Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Where the Hell Have You Been?

Dear Readers,

The Honest Man is back. Many of you reading this are going, what the fuck does that mean "You're back?" Like we supposed to be happy and shit that you decided to crawl out from whatever rock you were hiding under and "bless" us with your gift of gab. Who the hell do you think you are and Where the hell have you been? Who died and made you king? And probably other vulgar comments that you believe are well deserved. I like to imagine here is how I would respond to someone who wanted to have a conversation with me about that.

The Honest Man: "FINALLY, the Honest MAN has COME Blogging..."
Reader: "You think that's all it takes, you think you can sim -
HM: "It doesn't matter WHAT you think jabroni!! Settle your candy ass down before the Honest Man takes his size 10 Reebok with the old school pump and sticks it straight up your CANDY ASS"

Ok, we got that foolishness out of the way. Like I said, the Honest Man is back. Yep it's been a month since I've posted anything and a lot has happened both personally and professionally. Nothing bad just alot. That doesn't excuse me b/c that would violate my "Busy" post message. But let's just say I've been doing things ;-).

Honestly, the Honest Man just suffered from writer's block. There were so many stories happening each day in politics, sports, entertainment, corporate America etc but by the time I sit down to write, my mind would go blank. And rather than just post shit for sake of posting, I decided to go on a mini vacation and clear my mind.

Don't worry, I'm not dumbing down the topics or toning down the attitude. My gun has been reloaded and I have more bullets to shoot with this time. The targets are in sight. So to my loyal readers, saddle up, it's ride or die time again. To the bandwagoners who are still trippin' I called you a jabroni, you can get the finger...the MIDDLE....Warm it up Honest....I'm about too....

Today's Lesson

Ladies and Gentlemen, I'm back b/c as my main man Brand Electronica tells me constantly "We need something REALA"

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