Friday, August 13, 2010

The Honest Man's Guide to Breaking Racial, Age, and Cultural Barriers

"Do you see where I'm coming from you jive motherfucker!" - Black Dynamite

Have you seen Black Dynamite? Thanks to the evil powers of the Man, he made sure the movie only played in limited release in the States in 2009. So when it came to the Honest Man's city, it was like for 2 days during the middle of the week at a theater no one ever heard of. But the Man didn't know that the Honest Man worked out a deal with the local slackers at the neighborhood Best Buy, copped that joint the day it came on discount. Take that you jive sucka!!

Recently the Honest Man was on a business trip, on my way back home. Sitting on the plane aisle with me is a older Hispanic guy in the middle, and an young white guy in the aisle seat. It's important to note that while we exchanged the normal pleasantries of "Hello" and "How are you?", none of us were conversating with one another. I had a choice between continuing to read the Sports Guy's "The Book of Basketball" (fantastic read by the way) or poppin' in Black Dynamite. I opted for the latter....

So I finish watching the movie and hear on the overhead we are 30 minutes from landing. The following is a true conversation that was sparked as soon as I put my laptop up and took off my head phones

WHITE GUY: "Was that Black Dynamite?"
ME: "Yea"
HISPANIC GUY: "I thought you were watching porn!"
ME (Laughing): "Naw but I guess it would appear that way if you didn't realize the nature of the movie!"
WHITE GUY: "That movie is so awesome, could watch it all day.."

For the next 25 minutes, we talked as if we are old friends. By the end of the conversation, learned we all lived within like 15 minutes of each other, worked in the same industry, talked about how we came to Texas, discussed our families, conversated about good places to eat in the city, etc. Amazing considering for the first 3 hrs of the flight, we barely said a word to one another.

So what are you getting at Honest Man? The Honest Man is telling you that "Black Dynamite" is a major contributor to breaking down racial, age, and cultural barriers. Seriously, who knew that seeing a tig ole bitty would be an icebreaker and start towards a path of learning about a man's career and his family. Black Dynamite, the Honest Man salutes you!

Today's Lesson

Next time, you are sitting on the plane, having that uncomfortable feeling with your row mates, pop in Black Dynamite, let them get a real good look, take off the headset and watch in amazement as you learn about your row mates life. Heck you might even meet your future spouse or business partner. Just saying LOL....DYNO-MITE, DYNO-MITE!!

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