Man will launch, deactivate, reactivate how ever many recurring themes for as long as the Honest Man wants to. And that's the bottom line, because The Honest Man SAID SO!!!

If you are able to read between the lines in the above paragraph, then you know what this new series is all about. And if you don't get it, no worries. But for those inquiring, it's wrestling related. Being a huge follower, particularly of the old school, I decided I would start posting some of my favorite promos and moments periodically.

Today's kickoff entry is really just an ode to my man the Nature Boy Ric Flair. Back in college, I used to pop in his tape and listen to his promos before I took big test. I get so motivated listening to him kick knowledge, that I in turn, would take that bravado and just go open a can of whoop ass on that same test. And usually the results were positive. So with that in mind, I'm giving you a motivational promo so that others can feel what it's like to be the man and walk that aisle...WOOOOOOO