Thursday, January 13, 2011

Movies the Honest Man Loves - Lean on Me

I think you'll be hard pressed to find a more motivational movie filled with unintentional comedy than "Lean on Me." Seriously, it's got enough one liners and moments for a lifetime. Mr. Clark telling Sams to jump. Benson telling Mr. Clark he's the real HNIC. The man who cheated on Vanessa Williams in Soul Food but's a football coach in Lean on Me getting all Incredible Hulk and flipping over Mr. Clark's desk. Just classic shit.

One of my favorite scenes is the infamous bathroom scene (no not the one where ole girl gets her top ripped off). I'm talking about the one where Crazy Joe busts into the boys bathroom and threatens these dudes to sing the school song on the spot or be suspended. Does it ever occur to anyone that let's just say they didn't know the song? Could you imagine telling your parents you were suspended because you didn't know the words to a school song? Sounds like a lawsuit waiting to happen. But anyway, the point is, I just love how the soon to be R&B group Riff gets their "Fair Eastside" on :-)

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