Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Living in America

"Living in America - eye to eye, station to station
Living in America - hand to hand, across the nation
Living in America - got to have a celebration.
" - James Brown, Living in America.

Glenn Beck. Conservative. Talk show host. Mormon. And that's without me looking up his bio in Wikipedia. After quickly scanning, some interesting tidbits. Raised a Roman Catholic, struggled with substance abuse, twice married, and even cites Tyler Perry as his hero. Amazing. But we're not here to talk about this man today (another day, another dollar). We're here to talk about his "Restoring Honor" rally held in DC last week.

Restoring honor they say. Back to the way America used to be the add. Losing site of the values and foundation this country was built on. Seriously? Do we really need to go there America? Apparently so since some of the natives are running wild in the streets spewing crazy shit like the above.

So you want to go back to Old America huh? You mean the Old America where English settlers landed on an "undiscovered" country that already had inhabitants, seemingly "befriended" those inhabitants, then turned around and spanked they asses, basically saying those inhabitants did steal something? Or you mean the Old America, where those settlers took a look at the work needed to build the country, decided they would go overseas to "hire" more help with the work? Or the Old America where segregation ran supreme for most of the 21st century? Call me crazy but who would want to live in Old America??

Before you start with the you're not a Patriot, you're not an American, Fuck you Honest Man stuff, realize I love being an American and I wouldn't live anywhere else. But I hate when people start down this path like back in the day, America was the greatest place and it was as close to heaven as one could get. It was...for certain people. For others, it was a daily struggle of why Lord why? So when I hear phrases like "Restoring Honor" or "Taking it back to what America used to be", I seriously question what America are you talking about?

You want to bring America together, then start by having some of our so called leaders come together, leave their personal agendas at the door, and start being real about how they want to improve America. We are definitely going through hard times but it doesn't help that the folks who are constantly bashing the government for not doing enough, have their own agenda (cough cough). No issues with trying to bring the people together because honestly that's what we all should be striving to do but issues with the nature of the reason for doing it. And please don't come at me with the Old America bullshit. I for one do not want to go back to colored water fountains and special seating arrangements on buses and airplanes.

Today's Lesson

America. Like it, Love it, or Leave it. The Honest Man likes America, the Honest Man loves America, and the Honest Man damn sure isn't leaving America. Unless it's a week getaway to Brazil to confirm the rumors about them loving American bruhs. In the words of Robert Freeman, "Yeaaahhh Boooooiiiii".

Sunday, August 29, 2010

What the Honest Man is Listening to - Wake Up Everybody

The Honest is not a fan of remakes, not by a long shot. The Hip Hop meets Pop stars' remake of Marvin Gaye's "What Going on"? Complete and utter bullshit. Hip Hop meets Pop Stars Part Deux remake of the original "We are the World"? A colossal clusterfuck. Duran Duran's remake of Public Enemy's "911 is a Joke"? Yea playa it exists. And sucks mejor ass amigos!!

But somehow John Legend, Melanie Fiona, Common, and the Roots crew formed Voltron to create a worthy listen of Harold Melvin and the Blue Notes (that's Teddy P on vocals)' timeless "Wake Up Everybody". Hell even Common's rap fits. Nice update ya'll and based on some of my recent posts, the song is definitely needed. Wake up everybody, no more sleepin' in beedddddd....

John Legend f Melanie Fiona, Common, and the Roots - Wake Up Everybody

Thursday, August 26, 2010


"Who was dumb enough to lay with that elephant." - Yahoo commenter on Shaquan Duley

You would think the title of today's post implies I'm going to talk about the movie "Precious" right? You would think if he's not going to talk about the movie, then maybe he's going to talk about physical similarities between the "Precious" character and Shaquan Duley right? You'd be wrong on both accounts. While today's post does focus on Shaquan, it is not too compare her versus a book/movie. It's about how precious her children's life was AND how abusive some of the public was towards her after the story posted.

How did we get here? Shaquan Duley. From my homestate South Carolina. Orangeburg, South Cack to be exact. Last week she committed the unthinkable:

"A South Carolina mother who claimed her children drowned when their car careened into a river was charged with murder Tuesday after authorities said she confessed to suffocating the two toddlers and then faking the accident"

The incident invoked memories of Susan Smith and Andrea Yates, particularly the former since both Susan and Shaquan are native South Carolinians. I'm particularly bothered by this because Shaquan, like the aforementioned two, decided to play the role of God and take away her childrens' right to live. Big no no with the Honest Man. I have no idea what Duley was going through emotionally, mentally, physically, or spiritually. BUT regardless of how bad things were going, to decide to end your seeds lives is the wrong course. She had options (adoption immediately came to mind) and it infuriates me she didn't even consider them before she took action. However, what bothered me more was the commentary on the situation.

I ask my readers to click on the Yahoo link above and peruse through the user comments. The quote used today is one of many related ones posted in the commentary. Phrases like "Someone had sex with THAT thang!", "This is why you don't let coons have babies", "Fry this water buffalo" shockingly appear frequently. It's one thing to express anger about the situation but it's another to either make wise ass cracks or blatantly racist comments. Seriously are the above comments and others really warranted? Sadly I used the word shock and I really should not be.

America's got a long way to go people. Yep we don't have colored water fountains anymore but by reading those comments, it's apparent that we situations like Shaquan's happen and it involves a non white person, racial epithets come flowing like a waterfall. And honestly I don't even know why. Race has nothing to do with this situation. Internet wasn't in full bloom when Susan Smith happened but I don't recall people dropping "That cracker oughta be hung" or "See that's what honkies do" when it did happen. And if they did, shame on them too. Again, nothing to do with race. This is an isolated incident involving a person who was going through serious issues. Has nothing to do with race, gender, or religious beliefs.

You notice the Honest Man's tone is serious today and for good reason. This is not a joking matter. Shaquan's actions were and are deplorable. My personal feelings are she should get life. Some of the user statements on her actions are despicable. My personal feelings are those individuals should be fined and forced to spend time with another culture or class outside of their comfort zone.

Today's Lesson

In a perfect world, none of this would have happened. Shaquan would not have committed the crime, the public would not be making these comments, and I would not be having to write this post. But the world isn't perfect now is it? Instead of focusing on preventing situations like the SC one happening, we're spinning wheels on how to prevent stupid people from making stupid statements. Amazing. America, we got to do better.....

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Songs in the Key of the Honest Man's Life - Need a hug Edition

It's been a crazy ass week at work man. Been in conference calls where folks have been getting contentious with one another. I mean like if we were in person and back in high school, they were likely gonna say let's take this shit to the parking lot type contentious. Odd enough, this song came to mind when the heat of the moment situations happened. So simple, so corny, and yet so perfect.

Listen to the lyrics. "Tomorrow will bring better YOU, better MEEE!" Tell me that doesn't evoke visions of peace and goodness after a rough day. Contentious folks, here's my video hug for you :-)

Quincy Jones f Tevin Campbell - Tomorrow

Friday, August 20, 2010

Sucka Nigga

Yo I start to flinch, as I try not to say it
But my lips is like the oowop as I start to spray it
My lips is like a oowop as I start to spray it
My lips is like a oowop as I start to spray the
... Q-Tip from "Sucka Nigga"

Nigger. Yep the Honest Man is putting out there right now. Why would I do that? Why haven't you spewed it in past posts? What's the point of this? Is it okay for me (me = reader) to say it now? Don't worry I'm going to hopefully address most of these questions and then some in my rant today. The reason we're here is thanks the infamous Dr. Laura rant on August 10 AND my conscience, the good Reverend Doctor Page asking me what the Honest Man thought about it. Well fear no more, it's time to get the show started....

Let's start first with the actual rant. Quick summary, black female caller calls in, explains her problems she's been having being married to a white male, Dr Laura weighs in with her opinion. During the conversation, Dr. Laura ask for specific examples of racism, black female literally says "N-word", Dr Laura just shoots out like it's no problem "Nigger". Then says it repeatedly, saying because it's said on HBO all the time. By now, you know the backlash Dr. Laura got, her quick "apology" the following day, and then her show getting pulled earlier this week.

Before I address Dr. Laura, let me address the word "Nigger". I'm not even gonna front like I don't say it. I do. Have been for the past 20 or so years. Of course, I say "Nigga" not "Nigger". Regardless of the spelling, the meaning is the same. Term of endearment between myself and my peeps. Do I say it in front of my non black friends, co-workers, acquaintances? Hell no! I don't even say it in front of my parents. Do I say it on the regular like I eat 3 meals a day everyday? Nope. Usually it just happens. Do I have problems with non black friends, co-workers, or acquaintances saying the word in front of me? Absolutely. I don't care if we have similar melanin makeup, you say it, I'm immediately losing respect for you and possibly wanting to throw blows. Just the way it is.

Well how come you can say it Honest Man and I (the non black person) cannot? Doesn't seem logical to me nor fair? I hate when people try to play the victim card. Like you are suffering from psychological damage because black folks aren't okay with you saying the word. Does it seem logical that black dominated neighborhoods in major cities are eyesores (horrible food selections, liquor stores everywhere, pisspoor schools, rundown streets)? Of course not, but it's just accepted. So you should accept that if you gonna spit "Nigger" in front of someone, be warned of the consequence, like how Davis got knocked he fuck out by a black dude for saying the word like he was a bruh.

Why haven't you said the word before in past posts? This one's pretty easy. It's the same reason I don't say "Nigga" in front of anyone that isn't black. By me saying the word, it's a like a traffic light that turns green. That's meaning I'm giving you the okay to drive or in this case say "nigga." I definitely don't want that happening. Not in any form or fashion. I went to an all white high school and a few times, a couple of cats spit out the word and would follow up with "But you're not one Honest Man!" And I'm going but that makes it okay for you to say it?!?!? Drove me crazy and honestly if I had more physical backup, we would have traded blows. The other half of the equation is as I get older, I try to be more mindful of dropping "Nigga" as I do realize it's a term that's very impactful and I don't want my kids going around yelling "Yo Nigga what's up" at like 5 yrs old.

So back to Dr. Laura. She was wrong. In every facet of the way. I don't care what point you are trying to make nor the context. That's just ignorance on her part. And to play the HBO card, is even dumber. She does not have the right to say that word. Her point didn't even make sense as she tried to tie to black people voting for Obama because he is black. Does that mean white people voted for Bush because he is white? Just saying if you gonna go down that path?

The true thing is in today's world, we are all extremely sensitive when it comes to race. So sensitive that we don't even want to use words like "black", "white", "indian" when trying to describe something. That's crazy. If you ask me, can you describe this person, I'm going to say the goofy white muthaphucka over there. Don't overthink it. YOu know you not supposed to say these terms describing people: Honky, Cracker, Nigger, Spic, Spearchucker, Sand Nigger, Charlie, Himy, Wetback, Coon, Cunt, Faggot, Carpet Muncher. Probably leaving off many but you get my drift.

Today's Lesson

The Honest Man said Nigga for the first time in the blog's history. Crazy I've held on to saying it that long :-). But dont think that means that a get out of jail free card for you to go out and say it. Like I said, if you okay with suffering the same consequence as Davis, be my guest. But don't be like how come you can say it, I cannot type bullshit. Because that will get you smacked...AGAIN AND AGAIN.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Songs in the Key of the Honest Man's Life - Whispers Edition

The Whispers. Truly old school. Like your baby boomin' parents old school. Like as in joints like "Rock Steady" and "And the Beat Goes on" that your parents play on road trips to make sure you go to sleep. Anyway, this is a hidden gem that folks have slept on hard through the years. You get the gist of the message from the title of the song. Take a note youngins, you can be clever in getting the message across to that sweet sexy thang! Fresh from 1975, I give you the timeless classic LETS GO ALL THE WAY....

The Whispers - Let's Go All The Way

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

What the Honest Man is listening to - OMG

After having dinner with my brotha from anotha motha, my '93 Summer Science Institute Road dog, aka my former Crip J-mahn (I see you bruh), he asked me what's up with the music posts on the blog. I was like oh so the people like 'em eh? Let me start posting again :-). It's back beeyotches!!!

Usher f Will.I.Am - OMG

For the record, I'm neither a diehard Usher or diehard Will.I.Am fan. They both have had songs in the past I've dug a lot (Usher - You don't have to call, Black Eye Peas - Joints and Jams), and I got one album a piece from both (Confessions, BEP's first album). BUT this song, no pun intended but OMG. Catchy hook, snazzy beat, makes you wanna go out, sing songs for the kids and start eating candy...O O O O O OO O O O....

Monday, August 16, 2010

The Honest Man is EVERYWHERE!!!

The Honest Man has been slowly building the buzz loyal readers. And my efforts to continue evolving and keeping up with the Digital Age, I have added new ways for you to keep up with me in addition to the blog.

You can follow me @darealhonestman now. I'm working on providing more frequent thoughts :-)

The Honest Man is on Facebook. Sometimes I even post my blogs out here. But regardless, another step closer to hanging with the Great One (Cue raising eyebrow).

GMAIL: The Honest Man is always about readers' choices. So if you have topics you want to see me speak on, feel free to shoot an email to honestmanhonestviews@gmail.com.

So there you have it! The Honest Man is lock, stock, and barreled, ready to continue taking on the world.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

I'm in love with a stripper

"This shit is about to be ig'nant off the hook. Luke dancers. Luke... Dancers" - Quentin aka Q (Terrance Howard), The Best Man

You can thank my man Pilot for today's entry. We were speculating about a friend getting married, got on the subject of strip clubs, and I let him know about this strip club franchise called "Onyx". Not sure how many of them exist but they got shops in Dallas and Houston. I told him how nice inside it was (for a strip club, a black owned strip club, that's saying something) and how my evening there was a great one for different reasons. And that was the bulb going off in my head that THIS would be a great story to share...

2006. Houston. The last two members of the legendary Four Horsemen aka Da Clique aka the Houston Pimp Tric Gangsta Clique have decided to join the other 2 members and turn in their playa cards. For one of them, O Dizzle, we decided we were going to get the fellas together and do it up. Talking 'bout old school, get full on firewater at the house, then take the party to a location to cut up. In this case, the cut up spot was a strip club one of my boys decided we should hit up.

Looking back, you couldn't ask for a more perfect scenario for moi. I was married but childless, the Honest wife was out of the country for 2 weeks, which means the Honest Man was going to be in full jackass mode. Now let me say this. I'm not one of those T-Pain I'm in love in with a stripper, make it rain on deez hoez type cats. I count on both fingers, how many times I have graced strip club. And it's not on some holier than thou, I'm degrading a woman who's trying get through college bullshit. Hell I've got homegirls who used to shake it, shake it. Naw, it's because I don't like parting with my hard earned money. PERIOD.

However, when it comes to bachelor parties, I'm all in. Like a dude putting up all his chips on the table during the World Poker Championships. I'm at the local bank, withdrawing 50 dollars, all in 1 dollar bills, and going to the L store to get the right firewater for the evening. I figure if I don't do this on the regular, I might as well do it right huh? That's my own strip club logic :-)

Back to the story, so we at O's house on Sat night, ironically Final Four weekend, watching the game, drinking like we in college, playing Xbox, talking shit about everything and getting ourselves right for the night. After a few hours, our boy says ok we rolling to this new spot called Onyx. He's been told it's nice and that unlike the other black strip clubs in H-town (Foxy Cabaret, Scores, Harlem Knights), the interior matches the women. So we all like bet, let's do this...For Harold!

We get to the spot and the public wasn't lying. It was plush in this piece. Crazy, we walked in, you see Slim Thug chillin' at a table like he's a regular because no one's bothering him. Then soon after we walked in, another semi-famous cat, Michael Blackston, walked in. What's weird is the DJ kept pumpin up "Michael Blackstone is in da building" like once every 30 minutes and we going who the fuck is this cat and what meaningful movie or show has he been in?

So anyway, we take our spot near the piano that has a pole going through it and just start scanning the room. Between drinking, getting some dances, and talking mo' shit, a chick hops up on the piano and starts dancing. We in awe of her "flexibility" and just going "damn" over and over like we Ron Simmons. And appropriately us and other cats are showing appreciation for her "flexibility" by tipping her. Here's where the Honest Man stumbles into an unforeseen opportunity.

Some of the cats that are making it rain are full blown wasted. So wasted they are missing the mark when they are tossing bills. And because it is dark, no one is realizing that some of the money is on the floor where no one can see it. But guess who sees it? Yep yours truly, the same cat that doesn't like parting with my money. So after a quick look to make sure Snooky isn't around to do work, I quickly hit the ground, acting like I dropped something, just grab whatever and quickly stuff in my pocket.

What happened next you ask? I damn sure didn't get any lap dances I can tell you that :-). Thanks to my good fortune and the fact that Da Clique wanted breakfast, I used my "hard earned" money to pay for my meal at Waffle House then used the remainder for my lunch and dinner the next stay. I basically picked up enough to recoup my cover charge as well as a few laps dances from Sierra. Life was DAMN good that weekend!

Today's Lesson

If you can't figure out the message from the above, then I don't know what else to tell you. Um, don't turn away opportunities when they present itself genius. And more importantly, if you trying to get over when you going out, make sure you roll with the Honest Man. Truss me, I'll take care of you ;-).

The Honest Man would like to thank the good drunk people at Club Onyx that night or else this wouldn't have happened without you ha!

Friday, August 13, 2010

The Honest Man's Guide to Breaking Racial, Age, and Cultural Barriers

"Do you see where I'm coming from you jive motherfucker!" - Black Dynamite

Have you seen Black Dynamite? Thanks to the evil powers of the Man, he made sure the movie only played in limited release in the States in 2009. So when it came to the Honest Man's city, it was like for 2 days during the middle of the week at a theater no one ever heard of. But the Man didn't know that the Honest Man worked out a deal with the local slackers at the neighborhood Best Buy, copped that joint the day it came on discount. Take that you jive sucka!!

Recently the Honest Man was on a business trip, on my way back home. Sitting on the plane aisle with me is a older Hispanic guy in the middle, and an young white guy in the aisle seat. It's important to note that while we exchanged the normal pleasantries of "Hello" and "How are you?", none of us were conversating with one another. I had a choice between continuing to read the Sports Guy's "The Book of Basketball" (fantastic read by the way) or poppin' in Black Dynamite. I opted for the latter....

So I finish watching the movie and hear on the overhead we are 30 minutes from landing. The following is a true conversation that was sparked as soon as I put my laptop up and took off my head phones

WHITE GUY: "Was that Black Dynamite?"
ME: "Yea"
HISPANIC GUY: "I thought you were watching porn!"
ME (Laughing): "Naw but I guess it would appear that way if you didn't realize the nature of the movie!"
WHITE GUY: "That movie is so awesome, could watch it all day.."

For the next 25 minutes, we talked as if we are old friends. By the end of the conversation, learned we all lived within like 15 minutes of each other, worked in the same industry, talked about how we came to Texas, discussed our families, conversated about good places to eat in the city, etc. Amazing considering for the first 3 hrs of the flight, we barely said a word to one another.

So what are you getting at Honest Man? The Honest Man is telling you that "Black Dynamite" is a major contributor to breaking down racial, age, and cultural barriers. Seriously, who knew that seeing a tig ole bitty would be an icebreaker and start towards a path of learning about a man's career and his family. Black Dynamite, the Honest Man salutes you!

Today's Lesson

Next time, you are sitting on the plane, having that uncomfortable feeling with your row mates, pop in Black Dynamite, let them get a real good look, take off the headset and watch in amazement as you learn about your row mates life. Heck you might even meet your future spouse or business partner. Just saying LOL....DYNO-MITE, DYNO-MITE!!

Weight of the World

I'm not even going to lie to you readers, it's been a rough 2010 personal wise for the Honest Man. In February, I lost my godmother. In March, I lost my aunt. And two weeks ago, I lost my grandfather. Factor in the Honest Man's better half also losing 3 relatives this year, we've been carrying a lot of emotional weight in the household. And when you carry that weight, you typically just shut down and try to find ways to take your mind off things....

So for the past 2 weeks, that's what the Honest Man has been doing. Trying to take my mind off these things and figure out ways to press on. Unfortunately that meant, I wasn't giving the blog the attention that it deserves. God doesn't make mistakes and everything definitely happens for a reason. I appreciate the loyal sticking through with me through thick and thin, which is why I'm being straight up with you.

So hopefully, I'll be churning out the commentary that you love (and sometimes hate) in the near future. As always, stay tuned!