Sunday, June 27, 2010


WARNING: The following post does express the views of the person writing this blog so if you got a problem with it, oh well tough titty :-)

The Honest Man has been watching too much of one of his favorite shows, the Boondocks. Particularly the "Fundraiser" episode. I find myself repeatedly quotin' Riley's "My president is black...." line over and over whenever I'm jawin' with someone (I especially drop the "Imma slap da shit outta you if I see in the street" line for emphasis). So what does that have to do with today's post. Absolutely everything...

First, let me say the Honest Man was in full celebratory mode this week and hence no posts. The year long hate of my Lakers resulted in me going one ten with the celebration of the title. Groupies, drugs, gangsta rap, rain making days at the Pink Pony, yep I was in full jackass mode. Then I woke up from dreaming that up and just spent the week clowning with haters with hate all you want, you got three hundred and sixty days of shit talking from me so dress warm. But I digress....

Big week in sports for me. Lakers winning the title. My homestate Clemson Tigers and South Carolina Gamecocks playing the College World Series (UPDATE: South Carolina advanced to Tues' championship game), Wimbledon starting (including the dope Isner-Mahut marathon), and the most important, the US men's soccer team winning their Group in World Cup play for the 1st time since 1930. Yep overall a good week. So who does the US draw in Round of 16. Ghana.....

Interesting enough, I got a few questions/emails from folks asking me who was I rooting for. US or Ghana. Homeland or Motherland. Toby or Kunta. I say interesting because I never entertained for one minute of rooting against the US. Seriously. I know my roots are in Africa but I was born in the US. And I can only trace my family's history up until the moment they got off the boat in the States. That means I don't even know which African country my family came from. And that means I'm rooting for what I know :-)

All these folks reading going the above talkin' about man you don't know the struggle, my granddad's immigrated from whatever African country, yada yada, get the fuck outta here. The only difference between your granddaddy and my family is time. Ya'll just came on a different boat in a different era. Period. Translation, your granddaddy's people were better at avoiding get caught than my people. Simplistic. Yes. Realistic. Damn Straight. Bottom line if you living in that country and you claiming citizenship for that country, I'm rooting for THAT country in International competition.

Ghana won yesterday so some folks have thrown it back in my face. Chants of Motherland reign supreme in my cell phone. Just to fuck with them and still being in full jackass mode, I would text back go out and celebrate Toby you deserve it. Pretty sure I'm no longer their friend but hey Honesty's a beeyotch right ;-). Guess it wouldn't help if I told 'em I'm rooting for Ghana in the quarters

Today's Lesson

The Honest Man has told you about the "Let's go back to Africa" shit in the past. I'm all about learning more about my roots but don't use the sports stage as an opportunity to play that card. It's soccer. And the only reason it's brought up is because this is a sport that Africa has a legit chance of beating the US in. That and maybe track. But everything else, puhlease. Guarantee you my phone is not getting texts when the US plays whatever African country in basketball LOL.

Again my president is black and my lambo is blue. And if I catch you asking me about motherland vs homeland, Imma slap you in streets - Young Heezy

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