Sunday, June 27, 2010


WARNING: The following post does express the views of the person writing this blog so if you got a problem with it, oh well tough titty :-)

The Honest Man has been watching too much of one of his favorite shows, the Boondocks. Particularly the "Fundraiser" episode. I find myself repeatedly quotin' Riley's "My president is black...." line over and over whenever I'm jawin' with someone (I especially drop the "Imma slap da shit outta you if I see in the street" line for emphasis). So what does that have to do with today's post. Absolutely everything...

First, let me say the Honest Man was in full celebratory mode this week and hence no posts. The year long hate of my Lakers resulted in me going one ten with the celebration of the title. Groupies, drugs, gangsta rap, rain making days at the Pink Pony, yep I was in full jackass mode. Then I woke up from dreaming that up and just spent the week clowning with haters with hate all you want, you got three hundred and sixty days of shit talking from me so dress warm. But I digress....

Big week in sports for me. Lakers winning the title. My homestate Clemson Tigers and South Carolina Gamecocks playing the College World Series (UPDATE: South Carolina advanced to Tues' championship game), Wimbledon starting (including the dope Isner-Mahut marathon), and the most important, the US men's soccer team winning their Group in World Cup play for the 1st time since 1930. Yep overall a good week. So who does the US draw in Round of 16. Ghana.....

Interesting enough, I got a few questions/emails from folks asking me who was I rooting for. US or Ghana. Homeland or Motherland. Toby or Kunta. I say interesting because I never entertained for one minute of rooting against the US. Seriously. I know my roots are in Africa but I was born in the US. And I can only trace my family's history up until the moment they got off the boat in the States. That means I don't even know which African country my family came from. And that means I'm rooting for what I know :-)

All these folks reading going the above talkin' about man you don't know the struggle, my granddad's immigrated from whatever African country, yada yada, get the fuck outta here. The only difference between your granddaddy and my family is time. Ya'll just came on a different boat in a different era. Period. Translation, your granddaddy's people were better at avoiding get caught than my people. Simplistic. Yes. Realistic. Damn Straight. Bottom line if you living in that country and you claiming citizenship for that country, I'm rooting for THAT country in International competition.

Ghana won yesterday so some folks have thrown it back in my face. Chants of Motherland reign supreme in my cell phone. Just to fuck with them and still being in full jackass mode, I would text back go out and celebrate Toby you deserve it. Pretty sure I'm no longer their friend but hey Honesty's a beeyotch right ;-). Guess it wouldn't help if I told 'em I'm rooting for Ghana in the quarters

Today's Lesson

The Honest Man has told you about the "Let's go back to Africa" shit in the past. I'm all about learning more about my roots but don't use the sports stage as an opportunity to play that card. It's soccer. And the only reason it's brought up is because this is a sport that Africa has a legit chance of beating the US in. That and maybe track. But everything else, puhlease. Guarantee you my phone is not getting texts when the US plays whatever African country in basketball LOL.

Again my president is black and my lambo is blue. And if I catch you asking me about motherland vs homeland, Imma slap you in streets - Young Heezy

Friday, June 18, 2010

D-Lo & S-Curl Pop Bottles - A Recap of Game 7

Last game of the NBA 2010 Season. Obviously read the previous post and know the Honest Man is Happy. During the game though that wasn't always the case. And you'll see that in the greatest NBA Finals chat known to the common man....

ddog_tap (6/17/2010 8:56:58 PM): LET'S GET READY TO RUMMMMMMMMMMBLE!
Honest Man (6/17/2010 8:57:08 PM): Aww yea
Honest Man (6/17/2010 8:57:26 PM): WARGAMES. Two Thousinnnd and tinnnn
Honest Man (6/17/2010 8:57:30 PM): We escavatin' Schiavone
ddog_tap (6/17/2010 8:58:01 PM): Let me tell ya something
ddog_tap (6/17/2010 8:59:10 PM): "I hate to be a buzzkill." lol
Honest Man (6/17/2010 8:59:20 PM): hehe
Honest Man (6/17/2010 8:59:25 PM): peep the insanity already
Honest Man (6/17/2010 8:59:30 PM): " I guess its time to see if Kobe can keep the title or fall to mediocrity"
Honest Man (6/17/2010 8:59:46 PM): I asked how does he fall to mediocrity
Honest Man (6/17/2010 8:59:48 PM): Response - not magic
Honest Man (6/17/2010 8:59:51 PM): wooow
ddog_tap (6/17/2010 9:00:28 PM): Cause 4 titles proves one thing - YOU SUCK! Riiiiiiight...
ddog_tap (6/17/2010 9:01:57 PM): Shelden Williams will be the key tonight
Honest Man (6/17/2010 9:02:10 PM): I guess Big Game James is mediocre cuz he only has 3 rings
ddog_tap (6/17/2010 9:03:25 PM): I got "game Over," "Bow down," and "Gangsta Gangsta" loaded and ready to go
Honest Man (6/17/2010 9:03:38 PM): Shit I'm just quoting the latest Boondocks episode
Honest Man (6/17/2010 9:04:38 PM): Fuck Red Auberbach, Fuck KC Jones, Fuck Bill Russell, Fuck Larry Bird, Fuck Cornbread Maxwell, this is America, my president is black and my lambo is blue. And if I see you in the streets, Imma slap da shit outta you - Young Weezy
ddog_tap (6/17/2010 9:06:35 PM): TRUE!
Honest Man (6/17/2010 9:07:50 PM): Go inside. Good things WILL happen
Honest Man (6/17/2010 9:08:51 PM): OHHH
Honest Man (6/17/2010 9:08:55 PM): ONions!!1
ddog_tap (6/17/2010 9:09:11 PM): He ran into him!
ddog_tap (6/17/2010 9:10:08 PM): Go hard
Honest Man (6/17/2010 9:10:12 PM): or go home
ddog_tap (6/17/2010 9:10:52 PM): Dunk that shit
Honest Man (6/17/2010 9:11:42 PM): Gotta hit the freebies
Honest Man (6/17/2010 9:12:04 PM): smart
ddog_tap (6/17/2010 9:12:05 PM): Go inside
Honest Man (6/17/2010 9:12:11 PM): they gonna throw 3 at Kobe
Honest Man (6/17/2010 9:12:28 PM): Damn fly
ddog_tap (6/17/2010 9:13:08 PM): No foul!!!
Honest Man (6/17/2010 9:13:11 PM): Kobe needs to pass
Honest Man (6/17/2010 9:13:27 PM): yea gotta lil arm
Honest Man (6/17/2010 9:14:02 PM): moving screen???
ddog_tap (6/17/2010 9:14:32 PM): Just a tad
Honest Man (6/17/2010 9:14:35 PM): Kobe needs to pass
Honest Man (6/17/2010 9:15:08 PM): nice
ddog_tap (6/17/2010 9:15:09 PM): Spanish FLy
Honest Man (6/17/2010 9:15:11 PM): just go inside
Honest Man (6/17/2010 9:15:25 PM): nice Drew
ddog_tap (6/17/2010 9:15:26 PM): Who left a door open?
Honest Man (6/17/2010 9:15:49 PM): wow
ddog_tap (6/17/2010 9:16:04 PM): No fouls will be called tonight, apparently
Honest Man (6/17/2010 9:17:41 PM): apparently not
Honest Man (6/17/2010 9:18:03 PM): they just need to settle down. Kobe's realized on the past 2 plays they are not gonna give him space so he's gotta swing the ball
ddog_tap (6/17/2010 9:18:30 PM): Just keep going inside. They will collapse and open up shooting space.
Honest Man (6/17/2010 9:18:54 PM): yep force them to change their defense
Honest Man (6/17/2010 9:20:00 PM): see
Honest Man (6/17/2010 9:20:01 PM): dumb
ddog_tap (6/17/2010 9:20:32 PM): But these boards are gonna wear them down
Honest Man (6/17/2010 9:20:36 PM): yessir
Honest Man (6/17/2010 9:21:03 PM): see
Honest Man (6/17/2010 9:21:04 PM): nice
Honest Man (6/17/2010 9:21:07 PM):
ddog_tap (6/17/2010 9:21:10 PM): Swing
ddog_tap (6/17/2010 9:21:58 PM): Waited too long
Honest Man (6/17/2010 9:22:10 PM): too much standing
ddog_tap (6/17/2010 9:22:22 PM): Nice
Honest Man (6/17/2010 9:22:25 PM): go inside
Honest Man (6/17/2010 9:22:30 PM): good things WILL happen
ddog_tap (6/17/2010 9:23:05 PM): They called a foul!!!
Honest Man (6/17/2010 9:23:08 PM): yessir
Honest Man (6/17/2010 9:23:10 PM): smart
Honest Man (6/17/2010 9:23:28 PM): yea get Drew out
Honest Man (6/17/2010 9:24:20 PM): Mandatory Grown Ups commercial...cue NOW
ddog_tap (6/17/2010 9:24:59 PM): Ahh, now I can breathe. All is well with the world
Honest Man (6/17/2010 9:27:34 PM): gotta hit the freebies
ddog_tap (6/17/2010 9:28:02 PM): Really?
Honest Man (6/17/2010 9:28:02 PM): 2 on Gasol
Honest Man (6/17/2010 9:28:41 PM): bad shot
Honest Man (6/17/2010 9:29:05 PM): he's worried about his stats, bad sign
Honest Man (6/17/2010 9:29:25 PM): moving screen
Honest Man (6/17/2010 9:29:30 PM): geez happy hands
ddog_tap (6/17/2010 9:29:36 PM): Go inside. Why did we change?
Honest Man (6/17/2010 9:29:56 PM): I dont know what they are doing, Fish going inside with no real agenda
Honest Man (6/17/2010 9:30:46 PM): that was a smart move by Farmar
Honest Man (6/17/2010 9:31:02 PM): what are we doing??
ddog_tap (6/17/2010 9:31:08 PM): No idea
ddog_tap (6/17/2010 9:31:34 PM): The winner of the 1st qtr has won every game
Honest Man (6/17/2010 9:31:44 PM): yep, don't remind me LOL
Honest Man (6/17/2010 9:33:03 PM): Selfish Kobe has returned
ddog_tap (6/17/2010 9:33:04 PM): Well, that was horrible
Honest Man (6/17/2010 9:34:46 PM): you might as well resurrect Red so he can smoke the cigar if Kobe
Honest Man (6/17/2010 9:34:51 PM): keeps doing Kobe
ddog_tap (6/17/2010 9:35:45 PM): Basically. Go inside. Outrebound. Get them in foul trouble
Honest Man (6/17/2010 9:36:29 PM): That last shot was a telling run baseline, 2 Celtics running with you, you got LO open at the elbow and you throw up a 3
Honest Man (6/17/2010 9:36:41 PM): you're killn' me Petey
ddog_tap (6/17/2010 9:37:13 PM): Let's see if we let our nuts hang
ddog_tap (6/17/2010 9:37:33 PM): Nice shot
Honest Man (6/17/2010 9:37:35 PM): wow
Honest Man (6/17/2010 9:37:59 PM): smart
Honest Man (6/17/2010 9:38:01 PM): go inside
Honest Man (6/17/2010 9:38:26 PM): good assessment of Kobe's Q1 by MJ and JVG
ddog_tap (6/17/2010 9:38:33 PM): My God, hit FTs
Honest Man (6/17/2010 9:38:33 PM): damn hit yo fts trics
Honest Man (6/17/2010 9:39:09 PM): that's a foul Machine
Honest Man (6/17/2010 9:39:20 PM): and for god's sake it's Tony Allen
ddog_tap (6/17/2010 9:39:23 PM): Machine no foul
Honest Man (6/17/2010 9:39:36 PM): two hands!!!
Honest Man (6/17/2010 9:39:41 PM): you rebound with 2 hands
ddog_tap (6/17/2010 9:40:04 PM): Nice.
Honest Man (6/17/2010 9:40:08 PM): AAU
ddog_tap (6/17/2010 9:40:09 PM): Machine post up? Huh?
Honest Man (6/17/2010 9:41:55 PM): I don't even think B Shaw drew that up
Honest Man (6/17/2010 9:42:20 PM): EXPENDABLES!!!
ddog_tap (6/17/2010 9:42:33 PM): yeah baby!!!
Honest Man (6/17/2010 9:42:45 PM): waitaminute Jackie Chan and Action Jackson aren't in it...Pass LOL
Honest Man (6/17/2010 9:43:41 PM): I can't believe how many times I have agreed with JVG in this series
ddog_tap (6/17/2010 9:44:14 PM): Don't leave Sheed again
Honest Man (6/17/2010 9:44:54 PM): wow I need to coach
ddog_tap (6/17/2010 9:44:54 PM): Whatever happened to the mid range game? One dribble then pull up
Honest Man (6/17/2010 9:45:02 PM): Zen just said what I said LOL
Honest Man (6/17/2010 9:45:40 PM): I was about to shoot Gasol no homo
Honest Man (6/17/2010 9:45:45 PM): Kobe just did what we want him to do
ddog_tap (6/17/2010 9:45:48 PM): lol
Honest Man (6/17/2010 9:45:50 PM): and you stumble
ddog_tap (6/17/2010 9:46:02 PM): Nice
Honest Man (6/17/2010 9:46:07 PM): loving Ron Ron's hustle
Honest Man (6/17/2010 9:47:05 PM): good D
ddog_tap (6/17/2010 9:47:32 PM): Ty Lue!!!
Honest Man (6/17/2010 9:47:49 PM): loving Artest
ddog_tap (6/17/2010 9:47:50 PM): Curly Neal
ddog_tap (6/17/2010 9:48:11 PM): Why didn't he dunk that
Honest Man (6/17/2010 9:48:13 PM): Farmar gotta lil excited eh
ddog_tap (6/17/2010 9:49:16 PM): this game is like the series: uneven, bad basketball with spurts of excitement
Honest Man (6/17/2010 9:49:28 PM): wow
Honest Man (6/17/2010 9:49:31 PM): on Farmar
ddog_tap (6/17/2010 9:49:31 PM): Over the back?
Honest Man (6/17/2010 9:49:32 PM): ???
Honest Man (6/17/2010 9:49:49 PM): Laker MVP of the 1H so far...Artest
Honest Man (6/17/2010 9:49:53 PM): did I really type that??
ddog_tap (6/17/2010 9:50:09 PM): Yes...reluctantly
Honest Man (6/17/2010 9:50:55 PM): they would be getting blown out right now if it wasnt for him
Honest Man (6/17/2010 9:51:13 PM): holding Wheelchair in check, getting rebounds and putbacks off horrible shots
Honest Man (6/17/2010 9:51:16 PM): steals
Honest Man (6/17/2010 9:51:25 PM): shit Gasol looks scared right now and indecisive
Honest Man (6/17/2010 9:51:35 PM): Kobe doing Kobe shit
ddog_tap (6/17/2010 9:51:41 PM): Gasol IS scared and indecisive
Honest Man (6/17/2010 9:51:50 PM): correction!
ddog_tap (6/17/2010 9:52:16 PM): He's shook by Spain's lost in the World Cup
Honest Man (6/17/2010 9:52:23 PM): hehe
Honest Man (6/17/2010 9:52:32 PM): well we got 2008 Kobe and Gasol right now
Honest Man (6/17/2010 9:52:36 PM): and that AINT a good thing
ddog_tap (6/17/2010 9:52:40 PM): GROWN UPS!!!!! Totally not tired of these guys
Honest Man (6/17/2010 9:52:44 PM): cue Mandatory Grown Ups NBA discussion
Honest Man (6/17/2010 9:53:05 PM): I don't think I've ever been turned off that quickly on a movie that hasnt come out yet
Honest Man (6/17/2010 9:53:22 PM): too easy
Honest Man (6/17/2010 9:53:42 PM): Fish again driving with no agenda
ddog_tap (6/17/2010 9:53:47 PM): Why give him baseline?
ddog_tap (6/17/2010 9:54:50 PM): Nice
Honest Man (6/17/2010 9:54:53 PM): that was smart
Honest Man (6/17/2010 9:55:01 PM): see I give him cred
ddog_tap (6/17/2010 9:55:06 PM): Reluctantly
Honest Man (6/17/2010 9:55:14 PM): still debating whos my whuppin boy him or Gasol
Honest Man (6/17/2010 9:55:21 PM): leaning with Gasol b/c at least Kobe is trying
ddog_tap (6/17/2010 9:55:23 PM): My God!
Honest Man (6/17/2010 9:55:28 PM): HIT YO FTS TRICS
Honest Man (6/17/2010 9:56:40 PM): why did Pau pass after he had him beat???
ddog_tap (6/17/2010 9:56:40 PM): Horrible ball being played
Honest Man (6/17/2010 9:56:53 PM): just solidified it, he's my whuppin boy
Honest Man (6/17/2010 9:57:05 PM): MVP MVP MVP
ddog_tap (6/17/2010 9:57:06 PM): lol
ddog_tap (6/17/2010 9:57:15 PM): Who'd a thunk it?
Honest Man (6/17/2010 9:57:50 PM): selfish Ko-be
ddog_tap (6/17/2010 9:57:50 PM): Thats a foul?
Honest Man (6/17/2010 9:57:56 PM): selfish Ko-be
Honest Man (6/17/2010 9:58:06 PM): of course man, he didnt stumble on his own feet
Honest Man (6/17/2010 9:58:09 PM): it's Jesus!
ddog_tap (6/17/2010 9:58:14 PM): I thought Pau was your whipping boy?
Honest Man (6/17/2010 9:58:26 PM): he is
ddog_tap (6/17/2010 9:58:39 PM): His tip ins are non existent
Honest Man (6/17/2010 9:58:46 PM): very
Honest Man (6/17/2010 9:58:49 PM): it
Honest Man (6/17/2010 9:58:55 PM): s like he has the bad knee
Honest Man (6/17/2010 9:59:17 PM): that was bad
ddog_tap (6/17/2010 9:59:18 PM): What?!?
Honest Man (6/17/2010 9:59:24 PM): but back to Pau
Honest Man (6/17/2010 9:59:40 PM): you got KG in foul trouble. It's Patch Adams and Shrek in the front line
Honest Man (6/17/2010 9:59:44 PM): Go. To. Work
Honest Man (6/17/2010 10:00:12 PM): Kobe's problems are easier to defend. They're running 2 or 3 at him, he just needs to pass it quicker
ddog_tap (6/17/2010 10:00:43 PM): they are tight. It's obvious. Maybe they need to hit a joint a halftime. You know phil got a stash
ddog_tap (6/17/2010 10:01:49 PM): We're down 2 and have played like absolute dogshit. If we decide to focus, we'll win by 20
Honest Man (6/17/2010 10:02:28 PM): Someone typed MVPs dont miss Free Throws
Honest Man (6/17/2010 10:02:34 PM): (eyes rolling)
Honest Man (6/17/2010 10:03:05 PM): So I guess it didnt matter in 2000-2005 when notoriously bad FT shooters Duncan and Shaq won MVPs in the Finals
ddog_tap (6/17/2010 10:03:15 PM): Nope
Honest Man (6/17/2010 10:03:36 PM): man
ddog_tap (6/17/2010 10:03:36 PM): Bad shot
Honest Man (6/17/2010 10:03:39 PM): yes
Honest Man (6/17/2010 10:04:06 PM): dude Gasol was about to double Patch Adams
ddog_tap (6/17/2010 10:05:24 PM): Wait, so after all the Sheed histrionics, they're gonna call double T's on that?
Honest Man (6/17/2010 10:05:53 PM): Artest-Pierce. Hell in a Cell.
Honest Man (6/17/2010 10:05:58 PM): SUPERKICK. Oh My God
Honest Man (6/17/2010 10:06:05 PM): E C Dub, E C Dub
ddog_tap (6/17/2010 10:06:58 PM): My God
Honest Man (6/17/2010 10:07:08 PM): Now if they gon give Tecs for stare downs
Honest Man (6/17/2010 10:07:24 PM): then you need to start giving tecs for overacting over everything
Honest Man (6/17/2010 10:08:27 PM): What will be the halftime speech?
ddog_tap (6/17/2010 10:08:38 PM): Get your heads out of your asses
Honest Man (6/17/2010 10:09:45 PM): Kobe
Honest Man (6/17/2010 10:09:49 PM): seriously
ddog_tap (6/17/2010 10:10:52 PM): That was horrible. Pitiful
Honest Man (6/17/2010 10:11:00 PM): Kobe and Gasol are fighting for least valuable player
Honest Man (6/17/2010 10:11:59 PM): the thing is, I don't know why they didn't expect Boston would come out much better
Honest Man (6/17/2010 10:12:10 PM): this aint Phoenix or Orlando
ddog_tap (6/17/2010 10:12:48 PM): Go inside. Hustle harder or they have no one to blame but themselves
Honest Man (6/17/2010 10:24:39 PM): All this talk about Kobe's legacy.
ddog_tap (6/17/2010 10:25:39 PM): One of the greatest ever. Winning this title won't push him past Jordan
Honest Man (6/17/2010 10:26:04 PM): Nope, not at all
Honest Man (6/17/2010 10:26:11 PM): but he's the greatest of this generation
Honest Man (6/17/2010 10:26:41 PM): either 2010 Kobe and Gasol are coming out or they are going fishin
ddog_tap (6/17/2010 10:26:55 PM): Basically
Honest Man (6/17/2010 10:28:15 PM): This is like early 90s WCW uglyt
Honest Man (6/17/2010 10:28:37 PM): talking about Laser Tron vs Denny Brown ugly
ddog_tap (6/17/2010 10:29:35 PM): I don't even know who they are. I guess that shows how ugly it was
Honest Man (6/17/2010 10:30:19 PM): that's my point
Honest Man (6/17/2010 10:30:44 PM): you don't recognize who they are like you don't recognize the offense in this game
ddog_tap (6/17/2010 10:32:32 PM): Here we go...
Honest Man (6/17/2010 10:32:48 PM): MVP MVP
Honest Man (6/17/2010 10:33:15 PM): dumb foul Kobe
ddog_tap (6/17/2010 10:33:33 PM): He's 7 feet. Not gonna block that
Honest Man (6/17/2010 10:34:06 PM): He passed it. Did you see that? He literally passed it
Honest Man (6/17/2010 10:34:25 PM): All jokes aside, you did notice how Gasol just watched the ball literally come down on a rebound
Honest Man (6/17/2010 10:34:52 PM): uh oh
Honest Man (6/17/2010 10:34:57 PM): 2008 is happening
ddog_tap (6/17/2010 10:34:57 PM): Unfocused
ddog_tap (6/17/2010 10:36:03 PM): We're gonna lose. These niggas don't want it
Honest Man (6/17/2010 10:36:07 PM): call TO
Honest Man (6/17/2010 10:36:18 PM): I have no idea what Kobe and Gasol are doing
Honest Man (6/17/2010 10:36:35 PM): one is doing dumb shit on the offensive end, the other is doing dumb shit on the defensive end
ddog_tap (6/17/2010 10:37:08 PM): No literally call TO. At least he'd show some heart out there
Honest Man (6/17/2010 10:38:28 PM): lol
Honest Man (6/17/2010 10:38:48 PM): Kobe's taken 1 good shoot all night
Honest Man (6/17/2010 10:38:58 PM): Gasol has played hot potato all night
Honest Man (6/17/2010 10:39:29 PM): He can talk about lifting weights all he wants but don't mean shit when you play scared
Honest Man (6/17/2010 10:40:33 PM): bad shot
ddog_tap (6/17/2010 10:40:36 PM): Shot is flat
Honest Man (6/17/2010 10:40:41 PM): he is refusing to adjust his game
ddog_tap (6/17/2010 10:41:28 PM): They don't want it.
Honest Man (6/17/2010 10:41:57 PM): guess who didnt box out
ddog_tap (6/17/2010 10:42:49 PM): What happened to going inside
Honest Man (6/17/2010 10:42:58 PM): or hitting free throws
Honest Man (6/17/2010 10:43:28 PM): why wont he pass
ddog_tap (6/17/2010 10:43:59 PM): No idea. Even if we come back and win, will this be a hollow victory? lol
Honest Man (6/17/2010 10:44:51 PM): man, it will be a In Spite Of victory
Honest Man (6/17/2010 10:44:58 PM): this time 2 people
Honest Man (6/17/2010 10:45:25 PM): take Gasol out
ddog_tap (6/17/2010 10:45:39 PM): Needs to see the Wizard
Honest Man (6/17/2010 10:45:41 PM): point blank range. You're 7 ft
ddog_tap (6/17/2010 10:45:58 PM): Where has that been?
Honest Man (6/17/2010 10:46:05 PM): with the Wizard
ddog_tap (6/17/2010 10:46:28 PM): Why does he keep giving him baseline?!?!?
Honest Man (6/17/2010 10:46:42 PM): man
Honest Man (6/17/2010 10:46:50 PM): guess he needs to see the Wizard again
Honest Man (6/17/2010 10:47:18 PM): Artest got fouled too
Honest Man (6/17/2010 10:49:04 PM): Steve Carell = Box Office Dollars
Honest Man (6/17/2010 10:49:09 PM): for some movies LOL
ddog_tap (6/17/2010 10:49:24 PM): 40 Year old Virgin and........
Honest Man (6/17/2010 10:50:27 PM): Get Smart made money didnt it
Honest Man (6/17/2010 10:50:30 PM): shit I dunno ha
ddog_tap (6/17/2010 10:50:34 PM): Nope
ddog_tap (6/17/2010 10:50:47 PM): Well yeah, it made at least $1
Honest Man (6/17/2010 10:51:17 PM): c'mon Son
Honest Man (6/17/2010 10:51:44 PM): that is all your fault Kobe
Honest Man (6/17/2010 10:51:48 PM): dont blame LO
ddog_tap (6/17/2010 10:52:02 PM): It's like he's forgotten how to play
Honest Man (6/17/2010 10:52:08 PM): here we go
ddog_tap (6/17/2010 10:52:54 PM): This is horrible
Honest Man (6/17/2010 10:53:39 PM): that time LO should have shot that
Honest Man (6/17/2010 10:53:51 PM): giving him baseline
Honest Man (6/17/2010 10:53:54 PM): but this time got him
Honest Man (6/17/2010 10:54:08 PM): what have we been saying all night
ddog_tap (6/17/2010 10:54:10 PM): Fuck that. 1 out of 9?!?
ddog_tap (6/17/2010 10:54:13 PM): lol
Honest Man (6/17/2010 10:54:16 PM): I agree
Honest Man (6/17/2010 10:54:17 PM): go inside
ddog_tap (6/17/2010 10:54:32 PM): He'll miss at least one
Honest Man (6/17/2010 10:54:46 PM): if this series means a lot to him then start playing like it
Honest Man (6/17/2010 10:55:10 PM): ewww
Honest Man (6/17/2010 10:55:23 PM): WHAT? He hit TWO free throws?? Did you see it?
Honest Man (6/17/2010 10:55:45 PM): clean
ddog_tap (6/17/2010 10:55:57 PM): Good foul. he'll miss both
Honest Man (6/17/2010 10:56:01 PM): but Kobe jumping in the air to pass the ball
ddog_tap (6/17/2010 10:56:19 PM): Of course, he hits that
Honest Man (6/17/2010 10:56:34 PM): he's gonna hit this one two
Honest Man (6/17/2010 10:56:35 PM): MVP MVP
ddog_tap (6/17/2010 10:57:00 PM): Damn it Pau Demand the ball
Honest Man (6/17/2010 10:57:35 PM): held my breath
Honest Man (6/17/2010 10:57:48 PM): you fouled him Big Drool
Honest Man (6/17/2010 10:58:32 PM): you got Big Baby on you, one on one, and you pass
Honest Man (6/17/2010 10:59:12 PM): too much dribbling but that was a nice play by Kobe
Honest Man (6/17/2010 11:00:00 PM): the good thing is they cut it to 4
Honest Man (6/17/2010 11:00:22 PM): wow
ddog_tap (6/17/2010 11:00:23 PM): Miraculously, this game is ours for the taking
ddog_tap (6/17/2010 11:00:28 PM): Never mind...
Honest Man (6/17/2010 11:00:36 PM): LVP LVP
ddog_tap (6/17/2010 11:03:32 PM): Well, here we go. It's right there for the taking.
Honest Man (6/17/2010 11:03:59 PM): Even if LA wins, I don't know how much shit I could take. I would burn this tape
Honest Man (6/17/2010 11:04:02 PM): HORRIBLE to watch
Honest Man (6/17/2010 11:04:10 PM): take = talk
ddog_tap (6/17/2010 11:04:37 PM): Basically. I might just play "Game Over." lol
ddog_tap (6/17/2010 11:05:22 PM): God!
ddog_tap (6/17/2010 11:05:25 PM): Thank you
Honest Man (6/17/2010 11:05:25 PM): He shot it!
Honest Man (6/17/2010 11:05:36 PM): refer to my earlier post about Big Baby on you
ddog_tap (6/17/2010 11:05:46 PM): Jesus
Honest Man (6/17/2010 11:05:53 PM): um
ddog_tap (6/17/2010 11:05:57 PM): This is like Kings in '02
Honest Man (6/17/2010 11:06:13 PM): good defense
Honest Man (6/17/2010 11:06:17 PM): MVP MVP MVP
ddog_tap (6/17/2010 11:06:22 PM): Ron Ron should get Series MVP
Honest Man (6/17/2010 11:06:47 PM): what is Machine doing???
ddog_tap (6/17/2010 11:06:53 PM): Machine type stuff
Honest Man (6/17/2010 11:06:54 PM): Off with his head
Honest Man (6/17/2010 11:07:15 PM): they will need Ron Ron if they want 2 win this
Honest Man (6/17/2010 11:07:44 PM): Dumb foul
ddog_tap (6/17/2010 11:07:47 PM): Unecessary usual
Honest Man (6/17/2010 11:08:48 PM): no foul?
ddog_tap (6/17/2010 11:09:02 PM): No foul?
ddog_tap (6/17/2010 11:09:23 PM): Wow
Honest Man (6/17/2010 11:09:29 PM): bad call
ddog_tap (6/17/2010 11:09:38 PM): Poor concentration by 24
Honest Man (6/17/2010 11:09:39 PM): but on the other end
Honest Man (6/17/2010 11:09:47 PM): geez Louise
ddog_tap (6/17/2010 11:10:36 PM): WTF?!?
ddog_tap (6/17/2010 11:11:19 PM): Is there no one on the bench who can point out his fukups on D?
Honest Man (6/17/2010 11:11:36 PM): maybe they scared
Honest Man (6/17/2010 11:11:52 PM): shit if I'm Farmar, Powell, or Shamwow, I said fuck it and call him out
Honest Man (6/17/2010 11:12:04 PM): "I'm a free agent this summer beeyotch!"
ddog_tap (6/17/2010 11:13:41 PM): I really can't brag if we win
Honest Man (6/17/2010 11:14:10 PM): hell no
Honest Man (6/17/2010 11:14:21 PM): this is like the Maryland-Indiana '02 Final
Honest Man (6/17/2010 11:14:24 PM): crappy game
ddog_tap (6/17/2010 11:14:45 PM): Great shot
Honest Man (6/17/2010 11:14:47 PM): here's the mystery
Honest Man (6/17/2010 11:14:53 PM): can he hit the free throws
ddog_tap (6/17/2010 11:15:07 PM): We shall see
Honest Man (6/17/2010 11:15:16 PM): we've annoyed one friend on FB with the ESPNbook posts
ddog_tap (6/17/2010 11:15:26 PM): Who?
Honest Man (6/17/2010 11:15:36 PM): Mr Pangburn
ddog_tap (6/17/2010 11:15:39 PM): lol
ddog_tap (6/17/2010 11:15:43 PM): He'll live
Honest Man (6/17/2010 11:16:10 PM): I didn't say I was sorry that he's going through this LOL
Honest Man (6/17/2010 11:16:27 PM): just found it funny. The needle in the haystack of all these FInals posts tonight
ddog_tap (6/17/2010 11:16:37 PM): Down 1
Honest Man (6/17/2010 11:16:40 PM): HE. HIT. ALL. 3
Honest Man (6/17/2010 11:16:44 PM): I can't breathe...
Honest Man (6/17/2010 11:17:09 PM): bad shot but hey it's Jesus
Honest Man (6/17/2010 11:17:28 PM): bad shot Ron Ron
ddog_tap (6/17/2010 11:18:11 PM): MVP
Honest Man (6/17/2010 11:18:14 PM): I love you man
Honest Man (6/17/2010 11:18:16 PM): MVP MVP
Honest Man (6/17/2010 11:18:20 PM): lmao
ddog_tap (6/17/2010 11:18:30 PM): Basically
ddog_tap (6/17/2010 11:18:35 PM): Tied!
Honest Man (6/17/2010 11:18:58 PM): yea Kobe got him
Honest Man (6/17/2010 11:19:04 PM): but that was good D though
ddog_tap (6/17/2010 11:19:20 PM): Unecessary foul
ddog_tap (6/17/2010 11:19:28 PM): Wow!
Honest Man (6/17/2010 11:19:28 PM): WHAT???
Honest Man (6/17/2010 11:19:55 PM): is that a sign?
ddog_tap (6/17/2010 11:20:19 PM): Maybe...
ddog_tap (6/17/2010 11:20:31 PM): Just go straight up!
Honest Man (6/17/2010 11:20:31 PM): if you're gonna drive pimp, drive with purpose
Honest Man (6/17/2010 11:20:35 PM): he didnt foul
Honest Man (6/17/2010 11:20:39 PM): that was a good block by KG
ddog_tap (6/17/2010 11:20:57 PM): Thank you
Honest Man (6/17/2010 11:21:24 PM): maaan
ddog_tap (6/17/2010 11:21:27 PM): Jesus wept...
Honest Man (6/17/2010 11:21:44 PM): lmao
Honest Man (6/17/2010 11:21:46 PM): nice
ddog_tap (6/17/2010 11:22:21 PM): They just don't want it.
Honest Man (6/17/2010 11:22:25 PM): no they dont
ddog_tap (6/17/2010 11:23:24 PM): FISH!
Honest Man (6/17/2010 11:23:26 PM): wow
Honest Man (6/17/2010 11:23:30 PM): and that's a bad shot
ddog_tap (6/17/2010 11:27:01 PM): My boy is like "Laker fans a re shook. Don't front." I'm like, no shit
Honest Man (6/17/2010 11:27:20 PM): wow
Honest Man (6/17/2010 11:27:30 PM): settle down Mobb Deep
Honest Man (6/17/2010 11:27:31 PM): LOL
ddog_tap (6/17/2010 11:27:44 PM): You can run but you can't hide....
Honest Man (6/17/2010 11:28:03 PM): aint no such things as half way crooks
Honest Man (6/17/2010 11:28:44 PM): two hands. He did it!
Honest Man (6/17/2010 11:28:55 PM): wow
ddog_tap (6/17/2010 11:28:58 PM): Thats more like it
Honest Man (6/17/2010 11:29:01 PM): you know what's funny
Honest Man (6/17/2010 11:29:07 PM): my wife just called
Honest Man (6/17/2010 11:29:08 PM): and is talking to me
Honest Man (6/17/2010 11:29:17 PM): and it is literally wah wah wah wah
ddog_tap (6/17/2010 11:29:20 PM): lol
ddog_tap (6/17/2010 11:29:31 PM): Wifey knows better
Honest Man (6/17/2010 11:29:34 PM): cuz all Im thinking is it's Game 7 and you're talking about the day
Honest Man (6/17/2010 11:29:38 PM): yea now she does
Honest Man (6/17/2010 11:29:50 PM): when it becomes legal aka married and you have kids
Honest Man (6/17/2010 11:29:58 PM): trust me, no time is sacred
ddog_tap (6/17/2010 11:30:16 PM): That's hilarious. " huh...yeah...what....yeah" lol
Honest Man (6/17/2010 11:30:31 PM): actually that's exactly what I'm saying
Honest Man (6/17/2010 11:30:52 PM): and saying stuff to act like I'm paying attention. "so ya'll start back up at 9 tomorrow?"
Honest Man (6/17/2010 11:30:56 PM): that gets me a few points
Honest Man (6/17/2010 11:30:57 PM): lol
ddog_tap (6/17/2010 11:31:05 PM): She's still on the phone?!?!? lol
ddog_tap (6/17/2010 11:31:11 PM): *Dead*
Honest Man (6/17/2010 11:31:11 PM): uh huh
Honest Man (6/17/2010 11:31:20 PM): man I know my limitations
ddog_tap (6/17/2010 11:31:37 PM): lol
ddog_tap (6/17/2010 11:32:45 PM): I lways thought "Cornbread" was a racist nickname
ddog_tap (6/17/2010 11:32:47 PM): lol
Honest Man (6/17/2010 11:32:49 PM): lmao
Honest Man (6/17/2010 11:33:08 PM): cuz it is
Honest Man (6/17/2010 11:33:11 PM): two hands
Honest Man (6/17/2010 11:33:46 PM): good actin
ddog_tap (6/17/2010 11:33:57 PM): Thank you Jesus
ddog_tap (6/17/2010 11:34:03 PM): Christ, not Shuttlesworth
Honest Man (6/17/2010 11:34:04 PM): now gotta hit the 2nd
ddog_tap (6/17/2010 11:34:44 PM): He ain't shooting, but he's boarding
ddog_tap (6/17/2010 11:35:12 PM): Run the triangle
Honest Man (6/17/2010 11:35:21 PM): yessir
ddog_tap (6/17/2010 11:35:46 PM): Wife still talking? lol
Honest Man (6/17/2010 11:36:03 PM): nope the Honest Man was honest
Honest Man (6/17/2010 11:36:15 PM): "I'm half listening and half watching this game and Im tense"
Honest Man (6/17/2010 11:36:18 PM): let me call you when it's over
ddog_tap (6/17/2010 11:36:24 PM): lol
Honest Man (6/17/2010 11:36:24 PM): c'mon Kobe
Honest Man (6/17/2010 11:36:29 PM): This is horrible, they are making calls ala the Trailblazers and Kings.
Honest Man (6/17/2010 11:36:31 PM): from FB
Honest Man (6/17/2010 11:37:21 PM): now that was smart
ddog_tap (6/17/2010 11:37:21 PM): Hit the damn FTs
Honest Man (6/17/2010 11:37:32 PM): yes dont mean shit if you dont get the freebies
Honest Man (6/17/2010 11:38:01 PM): this is some BS favortism for the hometeam. come on KG let's get!!!
Honest Man (6/17/2010 11:38:04 PM): Another FB post
ddog_tap (6/17/2010 11:38:57 PM): Hilarious, since the refs have let them play all game
ddog_tap (6/17/2010 11:39:19 PM): My God...
Honest Man (6/17/2010 11:39:26 PM): dude
Honest Man (6/17/2010 11:39:46 PM): yea that's a foul
ddog_tap (6/17/2010 11:39:58 PM): You were the MVP!!!
Honest Man (6/17/2010 11:40:06 PM): He's still the MVP
Honest Man (6/17/2010 11:40:29 PM): In Mark Jackson voice "You look at the entire body of work coach not just one quarter!"
Honest Man (6/17/2010 11:40:55 PM): dumb shot
ddog_tap (6/17/2010 11:41:49 PM): yes!!!!
Honest Man (6/17/2010 11:41:49 PM): OHHH
Honest Man (6/17/2010 11:42:11 PM): and here come the bad refeering comments
Honest Man (6/17/2010 11:43:04 PM): You or I should post "Warning if you are a Kobe hater or Celtic fan, you likely will be dropping me as a facebook friend"
Honest Man (6/17/2010 11:43:08 PM): or maybe both
Honest Man (6/17/2010 11:45:01 PM): yea that was a missed call
Honest Man (6/17/2010 11:45:32 PM): OHHHHH
Honest Man (6/17/2010 11:45:36 PM): MVP MVP MVP
Honest Man (6/17/2010 11:46:35 PM): For the 1st time in this series, I am nervous
Honest Man (6/17/2010 11:46:58 PM): when Jesus hit that 3 I went oh no ghosts of Cousy and Russell
ddog_tap (6/17/2010 11:47:03 PM): LOL
Honest Man (6/17/2010 11:47:11 PM): the 69 series, the Don Nelson bank shot
ddog_tap (6/17/2010 11:47:54 PM): two possession game
ddog_tap (6/17/2010 11:48:23 PM): I can taste it.
ddog_tap (6/17/2010 11:48:33 PM): OK, maybe I'll talk a little shit if we win
Honest Man (6/17/2010 11:48:40 PM): just alil
Honest Man (6/17/2010 11:49:15 PM): Artest, That's Ron Artest. That Ron Artest who jumped into the stands
Honest Man (6/17/2010 11:49:33 PM): that Ron Artest who campaigned for his wack ass rap group while suspended
ddog_tap (6/17/2010 11:50:09 PM): Rondo? Really?
Honest Man (6/17/2010 11:50:42 PM): Yea I give props to Boston. Truly thought they were done in the regular season
Honest Man (6/17/2010 11:50:52 PM): wasn't shocked to see them beat Cle
ddog_tap (6/17/2010 11:50:55 PM): No dumb passes
Honest Man (6/17/2010 11:50:59 PM): was shocked to see them beat Orlando
Honest Man (6/17/2010 11:51:01 PM): puhlease
Honest Man (6/17/2010 11:51:06 PM): just put it in Fish or Kobe's hands
ddog_tap (6/17/2010 11:51:59 PM): Oh boy
Honest Man (6/17/2010 11:52:04 PM): man
ddog_tap (6/17/2010 11:52:13 PM): Nervous
Honest Man (6/17/2010 11:52:16 PM): whenever they say EXCELLENT ft shooter, it's a jinx
ddog_tap (6/17/2010 11:52:55 PM): Machine Clutch
Honest Man (6/17/2010 11:53:07 PM): In the same sentence
Honest Man (6/17/2010 11:53:09 PM): not over though
Honest Man (6/17/2010 11:53:15 PM): just dont give up the 3
ddog_tap (6/17/2010 11:53:24 PM): Basically
Honest Man (6/17/2010 11:54:38 PM): UH OH
ddog_tap (6/17/2010 11:54:49 PM): YESSSSSSSSSS
Honest Man (6/17/2010 11:55:02 PM): Talk that shit talk that shit talk that shit
Honest Man (6/17/2010 11:56:20 PM): someone just text me "I hate the Lakers"
ddog_tap (6/17/2010 11:56:25 PM): lol
Honest Man (6/17/2010 11:56:27 PM): I texted back "And they hate you too!"
Honest Man (6/17/2010 11:56:36 PM): Get da fuck outta here SON
ddog_tap (6/17/2010 11:57:22 PM): With the quickness!
Honest Man (6/17/2010 11:57:44 PM): My son is wearing his Kobe jersey to school
Honest Man (6/17/2010 11:57:49 PM): take that take that
ddog_tap (6/17/2010 11:57:53 PM): True Dat!!!
Honest Man (6/17/2010 11:57:56 PM): His psychiatrist!!1
ddog_tap (6/18/2010 12:00:54 AM): The refs this the refs that. The C's committed 6 more fouls. Wow, what a disparity...
Honest Man (6/18/2010 12:01:16 AM): what are you talking about, bad officiating
Honest Man (6/18/2010 12:03:42 AM): Such a sweet sound
Honest Man (6/18/2010 12:03:48 AM): I wish it were Sat tomorrow
Honest Man (6/18/2010 12:03:54 AM): I could give 2 shits about work tomorrow
ddog_tap (6/18/2010 12:04:02 AM): Basically

Dear Hater Reloaded

Dear Hater,

Good morning! How are ya? It hasn't been as long this time since we've chatted but can you believe a year has passed by. Last year, it had been 7 years since we chatted, this time only a year since the last Laker title. But trust me, I paid attention to the constant belittling of the Lakers 2009 win. It didn't matter that the Lakers added Mr. Queensbridge aka Ron Artest. It didn't matter that they were picked by most to win the 2010 title. All that mattered to you was finding new ways to step your hate up. And I applaud you for it.....

Man, during the regular season, you were everywhere. Celebrating Prince James' regular season wins over LA on Facebook. Interesting. Texting me when LA lost to your hometown team in the regular season. Different. And my personal favorite, calling me to rub in a regular season loss and do your "Here go the Fakers" comments. Brilliant. But yet you ignored my feigns of it's only the regular season. But hey can only lead a horse to water, can't make them drink right hater?

So the playoffs start and where are you hater? You ate your wheaties, drank your mountain dew, and started spewing the LA won't come out of the West talk. I was befuddled hater because I guess you and I were watching different teams. Thunder in 6? Ludicrous. Jazz in 7? Umm no. The funniest? The Spurs-Suns winner over LA in 6. That was crack epidemic smoking at its finest. But you weren't convinced hater. You said pure luck, LA beat all those teams. Doesn't matter LA had homecourt in each of those series right?

Now we get to the Finals. You had Celtics in 5 or 6. Told me LA wasn't tough enough. Told me it will be just like 2008. Forget the fact that key personnel from both teams from that year (Bos - Posey, Brown, Cassell, LA - Space Cadet, Turiaf) were not in this series. You ignored me when I said this Lakers team is not the 2008 team. You ignored me when I said this Lakers team is not Cleveland or Orlando. Didn't matter did it hater. And when LA won Game 7 last night, oh you were in rare form. Let me refresh your memory

Fuck Kobe and the Lakers and that ugly Kardashian loving motherfucker, too!!!!!!!
- And I still HATE Kobe and the lakers...this is bull$hitery
- This is horrible, they are making calls ala the Trailblazers and Kings.
- The NBA is fixed, refeering is biased!

Jealousy is an ugly emotion hater. And laughter is the best cure for everything. And believed me you cured me of some crazy talk. Lebron's still better. Fine. The better team didn't win last night. Better. You're a fairweather fan Honest Man. Impressive. I'm more shocked than anything at the accusations but hey when you're a hater, you're a hater.

But you should marinate on this. Winners win. Losers lose. LA is your 2010 NBA Champion. Hate it or Love it, LA's on top! So I encourage you, get your weight up, not your hate up.

Sincerely yours,

The Honest Man, Lakers' fan since '84

Today's Lessson

Fuck Red Auberbach, Fuck KC Jones, Fuck Bill Russell, Fuck Larry Bird, Fuck Cornbread Maxwell, this is America, my president is black and my lambo is blue. And if I see you in the streets, Imma slap da shit outta you - Young Heezy

This message has been paid for by the folks of the Young Reezy Fundraiser, who put the FUN in Fundraiser

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

D-Lo & S-Curl Kick Perkins In the Knee - A Recap of Game 6

Alright readers, after a barrage of emails from the public getting upset about not having a Game 5 chat, the Honest Man is happy to give you the Game 6 summary. Raw, uncut, and hilarious. Enjoy yourselves bitches!!

S Curl (6/15/2010 8:54:06 PM): The People's Champ is in DA BUILDING
ddog_tap (6/15/2010 8:56:17 PM): Feeling sick. Maybe this means Kobe will have a "sick" game
S Curl (6/15/2010 8:56:48 PM): Half the fam was sick on Sun, you know how that went
S Curl (6/15/2010 8:57:00 PM): and now big brother is sick today, so um
S Curl (6/15/2010 8:57:09 PM): not a good sign if you're Waldini
S Curl (6/15/2010 8:57:50 PM): need something though, FB has shockingly already started up...."get your tissues from Wal mart"
ddog_tap (6/15/2010 8:57:58 PM): Camp Honest Man needs quaranteen
S Curl (6/15/2010 8:58:35 PM): Need those punk ass parents of their punk ass kids to keep their kids at home when they get sick instead of sending them to school
S Curl (6/15/2010 8:58:36 PM):
S Curl (6/15/2010 8:58:50 PM): oh yea, you got the Game 5 chat?
ddog_tap (6/15/2010 8:59:30 PM): Yeah
S Curl (6/15/2010 8:59:43 PM): can you post it?
ddog_tap (6/15/2010 9:01:12 PM): Actually, I don't. It disappeared
S Curl (6/15/2010 9:02:34 PM): oh well virtual history
ddog_tap (6/15/2010 9:02:55 PM): Yep. Well let's see if we run the triangle tonight
S Curl (6/15/2010 9:03:21 PM): yep, let's also see who will be my whuppin boy 2nite
ddog_tap (6/15/2010 9:03:32 PM): lol
S Curl (6/15/2010 9:03:45 PM): I hope Phil gave 'em the Punks Jump up to get beat down speech
ddog_tap (6/15/2010 9:04:41 PM): We'll find out within the first 3 possessions
S Curl (6/15/2010 9:06:17 PM): Will we get Blueprint 1 Jay z or Blueprint 2 Jay z from LA 2nite? that is the question
S Curl (6/15/2010 9:06:31 PM): "Fuck it I guess I got my swagger back..."
ddog_tap (6/15/2010 9:07:47 PM): Mama they say I killed a man...
S Curl (6/15/2010 9:08:12 PM): they ran the triangle
S Curl (6/15/2010 9:08:18 PM): go inside
ddog_tap (6/15/2010 9:08:34 PM): Like that
ddog_tap (6/15/2010 9:09:14 PM): Drew
S Curl (6/15/2010 9:09:15 PM): you can get with this
S Curl (6/15/2010 9:09:19 PM): or you can get with that
S Curl (6/15/2010 9:09:40 PM): smart
S Curl (6/15/2010 9:09:54 PM): they listened to me in the locker room. Go inside, good things happened
ddog_tap (6/15/2010 9:10:27 PM): Drew is active
S Curl (6/15/2010 9:10:30 PM): very
S Curl (6/15/2010 9:10:35 PM): and they're going inside
S Curl (6/15/2010 9:10:39 PM): just keep at it
ddog_tap (6/15/2010 9:10:59 PM): I'll take that
S Curl (6/15/2010 9:11:07 PM): AWWWWW
ddog_tap (6/15/2010 9:11:08 PM): That too
S Curl (6/15/2010 9:11:16 PM): Queensbridge muthaphucka
S Curl (6/15/2010 9:11:28 PM): let me settle down
S Curl (6/15/2010 9:11:31 PM): just one shot
ddog_tap (6/15/2010 9:12:11 PM): lol
S Curl (6/15/2010 9:12:55 PM): and Fish needs to settle down too
ddog_tap (6/15/2010 9:13:01 PM): Calmate
S Curl (6/15/2010 9:13:26 PM): ok I need to throw in my obligatory diss at Kobe b/c apparently i give 'em too much of a free pass
S Curl (6/15/2010 9:13:35 PM): Play some D Kobe !
ddog_tap (6/15/2010 9:13:59 PM): Such a Kobe hater...
S Curl (6/15/2010 9:14:08 PM): now one thing Kobe is doing that is driving me crazy is passing in the air
S Curl (6/15/2010 9:14:12 PM): bad
S Curl (6/15/2010 9:14:19 PM): and Pau needs to stop hesistating
S Curl (6/15/2010 9:14:20 PM): drive
ddog_tap (6/15/2010 9:14:30 PM): And hit his FTs
S Curl (6/15/2010 9:14:33 PM): yes
S Curl (6/15/2010 9:15:18 PM): NICE
ddog_tap (6/15/2010 9:15:41 PM): They're hustling
S Curl (6/15/2010 9:15:50 PM): that's 2 on fish
S Curl (6/15/2010 9:16:00 PM): here comes....
S Curl (6/15/2010 9:16:06 PM): see he did it again, passing in the air
S Curl (6/15/2010 9:16:17 PM): Shamwow
ddog_tap (6/15/2010 9:16:19 PM): Shanwow
S Curl (6/15/2010 9:16:43 PM): wow, bad shot but hey
ddog_tap (6/15/2010 9:16:46 PM): lol
ddog_tap (6/15/2010 9:16:50 PM): He wanted to pass
S Curl (6/15/2010 9:16:57 PM): yea to the bucket
S Curl (6/15/2010 9:17:06 PM): STAND UP
ddog_tap (6/15/2010 9:17:12 PM): Spanish Flizee
S Curl (6/15/2010 9:17:31 PM): yea over the back
S Curl (6/15/2010 9:17:33 PM): badly
ddog_tap (6/15/2010 9:17:41 PM): OMG! that hurt
S Curl (6/15/2010 9:17:52 PM): bad foul
S Curl (6/15/2010 9:18:55 PM): they looking better, much better
ddog_tap (6/15/2010 9:19:00 PM): Yeah, cause now Perk will be growling even more for the rest of the game
S Curl (6/15/2010 9:19:17 PM): he's Angry Man from Martin
S Curl (6/15/2010 9:19:28 PM): And like Martin I say "Sit yo dumb ass down"
S Curl (6/15/2010 9:20:40 PM): ABC is really trying with these shows aint they...
ddog_tap (6/15/2010 9:20:41 PM): Won't be seeing "Rookie Blue" this summer...
S Curl (6/15/2010 9:21:05 PM): or the Vampire one or the mystery town one or whatever recycled bs that keep spinning
S Curl (6/15/2010 9:21:27 PM): ew looks like his knee gave out. hate to see that happen
ddog_tap (6/15/2010 9:21:33 PM): Get ready for the excuses if the C's lose
S Curl (6/15/2010 9:21:33 PM): yea 'Curl has a heart
ddog_tap (6/15/2010 9:21:39 PM): Fuck a heart
ddog_tap (6/15/2010 9:21:42 PM): This is war!
S Curl (6/15/2010 9:21:46 PM): Like my granddaddy says SHIIIITTTTT
S Curl (6/15/2010 9:22:24 PM): wow
ddog_tap (6/15/2010 9:22:29 PM): Dialed in
S Curl (6/15/2010 9:23:51 PM): nice comment by JVG
S Curl (6/15/2010 9:24:03 PM): of course the haters will say who is Van Gundy, he doesn't know shit
ddog_tap (6/15/2010 9:24:08 PM): Ron shoots like I do...and I'm streaky as Hell
ddog_tap (6/15/2010 9:24:25 PM): True
S Curl (6/15/2010 9:24:27 PM): Ron Ron settle down
S Curl (6/15/2010 9:24:32 PM): this isnt AAU
S Curl (6/15/2010 9:25:08 PM): AAU AAU AAU
ddog_tap (6/15/2010 9:25:09 PM): Settled enough for you? lol
ddog_tap (6/15/2010 9:25:13 PM): QB!
S Curl (6/15/2010 9:25:31 PM): lol
S Curl (6/15/2010 9:26:00 PM): calm down LA, just run the triangle
S Curl (6/15/2010 9:26:39 PM): I tell you what, Wheelchair's body is going to look HORRIBLE when he retires
S Curl (6/15/2010 9:26:48 PM): like DeNiro in Raging Bull bad
ddog_tap (6/15/2010 9:26:55 PM): Nah. He's ripped, yo
S Curl (6/15/2010 9:27:13 PM): riiiight
S Curl (6/15/2010 9:30:00 PM): Ok 2 of the Game 5 goats have played well. Here comes Candyman
S Curl (6/15/2010 9:31:23 PM): Kobe is leading on D
ddog_tap (6/15/2010 9:32:40 PM): Got a little ragged there in the last minute or so
S Curl (6/15/2010 9:33:07 PM): yea they just need to settle down a lil. trust me boston is flat right now. just keep pounding inside and end this
S Curl (6/15/2010 9:37:30 PM): MACHINE
ddog_tap (6/15/2010 9:37:33 PM): MACHINE!!!!
S Curl (6/15/2010 9:38:13 PM): you notice they are switching much better on D
ddog_tap (6/15/2010 9:38:22 PM): Desperation
S Curl (6/15/2010 9:38:31 PM): good sign
ddog_tap (6/15/2010 9:38:36 PM): Snickers!
S Curl (6/15/2010 9:38:36 PM): Candyman
S Curl (6/15/2010 9:38:54 PM): say it 3 times, I dare you
ddog_tap (6/15/2010 9:39:14 PM): Already did
S Curl (6/15/2010 9:39:21 PM): I said it twice
S Curl (6/15/2010 9:39:26 PM): cant say it again
S Curl (6/15/2010 9:39:42 PM): stop floppin Sasha
ddog_tap (6/15/2010 9:40:31 PM): Threw that late
S Curl (6/15/2010 9:40:38 PM): yea
ddog_tap (6/15/2010 9:41:07 PM): Tech!!!!
S Curl (6/15/2010 9:41:14 PM): dude you fouled him
S Curl (6/15/2010 9:42:19 PM): good good sign
S Curl (6/15/2010 9:42:30 PM): dare I have him jump outta my mirror
S Curl (6/15/2010 9:43:25 PM): dude I'm getting goosebumps
ddog_tap (6/15/2010 9:43:34 PM): Jordie will dive on the floor, bitches
S Curl (6/15/2010 9:43:34 PM): they're (Gasp) playing defense
S Curl (6/15/2010 9:44:10 PM): I bet you're going to see that Tom Cruise-Cameron Diaz flick too!
ddog_tap (6/15/2010 9:44:20 PM): Shiiiiit
S Curl (6/15/2010 9:44:31 PM): Knight and Day aka Mr and Mrs Brad Pitt 2010
ddog_tap (6/15/2010 9:44:31 PM): Maybe. wifey, likes action flicks
S Curl (6/15/2010 9:44:43 PM): haha, I love it
ddog_tap (6/15/2010 9:45:16 PM): Whatever
S Curl (6/15/2010 9:45:21 PM): wow, showing it again?!?!
S Curl (6/15/2010 9:45:33 PM): well I guess it beats the Grownups instant analysis
S Curl (6/15/2010 9:45:46 PM): Boston Med...seriously???
ddog_tap (6/15/2010 9:46:10 PM): gonna be special. Just watch...
S Curl (6/15/2010 9:46:39 PM): I hate Boston but that Johnny Most play on Det-Bos is hilarious
ddog_tap (6/15/2010 9:46:40 PM): "And there's the steal by Bird...underneath to DJ..." lol
S Curl (6/15/2010 9:46:43 PM): AWWWWWW
ddog_tap (6/15/2010 9:46:53 PM): Old Chickie Baby
S Curl (6/15/2010 9:47:26 PM): was that a backhanded compliment to Indy??
S Curl (6/15/2010 9:47:46 PM): yea Garnett did get whacked
ddog_tap (6/15/2010 9:48:08 PM): I want an Adam Morrison appearance
S Curl (6/15/2010 9:48:21 PM): OHHH
S Curl (6/15/2010 9:48:26 PM): I want a contract. NOW
S Curl (6/15/2010 9:48:46 PM): you just got one, he's on the bench
S Curl (6/15/2010 9:48:55 PM): get a TO BaYBEE
ddog_tap (6/15/2010 9:49:01 PM): Gotta keep it up, though
S Curl (6/15/2010 9:49:34 PM): yes they do, gotta bad habit of playing a solid half, then completing forgetting everything in the 2nd
ddog_tap (6/15/2010 9:51:10 PM): Can't believe KK beat A-team. get ready for the Jaden Smith onslaught
S Curl (6/15/2010 9:51:23 PM): you know, I never thought I see the day when Hollywood would make a movie about a black kid getting his ass beat by non black kids
ddog_tap (6/15/2010 9:51:40 PM): They made it, and it made a shitload of money
S Curl (6/15/2010 9:51:51 PM): what does that tell you about America??
S Curl (6/15/2010 9:51:54 PM): Message!
ddog_tap (6/15/2010 9:52:09 PM): It tells you that Will Smith leads a charmed life
S Curl (6/15/2010 9:52:14 PM): hahaha, good one
S Curl (6/15/2010 9:53:07 PM): Whenever I watch the 80s flicks and those white kids are getting beat down, I go would Johnny do that to me
ddog_tap (6/15/2010 9:53:09 PM): Shots like that kill us
S Curl (6/15/2010 9:53:18 PM): yes they do
S Curl (6/15/2010 9:53:29 PM): bad shot Candy- Reese's man
S Curl (6/15/2010 9:54:09 PM): naw refeering aint the reason for the score right now
S Curl (6/15/2010 9:54:17 PM): nor was it last game
S Curl (6/15/2010 9:54:43 PM): bad shot Pau
ddog_tap (6/15/2010 9:54:51 PM): Very
ddog_tap (6/15/2010 9:55:09 PM): MACHINE!
S Curl (6/15/2010 9:55:12 PM): Man
S Curl (6/15/2010 9:55:25 PM): EEWWWW
ddog_tap (6/15/2010 9:55:27 PM): OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH
S Curl (6/15/2010 9:55:29 PM): STAND UP
S Curl (6/15/2010 9:55:31 PM): STAND UP
S Curl (6/15/2010 9:55:59 PM): Da Bench Mob
ddog_tap (6/15/2010 9:56:17 PM): Straight Lenchin'
S Curl (6/15/2010 9:57:15 PM): Guerrilas in the Mist
S Curl (6/15/2010 9:57:37 PM): Give Farmar some elbow room, he needs some elbow room so he can boom shackalacka BOOM
ddog_tap (6/15/2010 9:57:57 PM): That's the sound of the 20 guage
S Curl (6/15/2010 9:58:04 PM): Funny Meagan Fox got a reality check when got dropped from T3
ddog_tap (6/15/2010 9:58:55 PM): Her ship is coming to port. Hollywood can get any dope chick that can't act. She is so not special
S Curl (6/15/2010 9:59:03 PM): did you catch that? Machine giving Pau pointers. Wow
S Curl (6/15/2010 9:59:18 PM): exactly. Doesn't matter how dope you are, Hollywood humbles all
ddog_tap (6/15/2010 9:59:26 PM): yep
S Curl (6/15/2010 9:59:42 PM): Dude, Josh Powell is in the game??!?!
S Curl (6/15/2010 9:59:45 PM): Josh Powell
S Curl (6/15/2010 10:00:03 PM): wow bad shot but hey
S Curl (6/15/2010 10:00:44 PM): if he had hit that, I was gonna say see you on Thurs dude, we going 7 haha
ddog_tap (6/15/2010 10:01:12 PM): Yeah, Phil is like Fuck it
S Curl (6/15/2010 10:02:17 PM): what is josh powell doing?
S Curl (6/15/2010 10:02:20 PM): either shoot it or drive
ddog_tap (6/15/2010 10:02:22 PM): Gotta take that shot in rhythin
S Curl (6/15/2010 10:03:47 PM): Josh Powell. Shelden Williams. Playing in the first half.
S Curl (6/15/2010 10:04:00 PM): Will Mbenga be coming soon too?
S Curl (6/15/2010 10:04:04 PM): or Scalabrine
ddog_tap (6/15/2010 10:04:08 PM): LA...where batshit insanity happens
S Curl (6/15/2010 10:04:47 PM): My president's black, my kids are sick, my wife is out of town but fuck it, life is good right now!
S Curl (6/15/2010 10:06:12 PM): c'mon Kob
S Curl (6/15/2010 10:06:50 PM): c'mon LO
ddog_tap (6/15/2010 10:07:32 PM): C'mon Ceballos!
ddog_tap (6/15/2010 10:07:35 PM): Oh, my bad..
S Curl (6/15/2010 10:07:36 PM): Luke Walton
S Curl (6/15/2010 10:07:41 PM): dumb ass ha!
ddog_tap (6/15/2010 10:09:17 PM): Damn, Machine
S Curl (6/15/2010 10:09:18 PM): uh oh somewhere Realist is breaking out his Pippen stash on youtube
S Curl (6/15/2010 10:09:21 PM): I know right
ddog_tap (6/15/2010 10:10:03 PM): Strong to the basket
S Curl (6/15/2010 10:10:11 PM): c'mon Pau, stop lookin for a foul
S Curl (6/15/2010 10:10:16 PM): he didnt touch u
S Curl (6/15/2010 10:11:55 PM): the funniest thing of the first half has been Sasha giving Kobe and Pau advice...Wow!
ddog_tap (6/15/2010 10:12:20 PM): He's the Machine. He's got a lot to offer
S Curl (6/15/2010 10:12:53 PM): at least he ditched the headband this year
ddog_tap (6/15/2010 10:17:30 PM): Yeah, I guess he's got that going for him
S Curl (6/15/2010 10:18:39 PM): brb, gotta do daddy day care duties and check on lil man.
S Curl (6/15/2010 10:18:44 PM): he's in pretty bad shape
ddog_tap (6/15/2010 10:19:10 PM): Damn
S Curl (6/15/2010 10:30:15 PM): ok back.
ddog_tap (6/15/2010 10:30:37 PM): How is Little Waldini?
S Curl (6/15/2010 10:30:53 PM): yea it was rough. Woke up like normal on Sun to go to Church, walked into G'man's room to wake him, had this funky stench, turns out he threw up in his crib
S Curl (6/15/2010 10:31:05 PM): and what amazed me more was he was sleepin in it
S Curl (6/15/2010 10:31:17 PM): threw up again later that day, so he stayed home yesterday
ddog_tap (6/15/2010 10:31:51 PM): Damn. Kobe is playing for him tonight
S Curl (6/15/2010 10:31:59 PM): Today, TC wakes up says his stomach is hurting, handles his bizness, goes to school. Get a call during his nap time, kid had vomited on himself
S Curl (6/15/2010 10:32:12 PM): so it's been that kinda week. Just praying the parents don't catch it
S Curl (6/15/2010 10:32:28 PM): and of course wifey is out.
ddog_tap (6/15/2010 10:32:31 PM): Damn. Schools are straight incubators
S Curl (6/15/2010 10:32:42 PM): The irony is I was supposed to be in LA this week presenting
S Curl (6/15/2010 10:33:02 PM): actually 2morrow thru Fri
S Curl (6/15/2010 10:33:06 PM): oh well
S Curl (6/15/2010 10:33:08 PM): c'mon Fish
ddog_tap (6/15/2010 10:34:04 PM): Damn. that would've been wild on thursday
S Curl (6/15/2010 10:34:41 PM): yea my barber's a huge lakers fan too
S Curl (6/15/2010 10:35:01 PM): was going to have me buy him some LA drawers
S Curl (6/15/2010 10:35:06 PM): like no chief
ddog_tap (6/15/2010 10:35:12 PM): lol
S Curl (6/15/2010 10:35:17 PM): c'mon fellas this is what I am talking about
ddog_tap (6/15/2010 10:35:18 PM): Bad start so far
S Curl (6/15/2010 10:35:37 PM): Just got a ping from Rob Mack
S Curl (6/15/2010 10:35:42 PM): a request for the chat LOL
ddog_tap (6/15/2010 10:35:55 PM): lol
S Curl (6/15/2010 10:36:23 PM): now get ya'll shit together
ddog_tap (6/15/2010 10:37:05 PM): Run the triangle
S Curl (6/15/2010 10:37:16 PM): bad shot but hey
ddog_tap (6/15/2010 10:37:18 PM): Bad shot, but ok
S Curl (6/15/2010 10:37:55 PM): you know what's funny. Mike Breen just said Odom is having a solid game with 8 pts and 6 rebounds
S Curl (6/15/2010 10:38:02 PM): but in game 5, he had 8 and 8, bad game
S Curl (6/15/2010 10:38:31 PM): man just run the offense
S Curl (6/15/2010 10:38:36 PM): too much AAU
ddog_tap (6/15/2010 10:38:58 PM): This game is ours as long as we don't get stupid
ddog_tap (6/15/2010 10:39:37 PM): Focus
S Curl (6/15/2010 10:39:43 PM): Phil should call a 20 sec just to get them right
S Curl (6/15/2010 10:40:05 PM): smart Kobe
ddog_tap (6/15/2010 10:40:08 PM): Bout time Kobe gets to the line
S Curl (6/15/2010 10:41:24 PM): Thank you!
S Curl (6/15/2010 10:42:26 PM): Smart TO
ddog_tap (6/15/2010 10:42:58 PM): Playing like shit but still up 18
S Curl (6/15/2010 10:43:37 PM): haha, and that's why they need a TO
S Curl (6/15/2010 10:43:51 PM): getting complacent. game aint over. Or have they forgotten Game 4 2008
ddog_tap (6/15/2010 10:44:08 PM): Maybe Phil will remind them
S Curl (6/15/2010 10:46:27 PM): SHIIITTTT
S Curl (6/15/2010 10:46:34 PM): Shamwow
ddog_tap (6/15/2010 10:46:34 PM): I issed it. Fuck
S Curl (6/15/2010 10:46:40 PM): Bruh
ddog_tap (6/15/2010 10:48:16 PM): Gotta keep the pressure on
S Curl (6/15/2010 10:48:24 PM): yes
S Curl (6/15/2010 10:49:16 PM): put a hand up for chrissake
ddog_tap (6/15/2010 10:49:22 PM): Exactly
S Curl (6/15/2010 10:50:57 PM): that is kinda funny
ddog_tap (6/15/2010 10:51:04 PM): Fuck that dude
ddog_tap (6/15/2010 10:51:07 PM): HATE
S Curl (6/15/2010 10:51:08 PM): lmao
S Curl (6/15/2010 10:51:14 PM): and you say I'm heartless
ddog_tap (6/15/2010 10:51:29 PM): I'l take trading baskets
S Curl (6/15/2010 10:51:47 PM): nice Ron Ron
S Curl (6/15/2010 10:52:12 PM): don't overplay Rondo chief
ddog_tap (6/15/2010 10:52:24 PM): Nice
S Curl (6/15/2010 10:52:28 PM): yessir
ddog_tap (6/15/2010 10:52:44 PM): Good foul. He'll miss at least one
S Curl (6/15/2010 10:52:53 PM): I mean if you "call" a man out, you'd betta man up
S Curl (6/15/2010 10:53:13 PM): I think Mark Jackson would be great at announcing on the And 1 tour
S Curl (6/15/2010 10:57:44 PM): I was about to smack LO
ddog_tap (6/15/2010 10:57:49 PM): That might do it
S Curl (6/15/2010 10:57:52 PM): man is down and you joggin with the ball
ddog_tap (6/15/2010 10:58:01 PM): Right.
ddog_tap (6/15/2010 10:58:30 PM): An artest forearm to the jaw. Not the best
ddog_tap (6/15/2010 11:00:25 PM): Game
S Curl (6/15/2010 11:00:28 PM): Match
ddog_tap (6/15/2010 11:01:15 PM): Josh Powell getting multiple run. You know it's a wrap
S Curl (6/15/2010 11:02:20 PM): well the diff between this game and game 4 '08 is the Cs had cut the game to like 10 or 12 by 4th
S Curl (6/15/2010 11:02:23 PM): this time it's 25
S Curl (6/15/2010 11:02:30 PM): first blowout of the series
S Curl (6/15/2010 11:02:38 PM): but LA should know Boston is coming out hard
ddog_tap (6/15/2010 11:03:00 PM): Of course. Probably end up winning by 10...
S Curl (6/15/2010 11:03:35 PM): but I said 7 so take that haters
S Curl (6/15/2010 11:03:40 PM): Celtics in 6 my ass
ddog_tap (6/15/2010 11:04:41 PM): OK, let's ask Phil the same question you asked Kobe
S Curl (6/15/2010 11:04:57 PM): lol and then get mad b/c he doesn't give a Zenism
S Curl (6/15/2010 11:07:16 PM): I dont understand Sheed
S Curl (6/15/2010 11:07:22 PM): s foul and his hatred of Gasol
S Curl (6/15/2010 11:07:27 PM): fouls him hard every time
ddog_tap (6/15/2010 11:07:57 PM): His white spot hates Pau
S Curl (6/15/2010 11:09:10 PM): well Kobe isn't doing anything in the 4th again
ddog_tap (6/15/2010 11:09:27 PM): Cause he sucks
S Curl (6/15/2010 11:10:14 PM): Breen did it again
S Curl (6/15/2010 11:10:25 PM): 8 pts 8 rbs is solid effort tonight
S Curl (6/15/2010 11:10:31 PM): but in Game 5, it was a bad game
ddog_tap (6/15/2010 11:11:04 PM): He dunked!
S Curl (6/15/2010 11:12:43 PM): yep, looks like D-Lo and S-Curl will have something to talk about on Thurs
S Curl (6/15/2010 11:13:39 PM): Expect Willis Reed to be in warmups. Expect Shrek and Donkey to bring it. Expect that white spot to break out the Jim Crockett Promotions title
ddog_tap (6/15/2010 11:15:06 PM): Thought we could go the entire game without Grown Ups? Psyche!!!
S Curl (6/15/2010 11:15:19 PM): nope, I was wondering
S Curl (6/15/2010 11:15:29 PM): guess a higher up said hey we need grownups...right now!
S Curl (6/15/2010 11:21:21 PM): UH OH
S Curl (6/15/2010 11:21:25 PM): Expendables!!!
ddog_tap (6/15/2010 11:21:41 PM): Yes! Can't wait to catch it on TNT in 5 years
S Curl (6/15/2010 11:21:55 PM): you can see it on TBS in 2
S Curl (6/15/2010 11:21:57 PM):
ddog_tap (6/15/2010 11:22:13 PM): Probably
S Curl (6/15/2010 11:22:44 PM): US. Slovenia. Two teams walk in. One team walks out. Be there!!!
S Curl (6/15/2010 11:22:45 PM): LOL
ddog_tap (6/15/2010 11:22:57 PM): Can't. Wait.
ddog_tap (6/15/2010 11:25:20 PM): Soccer is stupid. Why don't they just use their hands?
S Curl (6/15/2010 11:25:31 PM): ignaramus
S Curl (6/15/2010 11:25:42 PM): In english accent
ddog_tap (6/15/2010 11:25:48 PM): Proud!
S Curl (6/15/2010 11:25:52 PM): you just cant bloody use your hands mate
S Curl (6/15/2010 11:26:06 PM): in american accent
S Curl (6/15/2010 11:26:11 PM): Tony allen what are you doing
ddog_tap (6/15/2010 11:26:13 PM): Stupid, I say
S Curl (6/15/2010 11:28:40 PM): take out Mamba and Pau
S Curl (6/15/2010 11:28:54 PM): Frankenstein fouls Fish
ddog_tap (6/15/2010 11:29:35 PM): Happy now?
S Curl (6/15/2010 11:29:43 PM): now Gasol is out there
S Curl (6/15/2010 11:29:52 PM): DJ cant fuck up that much in 3 mins LOL
ddog_tap (6/15/2010 11:30:36 PM): Ummm....
S Curl (6/15/2010 11:30:50 PM): Frankenstein aka Mr Candace parker is out there
ddog_tap (6/15/2010 11:31:15 PM): Scaring everyone with his forehead
S Curl (6/15/2010 11:31:35 PM): Fee fi fo fum
ddog_tap (6/15/2010 11:33:42 PM): No way we lose Game 7 at home
S Curl (6/15/2010 11:34:05 PM): we not Cleveland and this aint 2008
S Curl (6/15/2010 11:34:18 PM): ok I see why Gasol was still in
ddog_tap (6/15/2010 11:34:37 PM): Dude is a beast. Stop hating
S Curl (6/15/2010 11:34:49 PM): might be a beast at the team buffet line
S Curl (6/15/2010 11:34:54 PM): but um in game time
ddog_tap (6/15/2010 11:36:19 PM): Look at that dude ball
S Curl (6/15/2010 11:36:38 PM): someone on fb said if a Faker post something on their post, then prepare to have it deleted
ddog_tap (6/15/2010 11:36:50 PM): Hilarious
S Curl (6/15/2010 11:36:57 PM): shouldn't you like um, send an internal email to your Celtic friends
S Curl (6/15/2010 11:37:16 PM): shit just delete me from your friends list cuz I'm going hard at ya
S Curl (6/15/2010 11:37:46 PM): fuck yo mama, fuck yo daddy, fuck the high horse you rode in on cuz my president is black and my lambo is blue
S Curl (6/15/2010 11:37:53 PM): Courtesy of Young Reezy
ddog_tap (6/15/2010 11:38:12 PM): lol
S Curl (6/15/2010 11:38:38 PM): And just like that. I'll see you on thurs
ddog_tap (6/15/2010 11:38:41 PM): Time to read Simmons' live blog
ddog_tap (6/15/2010 11:38:47 PM): Holla
S Curl (6/15/2010 11:38:51 PM): the Adventures of D-Lo and S-Curl will continue
S Curl (6/15/2010 11:39:02 PM): go ahead and post on FB, I'll send on email
S Curl (6/15/2010 11:39:04 PM): Holla

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

What the Honest Man is listening to

Ok, I've done Songs in the Key of The Honest Man's Life. I've done Know Your (Music) History. And now I'm doing what the Honest Man is listening. This one is different as this is about current music that I am feeling. You may like. You may not. Honestly, I don't give a shit because it's what I'm listening to :-). Enjoy yourselves bitches!!!

Jay Eletronica featuring Diddy - Ghosts of Christopher Wallace

Jay is rapidly becoming one of my favorite emcees. He crushed that Just Blaze beat on Exhibit C. And he's crushing this beat in spit of Diddy's nonsensical shoutouts ("Ya'll need lotion" LOL). He along with Cudi, B.O.B. and even Drake (sorry Gangsta his 2009 joints were dope) give me hope for the next wave of rappers....

Kanye West - Power

This is the first single off Ye's upcoming album Good Ass Job. First listen I was hooked. And I don't normally say that about Kanye's first singles. Usually they take awhile to grow on me but this one. If the album is like this, he finally might have that CLASSIC rating. This line alone should be immortalized "I don’t need yo’ pussy, bitch, I’m on my own dick" - DAYUM

Lupe Fiasco - I'm Beamin

Uh oh, the man representin' that first and fifteenth is back! Yep, the Honest Man is rider of Lupe. He may not make sense when he's talking in public or trying to sound intelligent but that man can make some dope albums. And the first joint off Lasers is no different. Hotness!

Janelle Monae f Big Boi - Tightrope

Janelle's been slept on for years. Yep I said it. I was aware of her back in '06 but she wasn't getting the love she deserved b/c her stuff wasn't r&b pop. She's been cosigned by everyone in the industry from Diddy to the man who's guest rapping on this single. I'm hoping the heads stop sleeping and start recognizing game.

Commercial Sellout Song of the Week

Rick Ross f NeYo - Super High

I'm not a huge fan of Rick Ross. I can count on two fingers before this song, how many songs of his I like (in case you wondering "Hustlin", "Maybach Music"). This is a hot song. I don't care what you say. Whoever did that beat should get an award for making an average rapper sound dizzope.

Monday, June 14, 2010

D-Lo & S-Curl Plan To Kidnap Kobe: An IM Chat recap of Game 3

For those who want more, here is the Game 3 chat summary...

[20:26] s_curl1: I've calmed down a lil . Wanted to choke 3 of the starting 5 for what they were doing earlier
[20:26] s_curl1: nice TO by Phil. Think he told him, if you shoot a 3 again and it's not in rhythm, I'm whuppin yo ass
[20:27] D-Lo: Offense was too stagnant. they're actually moving the ball. Refs still calling bullshit, but I guess that's just how it's gonna be
[20:29] s_curl1: yea 3 straight games
[20:29] s_curl1: good sign Odom hit a shot
[20:29] s_curl1: bad shot by Kobe
[20:30] D-Lo: Nice movement on that play. More of that would be welcome
[20:30] s_curl1: Luke Walton needs more minutes. He's one of the reasons the offense is moving
[20:30] D-Lo: Greatest. 2nd Rounder. Ever.
[20:30] s_curl1: lol
[20:30] s_curl1: Liking how they are looking. Fighting through screens, not letting Ray get wide open looks
[20:32] D-Lo: Yep. Pau needs to be stronger on the block
[20:32] s_curl1: yep he's not getting deep enough in the post.
[20:33] s_curl1: and then forcing the issue.
[20:33] D-Lo: Hitting Sheed in the mouf
[20:33] s_curl1: Again what am I saying...go inside, good things happen
[20:33] s_curl1: I need to be an asst coach
[20:33] s_curl1: LOL
[20:33] D-Lo: You act like that's a proven formula or something
[20:33] s_curl1: it is
[20:34] s_curl1: Curl's mantra
[20:34] D-Lo: You've never played the game!!!!
[20:34] s_curl1: Yous a commentator dude
[20:34] s_curl1: now I hate calls like that. Allen throws himself into Odom and they call a foul
[20:35] D-Lo: And one!
[20:35] s_curl1: THAT'S IT
[20:35] s_curl1: Dammit D, we need this shit
[20:36] s_curl1: lmao
[20:36] D-Lo: You need your ankles taped? lol
[20:36] s_curl1: well I have restrained from screaming since the boys are asleep
[20:37] D-Lo: lol. The travails of having kids
[20:37] s_curl1: another sign, team that has lead in the 1st of each game has won the game so far
[20:37] s_curl1: yea, wife has to remind me sometimes
[20:37] D-Lo: Amazing. I'm not seeing so many "go Celtics" posts on FB right now. Funny...
[20:37] s_curl1: if the lakers win, pretty sure it will be just you, me, and like 3 other Laker fans
[20:37] s_curl1: which is annoying, you and I talk shit no matter what
[20:38] s_curl1: I lack respect for those who only do it AFTER the fact
[20:39] D-Lo: They can eat one. I hate the bandwaggoners. Win or lose, you're gonna hear my voice
[20:40] D-Lo: Waiting to post this
[20:42] s_curl1: Guess who's back, back again, Mamba's back, tell a friend,Guess who's back, Guess who's back, Guess who's back, Guess who's back,Guess who's back, duh duh duh duh
[20:42] s_curl1: lmao on New Jack city
[20:43] D-Lo: Ha!
[20:43] D-Lo: Where are all the Baked Beans at?!? lol
[20:43] s_curl1: you know on the earlier defensive play that was a smart move by Farmar blocking Wallace on the screen. Stopped his rhythm, he took a bad shot.
[20:43] s_curl1: it's the little things right now I am liking
[20:44] s_curl1: I did shout NOOOO when Shamwow shot
[20:45] s_curl1: If LA wins, I'm posting that Em remix
[20:46] s_curl1: AND HE GOT FOULED
[20:46] D-Lo: lol
[20:47] s_curl1: back to back bad plays by the bench mob
[20:47] D-Lo: Of course Jordan took that shot
[20:48] D-Lo: Time out came on time
[20:48] s_curl1: yea, Phil needs to have that talk again
[20:48] s_curl1: "Shoot those shots again and I'm strangling you"
[20:48] D-Lo: If Jesus isn't on the floor, the C's can't score. You can rely on Nate Dogg if you want to...
[20:50] s_curl1: Phil made two different (and smart) moves tonight. He brought in Walton instead of Sasha first and then instead of Farmar, brought in Shamwow first
[20:50] s_curl1: and got Odom going early
[20:51] D-Lo: Outside of the little Mexican girl, there is no reason to see Grown Ups.
[20:53] s_curl1: Chris Rock's movie track record automatically makes that not must see
[20:53] s_curl1: that was a charge on Rondo
[20:53] D-Lo: How was that a block?
[20:58] D-Lo: Inside. Curl Ultimatum.
[20:58] s_curl1: Good things happen
[20:58] s_curl1:
[20:59] s_curl1: offensive goaltending maybe
[20:59] s_curl1: THANK YOU
[21:01] D-Lo: Feed Bynum. He's fighting.
[21:04] s_curl1: he is
[21:04] s_curl1: working hard
[21:04] s_curl1: loving Luke Walton
[21:05] s_curl1: bad shot by Kobe
[21:05] s_curl1: how many times am I saying that
[21:05] D-Lo: That was a "Fuck you, get off me" shot
[21:05] s_curl1: and thats what gets him in trouble
[21:06] s_curl1: you're shooting 3 of 10
[21:06] s_curl1: drive. every time
[21:06] s_curl1: and the foul
[21:06] s_curl1: See
[21:06] s_curl1: good things happen
[21:06] D-Lo: Fuck yeah
[21:09] s_curl1: I was getting ready to say bad
[21:09] s_curl1: lol
[21:10] D-Lo: That was a foul?
[21:10] s_curl1: you do realize that if they stop letting Garnett get his, this would be a blowout right
[21:10] D-Lo: Basically
[21:10] s_curl1: questionable call though
[21:11] s_curl1: like I said, I love Luke Walton
[21:12] D-Lo: Last name Ever. First name Greatest. middle name 2nd Rounder
[21:12] s_curl1: Phil should start off the halftime speech with "I want Drew, Luke, Odom, and Fish to stand up" these guys are doing it on both ends
[21:12] s_curl1: ha! you should post that
[21:13] s_curl1: "Kobe, you're scoring but some of those shots are eh. Pau, stop letting the one legged man work you. You acting like this is 2003. Ron Ron, the D is there, settle down on O. Farmar, Shamwow, for every good shot you take, you take a bad one. THink McFly"
[21:13] s_curl1: and then I would walk out
[21:14] s_curl1: lol
[21:21] D-Lo: lol
[21:32] s_curl1: here we go....
[21:32] s_curl1: the one thing I will never understand is why so much hate on Kobe
[21:32] s_curl1: hardest working dude in the league
[21:33] D-Lo: He's so cocky
[21:33] s_curl1: I would always respond as opposed to who
[21:33] D-Lo: Everyone else in the world...
[21:33] s_curl1: the other one I get is well selling out your boy by telling his business
[21:33] s_curl1: really? thats all you got
[21:34] s_curl1: negro logic at its finest
[21:35] D-Lo: That's an oxymoron
[21:35] s_curl1: bad shot Kbe
[21:35] D-Lo: Ron didn't give him the ball on time. Parallelogram not triangle
[21:36] s_curl1: yea I was going to add that
[21:36] s_curl1: should have hit him
[21:37] s_curl1: here we go
[21:37] s_curl1: Ron had a foul on Pierce
[21:37] s_curl1: and bad shot Kobe
[21:37] s_curl1: bad shot Fish
[21:38] s_curl1: call a TO Phil
[21:38] D-Lo: Run the triangle
[21:39] s_curl1: this is what irritates me about this team. you got these cats on the rope. How did you get them this way? Going insidde
[21:39] s_curl1: stop shooting 3s
[21:40] D-Lo: Still a bad shot
[21:40] s_curl1: yes it was
[21:40] s_curl1: OMG
[21:40] s_curl1: Geezus Kobe
[21:41] s_curl1: This is when he proves Bill simmons right. Worried more about his individual legacy.
[21:42] D-Lo: Basically. But he won't stop. Guaranteed
[21:42] D-Lo: Still a bad shot. Go to the basket
[21:42] s_curl1: yes
[21:42] s_curl1: I don't know what the starting backcourt drank during halftime but they need not ever drink that again
[21:43] s_curl1: Jesus got away with a pushoff
[21:43] D-Lo: They need to do a Ron Jeremy: pound it inside
[21:44] s_curl1: lol
[21:44] s_curl1: concur
[21:44] s_curl1: Kobe
[21:45] s_curl1: your killing me Petey
[21:45] D-Lo: Straight dead
[21:45] s_curl1: it's a 2 on 3, just wait
[21:45] s_curl1: shit I guarantee they will give it back to you
[21:46] D-Lo: Or, Fish was wide open for the 3.
[21:46] s_curl1: yes, you had nothing outside or inside
[21:46] s_curl1: he's making the game closer than it needs to be
[21:47] D-Lo: Basically.
[21:49] s_curl1: I could strangle your dumb ass
[21:49] s_curl1: just stupid
[21:50] D-Lo: Then he does that, and you wanna kiss him
[21:52] s_curl1: he hasn't taken one good shot this qtr
[21:52] D-Lo: This quarter has set offensive basketball back 30 years
[21:53] s_curl1: still waiting
[21:53] D-Lo: Better
[21:59] D-Lo: Needs more Walton...
[21:59] s_curl1: again bad shot
[22:00] s_curl1: Walton must be hurt
[22:00] D-Lo: This is gonna get away if they don't start running the offense
[22:01] s_curl1: bad shot againi
[22:02] s_curl1: again and again
[22:03] D-Lo: We're gonna win in spite of Kobe
[22:03] s_curl1: man if they lose this series, he's deserves every bit of the criticism
[22:03] s_curl1: he's has been annoying me since Game 2
[22:07] s_curl1: dude I went from annoyed to happy to straight Imma going into defcom 9 mode if LA loses this game
[22:07] D-Lo: lol
[22:08] D-Lo: Should be a double digit lead...
[22:09] D-Lo: The Sheed dance...
[22:09] s_curl1: isn't that a tech for running around
[22:09] D-Lo: Not in these Finals
[22:11] s_curl1: scary lineup out there for LA. not in a good scary
[22:11] D-Lo: Anxious moments...
[22:11] s_curl1: man, bad shot by Gasol too
[22:12] s_curl1: bad shot again
[22:12] D-Lo: It's like they forget how to play basketbll sometimes
[22:13] s_curl1: Why did we go up 14 in the first half? Go inside. Why are we up only 1 and looking like we will choke? Because we are going outside
[22:14] D-Lo: Kobe will shoot a 20 footer next possession. guaranteed
[22:15] s_curl1: when they go down 1, and they will, he's gonna say ok I need to put my stamp on the game. Never mind I'm completely the reason we're in this position, i'm gonna show 'em yea I've learned
[22:15] D-Lo: Yep
[22:16] D-Lo: Walton is in!
[22:16] s_curl1: yep and that didn't stop you know who from doing what
[22:16] s_curl1: yep another bad shot
[22:17] s_curl1: go inside good things happen
[22:17] D-Lo: Drive to the paint? Really?
[22:18] s_curl1: Cotdamn you Kobe
[22:18] s_curl1: seriously what the fuck
[22:18] D-Lo: Not sure what that was
[22:18] D-Lo: That is the ugliest face ever
[22:19] s_curl1: Dude
[22:20] s_curl1: JVG just said it best
[22:20] D-Lo: I have no idea what this is
[22:20] s_curl1: bad call though
[22:21] s_curl1: another scary backcourt - fish, Kobe, Artest
[22:21] s_curl1: drew got fouled
[22:22] s_curl1: too much dribbling
[22:23] D-Lo: This game is what waterboarding must feel like
[22:24] s_curl1: lol
[22:26] D-Lo: Good shot
[22:26] s_curl1: yes
[22:26] s_curl1: first one by the backcourt
[22:27] s_curl1: we want Walton
[22:28] s_curl1: we want Walton
[22:28] D-Lo: Ron!
[22:28] s_curl1: now Artest is one you want to strangle then hug in the same sentence
[22:28] s_curl1: and he was fouled
[22:30] D-Lo: THought that was going in
[22:30] s_curl1: yea I did too
[22:30] s_curl1: thank you Kobe for that assist
[22:31] s_curl1: Big baby fouled the shit outta him
[22:31] D-Lo: Jesus get Pau touches
[22:32] s_curl1: yes
[22:32] s_curl1: he's got big baby on him
[22:32] s_curl1: who do you think wins that matchup
[22:32] D-Lo: No idea. Pau isn't getting the ball...
[22:32] s_curl1: I know this will sound crazy but I wish Phil would go with Drew, Pau, Odom, artest, and fish to end
[22:33] D-Lo: Ha! Yeah, right
[22:33] s_curl1: and tell Kobe, if you wanna be on this team, then you will stop making this a game for them
[22:33] s_curl1: Like I said, crazy
[22:33] s_curl1: but I'm bold enough to do it...and lose my job
[22:33] D-Lo: Damn, lil man must've written on the walls with a sharpie. You are HEARTLESS today
[22:34] s_curl1: I am arent I?
[22:34] s_curl1: work makes you that way
[22:34] D-Lo: You need a cool drink or something
[22:34] s_curl1:
[22:34] s_curl1: it's coming if LA wins
[22:34] D-Lo: lol
[22:35] s_curl1: good defense. KG is just on tonight
[22:35] s_curl1: man
[22:35] D-Lo: Finally
[22:35] s_curl1: I thought that wasn't going in
[22:35] s_curl1: lmao
[22:36] s_curl1: good switch Artest
[22:36] s_curl1: oh that's off KG
[22:36] D-Lo: The good thing is, we know KG won't play like this on thursday...
[22:37] s_curl1: nope but I'm like we gotta stop banking on just 1 or 2 Celts showing up per game
[22:37] s_curl1: I mean I expect Game 4 Pierce will have his breakout game
[22:37] D-Lo: Won't reverse it
[22:38] s_curl1: they should
[22:38] s_curl1: clear as day
[22:38] D-Lo: What? I don't beleive it
[22:38] s_curl1: whoa, I'm shocked
[22:38] s_curl1: now can we put some points on the board
[22:39] s_curl1: um Rondo touched that last
[22:40] s_curl1: and what did Bean do? you guessed it
[22:40] s_curl1: bad shot
[22:40] s_curl1: and had Odom open underneath, Artest on the wing
[22:40] D-Lo: Not sure why he refuses to be playmaker
[22:40] s_curl1: I really don't understand what he is trying to accomplish. He's been selfish
[22:41] s_curl1: AND ONE
[22:41] D-Lo: FISH!!!
[22:41] s_curl1: He's the MVP of this game if they win
[22:41] s_curl1: will change the Em remix to feature Fish's name
[22:41] D-Lo: Pretty much
[22:41] s_curl1: lol
[22:44] D-Lo: Wow
[22:45] s_curl1: that's a foul.
[22:46] D-Lo: If they reverse that, I got serious questions for Stern
[22:46] D-Lo: Guess that wasn't a foul
[22:46] s_curl1: you betta start writing
[22:46] s_curl1: thats horrible
[22:46] s_curl1: thank you
[22:47] s_curl1: moving screen all day
[22:47] D-Lo: My God, they better had called that
[22:47] s_curl1: Sasha, now?? I rather Drew be in there instead of Sasha
[22:48] s_curl1: Guess we're going back to LA
[22:48] s_curl1: you need to tell Mash that too..him and "Coach" Avery said Celtics in 5
[22:48] D-Lo: Nope. Pierce said we weren't
[22:49] D-Lo: Celtics in 5?!?! Are you shitting me? They should be fired.
[22:49] s_curl1: Wheelchair better hope they do if they want to extend the series
[22:51] s_curl1: yea I said this is not 2008
[22:52] s_curl1: repeatedly and yet no one believes me
[22:52] s_curl1: well except my boy Gangsta D
[22:52] D-Lo: That's cause I have a brain
[22:54] s_curl1: and you notice the Boston faithful is mighty quiet
[22:55] s_curl1: Overall you right, both teams set offenses back decades
[22:55] D-Lo: They stopped talking with 7 mins to go in the 1st
[22:55] s_curl1: lol
[22:55] s_curl1: If it wasn't for Fish going to work, it would have been over
[23:01] s_curl1: and email sent!
[23:04] D-Lo: lol
[23:06] s_curl1: like Phil's political response on Kobe's shot selection

D-Lo & S-Curl Plot To Kick Big Baby In The Neck - A Recap of Game 4

As The Honest Man has told you in the past, I'm a HUGE Lakers fan. You can only imagine my feelings as LA is down 3-2. Anyway, my boy Gangsta D from the Commission is also a HUGE Lakers fan (note the all caps for emphasis) as well. He and I have been doing our own live chat for each game since Game 3. I thought I share the humor with my readers. Enjoy Game 4 below....

Honest Man (6/10/2010 9:06:13 PM): D-Lo and S-Curl live from virtual world folks
ddog_tap (6/10/2010 9:06:45 PM): Will Kobe inspire murderous rage again tonight?
Honest Man (6/10/2010 9:07:23 PM): I dunno. Already a lil peeved from lil man trying to con his way into staying up late
Honest Man (6/10/2010 9:07:26 PM):
Honest Man (6/10/2010 9:07:44 PM): um
ddog_tap (6/10/2010 9:07:48 PM): lol
Honest Man (6/10/2010 9:07:49 PM): I don't even need to say it
Honest Man (6/10/2010 9:07:51 PM): lol
Honest Man (6/10/2010 9:07:55 PM): but he hit it
ddog_tap (6/10/2010 9:08:15 PM): Harbinger of good or bad things to come?
Honest Man (6/10/2010 9:08:17 PM): someone got a haircut. someone got a haircut
Honest Man (6/10/2010 9:08:26 PM): well you know Truth is due for a breakout game
ddog_tap (6/10/2010 9:08:34 PM): JHow was that a shooting foul?
Honest Man (6/10/2010 9:08:46 PM): um
Honest Man (6/10/2010 9:08:53 PM): yea what the hizzle
ddog_tap (6/10/2010 9:08:55 PM): Wow, really?
Honest Man (6/10/2010 9:09:00 PM): who's officiating?
ddog_tap (6/10/2010 9:09:19 PM): Ray Charles, Stevie Wonder, Hellen Keller
Honest Man (6/10/2010 9:10:10 PM): yep that was a foul on Fish
Honest Man (6/10/2010 9:10:17 PM): but um that was a moving screen on Perkins
Honest Man (6/10/2010 9:10:30 PM): speaking of which why is he so angry all the time?
ddog_tap (6/10/2010 9:10:31 PM): Never!
Honest Man (6/10/2010 9:10:41 PM): wow
ddog_tap (6/10/2010 9:10:47 PM): Looks like Game 3
Honest Man (6/10/2010 9:10:48 PM): I mean damn can we get one foul
Honest Man (6/10/2010 9:11:39 PM): wow
ddog_tap (6/10/2010 9:11:51 PM): I need some hustle on the boards
Honest Man (6/10/2010 9:11:52 PM): guess i'll be saying wow instead of bad shot tonight
Honest Man (6/10/2010 9:12:19 PM): nice
Honest Man (6/10/2010 9:12:28 PM): as long as it's close, like the chances
Honest Man (6/10/2010 9:12:56 PM): I'll live with that
Honest Man (6/10/2010 9:12:59 PM): wide open
ddog_tap (6/10/2010 9:13:03 PM): Pretty much
Honest Man (6/10/2010 9:13:05 PM): and Kobe is THINKNG
Honest Man (6/10/2010 9:13:14 PM): good job Kobe
ddog_tap (6/10/2010 9:13:54 PM): Nice move
Honest Man (6/10/2010 9:14:05 PM): very niiice...very very niiice
Honest Man (6/10/2010 9:14:30 PM): wow
Honest Man (6/10/2010 9:14:33 PM): no foul eh
ddog_tap (6/10/2010 9:15:08 PM): No foul?
Honest Man (6/10/2010 9:15:13 PM): wow
Honest Man (6/10/2010 9:15:36 PM): somewhere a Celtic fan is telling me that aint no foul
Honest Man (6/10/2010 9:15:40 PM): over the back on Perk
ddog_tap (6/10/2010 9:15:46 PM): Drew can barely get off the floor
Honest Man (6/10/2010 9:15:47 PM): damn Ron
ddog_tap (6/10/2010 9:16:13 PM): That was a cynder block
Honest Man (6/10/2010 9:16:49 PM): can't be mad the start despite some blown calls already
Honest Man (6/10/2010 9:17:00 PM): only bad shot and that was Ron
Honest Man (6/10/2010 9:17:17 PM): Kob's trying to draw fouls so he's getting a pass right now
ddog_tap (6/10/2010 9:17:34 PM): For now
ddog_tap (6/10/2010 9:19:04 PM): Can Josh Powell get some run?
Honest Man (6/10/2010 9:20:28 PM): lol
Honest Man (6/10/2010 9:20:41 PM): I mean damn KG has been having happy hands on both ends
Honest Man (6/10/2010 9:20:44 PM): pushed off Fish on O
Honest Man (6/10/2010 9:20:49 PM): just got happy with Kob on D
ddog_tap (6/10/2010 9:21:08 PM): That's a foul?
Honest Man (6/10/2010 9:21:11 PM): of course
Honest Man (6/10/2010 9:21:18 PM): what did I say, it's the Truth's night
Honest Man (6/10/2010 9:21:23 PM): angry scowl and all
Honest Man (6/10/2010 9:21:34 PM): he got a haircut for crying out loud
ddog_tap (6/10/2010 9:21:34 PM): And missed free throws
Honest Man (6/10/2010 9:21:48 PM): shit I'm getting one tomorrow, you don't think I'm kickin ass at work
ddog_tap (6/10/2010 9:22:01 PM): Got mine today. Much needed
Honest Man (6/10/2010 9:22:30 PM): you got an angry scowl on your face?
Honest Man (6/10/2010 9:22:38 PM): wow
Honest Man (6/10/2010 9:22:50 PM): happy hands, happy hands, omg, I got happy hands
ddog_tap (6/10/2010 9:22:53 PM): How many times can KG go over the back without getting called?
Honest Man (6/10/2010 9:23:26 PM): oh lawd, machine and artest together
Honest Man (6/10/2010 9:23:52 PM): now you knows in you trouble
ddog_tap (6/10/2010 9:23:55 PM): Comedy
Honest Man (6/10/2010 9:24:31 PM): yep Big Country
ddog_tap (6/10/2010 9:24:31 PM): T him up!
Honest Man (6/10/2010 9:24:33 PM): its on you
Honest Man (6/10/2010 9:28:26 PM): bad shot Ron
ddog_tap (6/10/2010 9:28:28 PM): Ron should stop shooting
Honest Man (6/10/2010 9:28:31 PM): yes
Honest Man (6/10/2010 9:29:02 PM): I should never want Luke Walton over Ron Artest but send him in
ddog_tap (6/10/2010 9:29:06 PM): Kobe's shot is short
Honest Man (6/10/2010 9:29:09 PM): yep
Honest Man (6/10/2010 9:29:16 PM): but that wasnt a bad shot. in the flow of the offense
Honest Man (6/10/2010 9:29:20 PM): he's only taken 1 bad one so far
Honest Man (6/10/2010 9:29:44 PM): Ron;s looking bad on both ends
ddog_tap (6/10/2010 9:29:46 PM): Pierce just clocked Rush!!!
ddog_tap (6/10/2010 9:29:49 PM): Technical!
Honest Man (6/10/2010 9:29:59 PM): lol
ddog_tap (6/10/2010 9:31:08 PM): Pound it inside!
Honest Man (6/10/2010 9:31:08 PM): wow
Honest Man (6/10/2010 9:31:22 PM): Cheering for Rasheed Wallace??
Honest Man (6/10/2010 9:31:27 PM): because he got physical with gasol
Honest Man (6/10/2010 9:31:35 PM): wow
ddog_tap (6/10/2010 9:31:43 PM): What!?!
ddog_tap (6/10/2010 9:31:48 PM): that wasn't a shooting foul?
Honest Man (6/10/2010 9:32:01 PM): give him a tech
Honest Man (6/10/2010 9:32:07 PM): that's a foul bald spot
Honest Man (6/10/2010 9:32:31 PM): ok it wasnt a foul
ddog_tap (6/10/2010 9:32:33 PM): lol
Honest Man (6/10/2010 9:32:39 PM): but fuck him
ddog_tap (6/10/2010 9:32:43 PM): He hit his arm on the way down
Honest Man (6/10/2010 9:32:47 PM): that's for some other missed earlier calls
Honest Man (6/10/2010 9:32:53 PM): what are you talking
Honest Man (6/10/2010 9:33:04 PM): that's just good hard playoff basketball DVG
Honest Man (6/10/2010 9:33:34 PM): now let me throw out a Mama there goes that man
ddog_tap (6/10/2010 9:33:49 PM): Once again, horrible offense by both teams. Yuck
Honest Man (6/10/2010 9:34:48 PM): might as well just rid of the shot clock to make circle complete
Honest Man (6/10/2010 9:34:54 PM): give 'em short shorts
ddog_tap (6/10/2010 9:35:54 PM): I can't believe they didn't replay Pierce punching the shit out of Rush
Honest Man (6/10/2010 9:36:11 PM): lol
Honest Man (6/10/2010 9:36:18 PM): Eddie should T him for trying to punk him
Honest Man (6/10/2010 9:36:49 PM): oh yea if Izzo takes that job, kiss the Prince goodbye
Honest Man (6/10/2010 9:37:04 PM): rookie Gm, rookie coach equals bad things man, bad things
ddog_tap (6/10/2010 9:37:37 PM): Can't imgaine he would take that job unless Bron was sign sealed and delivered. Chicken before the egg
Honest Man (6/10/2010 9:37:58 PM): shoot before the rooster tapped that ass
Honest Man (6/10/2010 9:38:23 PM): nice Shamwow
Honest Man (6/10/2010 9:38:32 PM): think McFly think
ddog_tap (6/10/2010 9:38:33 PM): S. Breezy
Honest Man (6/10/2010 9:38:44 PM): you do realize all 3 PGs are FAs right?
Honest Man (6/10/2010 9:39:07 PM): um
ddog_tap (6/10/2010 9:39:25 PM): Not worried
Honest Man (6/10/2010 9:39:27 PM): better Ron
Honest Man (6/10/2010 9:39:43 PM): I
Honest Man (6/10/2010 9:39:47 PM): ll live with that
ddog_tap (6/10/2010 9:39:55 PM): Every Knick fan hates Nate right now
Honest Man (6/10/2010 9:40:50 PM): nice
ddog_tap (6/10/2010 9:40:52 PM): Better shot
Honest Man (6/10/2010 9:40:55 PM): dude I feel the glow
ddog_tap (6/10/2010 9:41:30 PM): You pregnant? lol
Honest Man (6/10/2010 9:41:48 PM): lmao
Honest Man (6/10/2010 9:41:54 PM): naw that Bruce Leroy glow
Honest Man (6/10/2010 9:41:56 PM): Whp
Honest Man (6/10/2010 9:42:08 PM): like right after Sho Nuff pulled him out the water and he turned yellow
Honest Man (6/10/2010 9:42:21 PM): then they let the big baby get 1
ddog_tap (6/10/2010 9:42:25 PM): Oh...OK
Honest Man (6/10/2010 9:42:36 PM): I feel the Lakers got that glow
Honest Man (6/10/2010 9:42:38 PM): haha
Honest Man (6/10/2010 9:42:59 PM): bad shot but I'll take it lol
Honest Man (6/10/2010 9:43:04 PM): ron missed drew down low
ddog_tap (6/10/2010 9:43:36 PM): Nice acting job
Honest Man (6/10/2010 9:43:38 PM): nice flop Nate Dogg
Honest Man (6/10/2010 9:43:50 PM): did you catch Doc rivers' comment on Fish and flopping?
ddog_tap (6/10/2010 9:44:10 PM): That was hilarious. He coaches some of the best actors in the league
Honest Man (6/10/2010 9:44:57 PM): I'm like if that aint the kettle calling the pot black
Honest Man (6/10/2010 9:45:04 PM): I said Fish and Sasha act
Honest Man (6/10/2010 9:45:20 PM): but like DL Hughley says "Don't act like it aint just me!"
Honest Man (6/10/2010 9:47:42 PM): like I said I'll live with Nate Dogg jackin 3s
ddog_tap (6/10/2010 9:47:56 PM): Pretty much
Honest Man (6/10/2010 9:48:12 PM): loving the triangle right now
ddog_tap (6/10/2010 9:48:42 PM): Cause they're actually running it
Honest Man (6/10/2010 9:49:46 PM): dude why are you trippin
Honest Man (6/10/2010 9:49:52 PM): that's a foul
ddog_tap (6/10/2010 9:50:20 PM): Sheed has only committed two fouls in his life...and one of them was deciding to grow out his hair
Honest Man (6/10/2010 9:50:31 PM): you know someone told me that LA is soft the other day, Boston's got those hardcore cats
Honest Man (6/10/2010 9:50:34 PM): lmao on that
Honest Man (6/10/2010 9:50:51 PM): back to that someone so I responded how many movies about Boston gangs have been made
ddog_tap (6/10/2010 9:50:58 PM): lol
Honest Man (6/10/2010 9:50:58 PM): and how many have been made about LA
Honest Man (6/10/2010 9:51:22 PM): stop believing what ESPN tells you youngin
ddog_tap (6/10/2010 9:52:19 PM): BROCKTON STAND UP!
Honest Man (6/10/2010 9:52:28 PM): lol
Honest Man (6/10/2010 9:52:39 PM): man they are trying to get Moltisanti off with something
Honest Man (6/10/2010 9:52:45 PM): didn't they learn from last year's cop debacle
ddog_tap (6/10/2010 9:53:23 PM): "Chris" will always live in our hearts
Honest Man (6/10/2010 9:53:41 PM): I still hate the way the wrote him off
Honest Man (6/10/2010 9:53:53 PM): not as bad as how they did Wallace on Season 1 of the Wire but still bad
Honest Man (6/10/2010 9:54:38 PM): Magic said he was the best all around PG in the league..does that include FTs
ddog_tap (6/10/2010 9:55:00 PM):
Honest Man (6/10/2010 9:55:06 PM): loving the triangle
ddog_tap (6/10/2010 9:55:09 PM): GREAT SHOT! LOL
Honest Man (6/10/2010 9:55:16 PM): Amen DVG
Honest Man (6/10/2010 9:55:18 PM): Great shot
Honest Man (6/10/2010 9:55:25 PM): see I give him love
Honest Man (6/10/2010 9:55:33 PM): bad shot Wheelchair but hey it's the haircut
Honest Man (6/10/2010 9:55:39 PM): another good shot
ddog_tap (6/10/2010 9:55:40 PM): GREAT SHOT! LOL
ddog_tap (6/10/2010 9:55:53 PM): I'll live with that
Honest Man (6/10/2010 9:55:59 PM): I will too
ddog_tap (6/10/2010 9:56:08 PM): Uh oh
Honest Man (6/10/2010 9:56:09 PM): uh oh
ddog_tap (6/10/2010 9:56:39 PM): Bitch!
Honest Man (6/10/2010 9:56:40 PM): Mama
Honest Man (6/10/2010 9:56:41 PM): There
Honest Man (6/10/2010 9:56:42 PM): Goes
Honest Man (6/10/2010 9:56:43 PM): That
Honest Man (6/10/2010 9:56:44 PM): Man
Honest Man (6/10/2010 9:57:05 PM): LO's in control like Janet, Dammit
ddog_tap (6/10/2010 9:57:19 PM): uh...n
Honest Man (6/10/2010 9:57:31 PM): hey I was "honoring" JD
ddog_tap (6/10/2010 9:57:40 PM): lol
Honest Man (6/10/2010 9:57:56 PM): oh snap speaking of ATL guess what I heard on satellite today
Honest Man (6/10/2010 9:58:03 PM): Ghetto Mafia "Straight from the Dec"
ddog_tap (6/10/2010 9:58:08 PM): Yessir
ddog_tap (6/10/2010 9:58:17 PM): Smoke good. Drink good
Honest Man (6/10/2010 9:59:32 PM): more cash, new car
Honest Man (6/10/2010 9:59:42 PM): new crib, same hood
Honest Man (6/10/2010 9:59:46 PM): what they know
ddog_tap (6/10/2010 10:00:14 PM): Won't die won't snooze
Honest Man (6/10/2010 10:00:25 PM): you should rmx for the Kobe haters
ddog_tap (6/10/2010 10:00:52 PM): lol
Honest Man (6/10/2010 10:02:24 PM): nice ron
Honest Man (6/10/2010 10:02:28 PM): and good no call
Honest Man (6/10/2010 10:02:37 PM): does every NY have to constantly point out some cat is from NY
ddog_tap (6/10/2010 10:02:51 PM): Of course
ddog_tap (6/10/2010 10:03:15 PM): Nice drive
Honest Man (6/10/2010 10:03:15 PM): nice ron
Honest Man (6/10/2010 10:03:37 PM): yea Pau you fouled him
ddog_tap (6/10/2010 10:03:47 PM): Yepper
Honest Man (6/10/2010 10:04:05 PM): see when the haters read this, they'll see we acknowledge
ddog_tap (6/10/2010 10:04:12 PM): lol
Honest Man (6/10/2010 10:04:21 PM): but they dumb asses wanna talk about how Shaq should foul outta every game
Honest Man (6/10/2010 10:04:40 PM): smart Kobe
ddog_tap (6/10/2010 10:04:42 PM): Nice "acting"
Honest Man (6/10/2010 10:04:56 PM): And the academy award goes to....
Honest Man (6/10/2010 10:04:57 PM): Mamba
Honest Man (6/10/2010 10:05:09 PM): sorry correction, the biggest Playa hata of the Year goes to.....
ddog_tap (6/10/2010 10:05:10 PM): I'd like to thank Vanessa...
Honest Man (6/10/2010 10:06:02 PM): I'm jus sayin
ddog_tap (6/10/2010 10:06:07 PM): Nice move. Gotta finish
Honest Man (6/10/2010 10:06:14 PM): funny how they keep saying as bad as Boston has played
Honest Man (6/10/2010 10:06:24 PM): why can't it be, man that Lakers defense is stifling
Honest Man (6/10/2010 10:06:36 PM): nice steal by Rondo
ddog_tap (6/10/2010 10:06:51 PM): Cause that doesn't fit the script
Honest Man (6/10/2010 10:08:01 PM): FB check! and whaddya know, the crickets are chirpin again
ddog_tap (6/10/2010 10:08:14 PM): Hilarious
Honest Man (6/10/2010 10:08:19 PM): but if Boston ties or leads, my top news will be filled up by Boston is dope posts
Honest Man (6/10/2010 10:08:42 PM): oh well
ddog_tap (6/10/2010 10:08:49 PM): Lucky shot. I'll live with it
Honest Man (6/10/2010 10:08:59 PM): up 3 in a crucial game 4, on the road, and no one's in foul trouble
Honest Man (6/10/2010 10:09:05 PM): be scared Celtics
ddog_tap (6/10/2010 10:09:10 PM): Game in hand
Honest Man (6/10/2010 10:09:20 PM): now let's pray they don't come out again like they did in Game 3
ddog_tap (6/10/2010 10:09:28 PM): Offensive troubles caused by the Lakers
Honest Man (6/10/2010 10:10:04 PM): this time the halftime speech is Phil walking in "Going, fellas all of you are doing the right thing. You see what happens when you run the triangle. D is straight. Now let's turn the fuckin lights out in this building"
ddog_tap (6/10/2010 10:15:16 PM): "And if you can get in a cheapshot on Perkins, cool."
Honest Man (6/10/2010 10:16:58 PM): you know Big Country gets angry over nothing
Honest Man (6/10/2010 10:17:11 PM): he's angry right now cuz a one legged man is outplaying him, aint that right Drew
Honest Man (6/10/2010 10:17:19 PM): YES SENSEI
Honest Man (6/10/2010 10:20:46 PM): that World Cup spotlight just got me instantly bitter
ddog_tap (6/10/2010 10:22:44 PM): lol
Honest Man (6/10/2010 10:24:00 PM): check this out....I was part of this account, bought a ton of shit this year. For the efforts, one of the sales reps said he was taking one of the key customers to an executive event
Honest Man (6/10/2010 10:24:11 PM): that executive event is the World Cup this wknd
Honest Man (6/10/2010 10:24:31 PM): shit gets funnier. Found out we had 10 slots for people to go. 5 for us, 5 for the customer
Honest Man (6/10/2010 10:24:45 PM): and the rep opted not to cop for anyone else because of the hotel room rate per night
Honest Man (6/10/2010 10:24:49 PM): are you SHITTING me???
Honest Man (6/10/2010 10:25:00 PM): I could be in Johannesburg for FREE, free cotdammit
Honest Man (6/10/2010 10:25:08 PM): ok I've settled down
ddog_tap (6/10/2010 10:26:10 PM): Bitter Waldo Face is in effect
Honest Man (6/10/2010 10:28:20 PM): I'm stompin around my living room like Rasheed
Honest Man (6/10/2010 10:30:18 PM): here we go
Honest Man (6/10/2010 10:31:09 PM): you might see Mbenga or Powell
ddog_tap (6/10/2010 10:31:47 PM): Ray runs into Fish and Fish gets called?
Honest Man (6/10/2010 10:32:00 PM): Reggie Miller Law
Honest Man (6/10/2010 10:32:04 PM): you didnt get the memo
ddog_tap (6/10/2010 10:32:37 PM): Apparently not
Honest Man (6/10/2010 10:32:53 PM): Someone posted on FB in Game 1 that Gasol is still soft
Honest Man (6/10/2010 10:32:57 PM): that he wasn't doing anything
Honest Man (6/10/2010 10:32:59 PM): sans Game 3
Honest Man (6/10/2010 10:33:01 PM): he
Honest Man (6/10/2010 10:33:07 PM): s pretty much whuppin KG's ass
ddog_tap (6/10/2010 10:33:40 PM): Like Toby
Honest Man (6/10/2010 10:33:41 PM): why is Perkins talking
ddog_tap (6/10/2010 10:34:02 PM): Because that's what he does
Honest Man (6/10/2010 10:34:27 PM): uh oh
Honest Man (6/10/2010 10:34:30 PM): SHADES OF WILLIS
ddog_tap (6/10/2010 10:34:32 PM): Guess Drew's done...
Honest Man (6/10/2010 10:34:35 PM): kidding
Honest Man (6/10/2010 10:35:10 PM): wow
ddog_tap (6/10/2010 10:35:11 PM): Interference!
Honest Man (6/10/2010 10:35:16 PM): I mean wow
ddog_tap (6/10/2010 10:35:47 PM): Fish is about to smack Jesus
Honest Man (6/10/2010 10:35:48 PM): Jesus dont want none of fish
Honest Man (6/10/2010 10:36:30 PM): and 1
ddog_tap (6/10/2010 10:36:36 PM): Bitch!
Honest Man (6/10/2010 10:36:40 PM): thank you
Honest Man (6/10/2010 10:36:50 PM): bad call by the ref
Honest Man (6/10/2010 10:36:56 PM): KG wasn't even there
Honest Man (6/10/2010 10:37:00 PM): here goes that officiating
ddog_tap (6/10/2010 10:37:17 PM): Better get a TO...
Honest Man (6/10/2010 10:37:44 PM): you do see what Boston is trying to do right
Honest Man (6/10/2010 10:38:01 PM): their losing grip so they've resorted to trying to imitate the Bad Boys or early 90s Knicks
Honest Man (6/10/2010 10:38:12 PM): problem is they aint got the personnel to do that
Honest Man (6/10/2010 10:38:16 PM): just play bitch
ddog_tap (6/10/2010 10:39:12 PM): They've played like shit in a must win game. The writing is on the wall...
Honest Man (6/10/2010 10:41:15 PM): yep bad call
Honest Man (6/10/2010 10:41:37 PM): 2004 Shaq = 2010 KG
Honest Man (6/10/2010 10:41:47 PM): yep no foul
ddog_tap (6/10/2010 10:41:48 PM): That wasn't a foul!
ddog_tap (6/10/2010 10:41:54 PM): OMG!
Honest Man (6/10/2010 10:42:17 PM): naw man
Honest Man (6/10/2010 10:42:20 PM): gawd Ron
Honest Man (6/10/2010 10:42:31 PM): settle down squad
ddog_tap (6/10/2010 10:42:54 PM): Can we get a foul?
Honest Man (6/10/2010 10:42:55 PM): wish Kobe would have shot that
Honest Man (6/10/2010 10:43:33 PM): damn
Honest Man (6/10/2010 10:43:35 PM): they had him
Honest Man (6/10/2010 10:44:01 PM): c'mon fellas
Honest Man (6/10/2010 10:44:07 PM): dont get baited by that shit
Honest Man (6/10/2010 10:44:30 PM): over the back
ddog_tap (6/10/2010 10:45:46 PM): Travel!
ddog_tap (6/10/2010 10:46:10 PM): Mamba
Honest Man (6/10/2010 10:46:11 PM): nice
Honest Man (6/10/2010 10:46:17 PM): loving the triangle
Honest Man (6/10/2010 10:47:00 PM): Big Country it's a foul
ddog_tap (6/10/2010 10:47:20 PM): Smile by Kobe
Honest Man (6/10/2010 10:47:31 PM): yea cuz he's talkin shit to Big Country
Honest Man (6/10/2010 10:47:47 PM): I haven't seen anyone knock on wood since Wojo in college
ddog_tap (6/10/2010 10:47:57 PM): I never thought KG would be as insufferable as Wojo. Fuck that dude..
Honest Man (6/10/2010 10:47:59 PM): and you got a 34 yr old man doing it
Honest Man (6/10/2010 10:48:30 PM): an NBA pro..knocking wood...guess you gotta do what you gotta do
ddog_tap (6/10/2010 10:48:45 PM): Uhhh, yeah I guess
ddog_tap (6/10/2010 10:49:52 PM): Damn Drew Barry looks old. He always looked 15
Honest Man (6/10/2010 10:50:12 PM): the youngest and the fattest
Honest Man (6/10/2010 10:50:15 PM): he was dope at GT
Honest Man (6/10/2010 10:50:28 PM): Keep forgetting big bro won the dunk contest
ddog_tap (6/10/2010 10:50:29 PM): Beast. he and Steph were a problem
Honest Man (6/10/2010 10:51:09 PM): what is Sasha doing
Honest Man (6/10/2010 10:51:17 PM): calm down
ddog_tap (6/10/2010 10:51:28 PM): For real. That ain't Iverson
Honest Man (6/10/2010 10:52:16 PM): damn Byunm has no lift
ddog_tap (6/10/2010 10:52:45 PM): None
Honest Man (6/10/2010 10:52:46 PM): Get the fuck outta
Honest Man (6/10/2010 10:52:47 PM): here
ddog_tap (6/10/2010 10:52:57 PM): Have the Celtics fouled this quarter?
Honest Man (6/10/2010 10:53:00 PM): Rondo just slapping cats like crazy
Honest Man (6/10/2010 10:54:13 PM): wow
Honest Man (6/10/2010 10:54:32 PM): happy hands
Honest Man (6/10/2010 10:54:34 PM): happy hands
ddog_tap (6/10/2010 10:54:36 PM): In his mug!
Honest Man (6/10/2010 10:54:50 PM): yea moving all over
Honest Man (6/10/2010 10:55:03 PM): and he was fouled
ddog_tap (6/10/2010 10:55:17 PM): Nope. The celtics don't foul
Honest Man (6/10/2010 10:55:23 PM): damn
ddog_tap (6/10/2010 10:55:24 PM): Mamba
Honest Man (6/10/2010 10:55:33 PM): now I'll give him a hug
Honest Man (6/10/2010 10:56:20 PM): gotta shoot that LO
ddog_tap (6/10/2010 10:56:34 PM): Yep
Honest Man (6/10/2010 10:57:17 PM): that was a heat check shot
ddog_tap (6/10/2010 10:57:17 PM): Totally thought that was going in
Honest Man (6/10/2010 10:57:26 PM): you and me both
ddog_tap (6/10/2010 10:57:54 PM): Tony Allen is kinda terrible
Honest Man (6/10/2010 10:57:56 PM): man, next time pass Kobe
Honest Man (6/10/2010 10:58:06 PM): what are you talking about? He's a great defender
Honest Man (6/10/2010 10:58:11 PM): (eyes rolling)
ddog_tap (6/10/2010 10:58:17 PM): Totally
Honest Man (6/10/2010 10:58:33 PM): But overall, game is horrible
Honest Man (6/10/2010 10:58:41 PM): 62-60
Honest Man (6/10/2010 10:58:53 PM): geezus, Stern lifted hand checking for a reason
ddog_tap (6/10/2010 11:02:32 PM): Really? Step back jumper?
Honest Man (6/10/2010 11:03:32 PM): yea I dont know what LO is doing
ddog_tap (6/10/2010 11:03:52 PM): Fucking up
Honest Man (6/10/2010 11:04:10 PM): Sheed need to stop talking and start doing
Honest Man (6/10/2010 11:04:12 PM): c'mon LO
Honest Man (6/10/2010 11:04:13 PM): cut that off
ddog_tap (6/10/2010 11:04:39 PM): Ty Lue!
Honest Man (6/10/2010 11:04:41 PM): here we go
Honest Man (6/10/2010 11:04:43 PM): lol
ddog_tap (6/10/2010 11:05:09 PM): Wow. Looks like Jordan had hands on the ball before the TO, but hey...
ddog_tap (6/10/2010 11:06:29 PM): Finally called a foul
Honest Man (6/10/2010 11:06:31 PM): I'm just saying
Honest Man (6/10/2010 11:06:34 PM): wow
ddog_tap (6/10/2010 11:07:07 PM): No foul?
ddog_tap (6/10/2010 11:07:39 PM): KG does that all game, no foul. Interesting...
ddog_tap (6/10/2010 11:08:31 PM): OMG!!!
Honest Man (6/10/2010 11:08:32 PM): I'm done
Honest Man (6/10/2010 11:09:04 PM): I don't want to hear another Celtic fan or player bitch and moan about officiating
ddog_tap (6/10/2010 11:09:20 PM): That was incredible. Just stunning
ddog_tap (6/10/2010 11:10:33 PM): I have no words
Honest Man (6/10/2010 11:10:52 PM): wow
Honest Man (6/10/2010 11:11:31 PM): am I prophet or what?
Honest Man (6/10/2010 11:11:34 PM): go check FB
Honest Man (6/10/2010 11:12:11 PM): that didnt sound right at all
ddog_tap (6/10/2010 11:12:15 PM): lol
Honest Man (6/10/2010 11:12:21 PM): big baby's drool
Honest Man (6/10/2010 11:12:54 PM): wow
ddog_tap (6/10/2010 11:12:57 PM): Hilarious
Honest Man (6/10/2010 11:13:06 PM): lemme check FB
Honest Man (6/10/2010 11:14:01 PM): about time
ddog_tap (6/10/2010 11:14:01 PM): Thank you!
Honest Man (6/10/2010 11:14:04 PM): and that should be another
Honest Man (6/10/2010 11:14:31 PM): I dont know what's he mad about
Honest Man (6/10/2010 11:14:33 PM): that's a foul
ddog_tap (6/10/2010 11:15:36 PM): Stop JVG
Honest Man (6/10/2010 11:15:43 PM): yes please
Honest Man (6/10/2010 11:16:28 PM): smart by Kobe
Honest Man (6/10/2010 11:16:36 PM): just drive. Good things happen
ddog_tap (6/10/2010 11:16:40 PM): Looks like they've been given the OK to cll fouls now
Honest Man (6/10/2010 11:17:18 PM): the bench is hot
Honest Man (6/10/2010 11:17:20 PM): what can I say
ddog_tap (6/10/2010 11:17:40 PM): Still no foul?
Honest Man (6/10/2010 11:17:46 PM): c'mon now
Honest Man (6/10/2010 11:17:58 PM): now that is a foul
ddog_tap (6/10/2010 11:17:58 PM): Thank you!
Honest Man (6/10/2010 11:18:08 PM): now JVG was hilarious on that one
Honest Man (6/10/2010 11:18:13 PM): Emotionally drunk
ddog_tap (6/10/2010 11:18:28 PM): And we're still gonna win, bitches!
Honest Man (6/10/2010 11:22:28 PM): gotta hit the gimmees
ddog_tap (6/10/2010 11:22:48 PM): Basically
Honest Man (6/10/2010 11:23:17 PM): nice LO
Honest Man (6/10/2010 11:23:22 PM): musta ate some Mike and Ikes
ddog_tap (6/10/2010 11:23:35 PM): Great shot Nate
Honest Man (6/10/2010 11:23:38 PM): just weather the storm fellas
ddog_tap (6/10/2010 11:23:49 PM): And one
Honest Man (6/10/2010 11:24:25 PM): wow
Honest Man (6/10/2010 11:24:32 PM): no foul eh
ddog_tap (6/10/2010 11:24:55 PM): Wow!!!
Honest Man (6/10/2010 11:25:02 PM): double wow
Honest Man (6/10/2010 11:25:10 PM): why did Perkins leave the bench?
ddog_tap (6/10/2010 11:25:24 PM): This game is hilarious
Honest Man (6/10/2010 11:25:51 PM): well the bench caught on fire
Honest Man (6/10/2010 11:25:54 PM): whaddya do?
Honest Man (6/10/2010 11:26:34 PM): tell nate dogg
Honest Man (6/10/2010 11:26:41 PM): don't get in front of that moving train
ddog_tap (6/10/2010 11:26:44 PM): I would say, go to the basket but you won't get any calls
Honest Man (6/10/2010 11:26:57 PM): yea, good things are not happening
Honest Man (6/10/2010 11:27:46 PM): cotdammit
Honest Man (6/10/2010 11:27:50 PM): come on fellas
ddog_tap (6/10/2010 11:28:01 PM): My God!
Honest Man (6/10/2010 11:28:16 PM): if he had hit that, I would have said good night D
Honest Man (6/10/2010 11:28:22 PM): see you on Sun for Game 5
Honest Man (6/10/2010 11:28:25 PM):
ddog_tap (6/10/2010 11:28:31 PM): lol
Honest Man (6/10/2010 11:29:28 PM): I dont know why anyone needs to go see A Team in the theater to know it's gonna suck
ddog_tap (6/10/2010 11:29:47 PM): Kaia wants to see it. Watch your mouth! lol
ddog_tap (6/10/2010 11:29:59 PM): Either that or karate Kid
Honest Man (6/10/2010 11:30:00 PM): and now D understands
ddog_tap (6/10/2010 11:30:08 PM): lol
Honest Man (6/10/2010 11:30:18 PM): yep you get asked what about the Killers
Honest Man (6/10/2010 11:30:22 PM): um jigga what
ddog_tap (6/10/2010 11:30:51 PM): the Killers? The Killer starring Chow Yun Fat, yes
Honest Man (6/10/2010 11:31:01 PM): Did you see Ralph Macchio give his half ass endorsement for the new KK
ddog_tap (6/10/2010 11:31:30 PM): Nah. Didn't know he was still alive
Honest Man (6/10/2010 11:31:54 PM): He cries. He Drools. He gets points. BIG BABY
ddog_tap (6/10/2010 11:32:16 PM): Couple stops...
Honest Man (6/10/2010 11:32:18 PM): this is when you make the run
Honest Man (6/10/2010 11:32:24 PM): took out the two that were killing u
Honest Man (6/10/2010 11:32:35 PM): 6 pt game
Honest Man (6/10/2010 11:32:39 PM): still in reach
Honest Man (6/10/2010 11:32:47 PM): shit
Honest Man (6/10/2010 11:33:10 PM): you had the stop
Honest Man (6/10/2010 11:33:13 PM): gotta get the d board
Honest Man (6/10/2010 11:33:52 PM): Dammit Pau
Honest Man (6/10/2010 11:34:17 PM): See you on Sun D
ddog_tap (6/10/2010 11:34:22 PM): Wow
Honest Man (6/10/2010 11:35:15 PM): like I said, I should not hear any more bitching
Honest Man (6/10/2010 11:35:26 PM): the game is more or less over
ddog_tap (6/10/2010 11:35:50 PM): This game has been hilarious since the last 6-7 mins of the 3rd
Honest Man (6/10/2010 11:35:59 PM): uh huh
ddog_tap (6/10/2010 11:36:34 PM): If by some measure, we win this game. I'm TALKING SHIIIIIIIIIIIIIT!
Honest Man (6/10/2010 11:36:43 PM): it's a foul
Honest Man (6/10/2010 11:36:44 PM): period
Honest Man (6/10/2010 11:36:57 PM): good game by Kob though
ddog_tap (6/10/2010 11:37:28 PM): until that
Honest Man (6/10/2010 11:37:29 PM): steal. game. over
ddog_tap (6/10/2010 11:39:16 PM): Hilarious game. Way funnier than Grown Ups will be
Honest Man (6/10/2010 11:39:59 PM): again peep FB
Honest Man (6/10/2010 11:40:01 PM): here we go
Honest Man (6/10/2010 11:40:03 PM): I love it
ddog_tap (6/10/2010 11:41:17 PM): Amazing how chatty Boston can be...
ddog_tap (6/10/2010 11:42:19 PM): If Drew can't contribute, that's a problem. Shouldn't have mattered this game, though
Honest Man (6/10/2010 11:42:52 PM): not really
Honest Man (6/10/2010 11:42:56 PM): they had the game in hand
Honest Man (6/10/2010 11:43:05 PM): cant expect the bench to go off like that
Honest Man (6/10/2010 11:46:08 PM): tv off, cya on Sun pimp