Monday, January 3, 2011

Songs in the Key of the Honest Man's Life - Nothing Even Matters

I'm flipping it up on ya in today's Songs post fam. You probably thinking that after my recent bootylicious posts, I'm probably would hit you with a Luther Campbell or Doo Doo Brown classic to re-emphasize my point. Nope, I'm feeling the Love Movement, especially after watching "The Best Man" today :-).

1998 was the year Lauryn Hill dropped her debut (and only) solo album. From top to bottom, it's a classic and was properly rewarded at the Grammys. One of my favorite cuts on the album is her collabo with D'Angelo, Nothing Even Matters. I always thought it was the perfect love song. Beautiful words, very soulful harmony, just a beautiful matrimony. I can tell you when I made those Quiet Storm CDs, THAT song was normally on there.

Too bad at that moment in my life, I wasn't looking for long term love :-).

Lauryn Hill f D'Angelo - Nothing Even Matters

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