Monday, June 14, 2010

D-Lo & S-Curl Plan To Kidnap Kobe: An IM Chat recap of Game 3

For those who want more, here is the Game 3 chat summary...

[20:26] s_curl1: I've calmed down a lil . Wanted to choke 3 of the starting 5 for what they were doing earlier
[20:26] s_curl1: nice TO by Phil. Think he told him, if you shoot a 3 again and it's not in rhythm, I'm whuppin yo ass
[20:27] D-Lo: Offense was too stagnant. they're actually moving the ball. Refs still calling bullshit, but I guess that's just how it's gonna be
[20:29] s_curl1: yea 3 straight games
[20:29] s_curl1: good sign Odom hit a shot
[20:29] s_curl1: bad shot by Kobe
[20:30] D-Lo: Nice movement on that play. More of that would be welcome
[20:30] s_curl1: Luke Walton needs more minutes. He's one of the reasons the offense is moving
[20:30] D-Lo: Greatest. 2nd Rounder. Ever.
[20:30] s_curl1: lol
[20:30] s_curl1: Liking how they are looking. Fighting through screens, not letting Ray get wide open looks
[20:32] D-Lo: Yep. Pau needs to be stronger on the block
[20:32] s_curl1: yep he's not getting deep enough in the post.
[20:33] s_curl1: and then forcing the issue.
[20:33] D-Lo: Hitting Sheed in the mouf
[20:33] s_curl1: Again what am I saying...go inside, good things happen
[20:33] s_curl1: I need to be an asst coach
[20:33] s_curl1: LOL
[20:33] D-Lo: You act like that's a proven formula or something
[20:33] s_curl1: it is
[20:34] s_curl1: Curl's mantra
[20:34] D-Lo: You've never played the game!!!!
[20:34] s_curl1: Yous a commentator dude
[20:34] s_curl1: now I hate calls like that. Allen throws himself into Odom and they call a foul
[20:35] D-Lo: And one!
[20:35] s_curl1: THAT'S IT
[20:35] s_curl1: Dammit D, we need this shit
[20:36] s_curl1: lmao
[20:36] D-Lo: You need your ankles taped? lol
[20:36] s_curl1: well I have restrained from screaming since the boys are asleep
[20:37] D-Lo: lol. The travails of having kids
[20:37] s_curl1: another sign, team that has lead in the 1st of each game has won the game so far
[20:37] s_curl1: yea, wife has to remind me sometimes
[20:37] D-Lo: Amazing. I'm not seeing so many "go Celtics" posts on FB right now. Funny...
[20:37] s_curl1: if the lakers win, pretty sure it will be just you, me, and like 3 other Laker fans
[20:37] s_curl1: which is annoying, you and I talk shit no matter what
[20:38] s_curl1: I lack respect for those who only do it AFTER the fact
[20:39] D-Lo: They can eat one. I hate the bandwaggoners. Win or lose, you're gonna hear my voice
[20:40] D-Lo: Waiting to post this
[20:42] s_curl1: Guess who's back, back again, Mamba's back, tell a friend,Guess who's back, Guess who's back, Guess who's back, Guess who's back,Guess who's back, duh duh duh duh
[20:42] s_curl1: lmao on New Jack city
[20:43] D-Lo: Ha!
[20:43] D-Lo: Where are all the Baked Beans at?!? lol
[20:43] s_curl1: you know on the earlier defensive play that was a smart move by Farmar blocking Wallace on the screen. Stopped his rhythm, he took a bad shot.
[20:43] s_curl1: it's the little things right now I am liking
[20:44] s_curl1: I did shout NOOOO when Shamwow shot
[20:45] s_curl1: If LA wins, I'm posting that Em remix
[20:46] s_curl1: AND HE GOT FOULED
[20:46] D-Lo: lol
[20:47] s_curl1: back to back bad plays by the bench mob
[20:47] D-Lo: Of course Jordan took that shot
[20:48] D-Lo: Time out came on time
[20:48] s_curl1: yea, Phil needs to have that talk again
[20:48] s_curl1: "Shoot those shots again and I'm strangling you"
[20:48] D-Lo: If Jesus isn't on the floor, the C's can't score. You can rely on Nate Dogg if you want to...
[20:50] s_curl1: Phil made two different (and smart) moves tonight. He brought in Walton instead of Sasha first and then instead of Farmar, brought in Shamwow first
[20:50] s_curl1: and got Odom going early
[20:51] D-Lo: Outside of the little Mexican girl, there is no reason to see Grown Ups.
[20:53] s_curl1: Chris Rock's movie track record automatically makes that not must see
[20:53] s_curl1: that was a charge on Rondo
[20:53] D-Lo: How was that a block?
[20:58] D-Lo: Inside. Curl Ultimatum.
[20:58] s_curl1: Good things happen
[20:58] s_curl1:
[20:59] s_curl1: offensive goaltending maybe
[20:59] s_curl1: THANK YOU
[21:01] D-Lo: Feed Bynum. He's fighting.
[21:04] s_curl1: he is
[21:04] s_curl1: working hard
[21:04] s_curl1: loving Luke Walton
[21:05] s_curl1: bad shot by Kobe
[21:05] s_curl1: how many times am I saying that
[21:05] D-Lo: That was a "Fuck you, get off me" shot
[21:05] s_curl1: and thats what gets him in trouble
[21:06] s_curl1: you're shooting 3 of 10
[21:06] s_curl1: drive. every time
[21:06] s_curl1: and the foul
[21:06] s_curl1: See
[21:06] s_curl1: good things happen
[21:06] D-Lo: Fuck yeah
[21:09] s_curl1: I was getting ready to say bad
[21:09] s_curl1: lol
[21:10] D-Lo: That was a foul?
[21:10] s_curl1: you do realize that if they stop letting Garnett get his, this would be a blowout right
[21:10] D-Lo: Basically
[21:10] s_curl1: questionable call though
[21:11] s_curl1: like I said, I love Luke Walton
[21:12] D-Lo: Last name Ever. First name Greatest. middle name 2nd Rounder
[21:12] s_curl1: Phil should start off the halftime speech with "I want Drew, Luke, Odom, and Fish to stand up" these guys are doing it on both ends
[21:12] s_curl1: ha! you should post that
[21:13] s_curl1: "Kobe, you're scoring but some of those shots are eh. Pau, stop letting the one legged man work you. You acting like this is 2003. Ron Ron, the D is there, settle down on O. Farmar, Shamwow, for every good shot you take, you take a bad one. THink McFly"
[21:13] s_curl1: and then I would walk out
[21:14] s_curl1: lol
[21:21] D-Lo: lol
[21:32] s_curl1: here we go....
[21:32] s_curl1: the one thing I will never understand is why so much hate on Kobe
[21:32] s_curl1: hardest working dude in the league
[21:33] D-Lo: He's so cocky
[21:33] s_curl1: I would always respond as opposed to who
[21:33] D-Lo: Everyone else in the world...
[21:33] s_curl1: the other one I get is well selling out your boy by telling his business
[21:33] s_curl1: really? thats all you got
[21:34] s_curl1: negro logic at its finest
[21:35] D-Lo: That's an oxymoron
[21:35] s_curl1: bad shot Kbe
[21:35] D-Lo: Ron didn't give him the ball on time. Parallelogram not triangle
[21:36] s_curl1: yea I was going to add that
[21:36] s_curl1: should have hit him
[21:37] s_curl1: here we go
[21:37] s_curl1: Ron had a foul on Pierce
[21:37] s_curl1: and bad shot Kobe
[21:37] s_curl1: bad shot Fish
[21:38] s_curl1: call a TO Phil
[21:38] D-Lo: Run the triangle
[21:39] s_curl1: this is what irritates me about this team. you got these cats on the rope. How did you get them this way? Going insidde
[21:39] s_curl1: stop shooting 3s
[21:40] D-Lo: Still a bad shot
[21:40] s_curl1: yes it was
[21:40] s_curl1: OMG
[21:40] s_curl1: Geezus Kobe
[21:41] s_curl1: This is when he proves Bill simmons right. Worried more about his individual legacy.
[21:42] D-Lo: Basically. But he won't stop. Guaranteed
[21:42] D-Lo: Still a bad shot. Go to the basket
[21:42] s_curl1: yes
[21:42] s_curl1: I don't know what the starting backcourt drank during halftime but they need not ever drink that again
[21:43] s_curl1: Jesus got away with a pushoff
[21:43] D-Lo: They need to do a Ron Jeremy: pound it inside
[21:44] s_curl1: lol
[21:44] s_curl1: concur
[21:44] s_curl1: Kobe
[21:45] s_curl1: your killing me Petey
[21:45] D-Lo: Straight dead
[21:45] s_curl1: it's a 2 on 3, just wait
[21:45] s_curl1: shit I guarantee they will give it back to you
[21:46] D-Lo: Or, Fish was wide open for the 3.
[21:46] s_curl1: yes, you had nothing outside or inside
[21:46] s_curl1: he's making the game closer than it needs to be
[21:47] D-Lo: Basically.
[21:49] s_curl1: I could strangle your dumb ass
[21:49] s_curl1: just stupid
[21:50] D-Lo: Then he does that, and you wanna kiss him
[21:52] s_curl1: he hasn't taken one good shot this qtr
[21:52] D-Lo: This quarter has set offensive basketball back 30 years
[21:53] s_curl1: still waiting
[21:53] D-Lo: Better
[21:59] D-Lo: Needs more Walton...
[21:59] s_curl1: again bad shot
[22:00] s_curl1: Walton must be hurt
[22:00] D-Lo: This is gonna get away if they don't start running the offense
[22:01] s_curl1: bad shot againi
[22:02] s_curl1: again and again
[22:03] D-Lo: We're gonna win in spite of Kobe
[22:03] s_curl1: man if they lose this series, he's deserves every bit of the criticism
[22:03] s_curl1: he's has been annoying me since Game 2
[22:07] s_curl1: dude I went from annoyed to happy to straight Imma going into defcom 9 mode if LA loses this game
[22:07] D-Lo: lol
[22:08] D-Lo: Should be a double digit lead...
[22:09] D-Lo: The Sheed dance...
[22:09] s_curl1: isn't that a tech for running around
[22:09] D-Lo: Not in these Finals
[22:11] s_curl1: scary lineup out there for LA. not in a good scary
[22:11] D-Lo: Anxious moments...
[22:11] s_curl1: man, bad shot by Gasol too
[22:12] s_curl1: bad shot again
[22:12] D-Lo: It's like they forget how to play basketbll sometimes
[22:13] s_curl1: Why did we go up 14 in the first half? Go inside. Why are we up only 1 and looking like we will choke? Because we are going outside
[22:14] D-Lo: Kobe will shoot a 20 footer next possession. guaranteed
[22:15] s_curl1: when they go down 1, and they will, he's gonna say ok I need to put my stamp on the game. Never mind I'm completely the reason we're in this position, i'm gonna show 'em yea I've learned
[22:15] D-Lo: Yep
[22:16] D-Lo: Walton is in!
[22:16] s_curl1: yep and that didn't stop you know who from doing what
[22:16] s_curl1: yep another bad shot
[22:17] s_curl1: go inside good things happen
[22:17] D-Lo: Drive to the paint? Really?
[22:18] s_curl1: Cotdamn you Kobe
[22:18] s_curl1: seriously what the fuck
[22:18] D-Lo: Not sure what that was
[22:18] D-Lo: That is the ugliest face ever
[22:19] s_curl1: Dude
[22:20] s_curl1: JVG just said it best
[22:20] D-Lo: I have no idea what this is
[22:20] s_curl1: bad call though
[22:21] s_curl1: another scary backcourt - fish, Kobe, Artest
[22:21] s_curl1: drew got fouled
[22:22] s_curl1: too much dribbling
[22:23] D-Lo: This game is what waterboarding must feel like
[22:24] s_curl1: lol
[22:26] D-Lo: Good shot
[22:26] s_curl1: yes
[22:26] s_curl1: first one by the backcourt
[22:27] s_curl1: we want Walton
[22:28] s_curl1: we want Walton
[22:28] D-Lo: Ron!
[22:28] s_curl1: now Artest is one you want to strangle then hug in the same sentence
[22:28] s_curl1: and he was fouled
[22:30] D-Lo: THought that was going in
[22:30] s_curl1: yea I did too
[22:30] s_curl1: thank you Kobe for that assist
[22:31] s_curl1: Big baby fouled the shit outta him
[22:31] D-Lo: Jesus get Pau touches
[22:32] s_curl1: yes
[22:32] s_curl1: he's got big baby on him
[22:32] s_curl1: who do you think wins that matchup
[22:32] D-Lo: No idea. Pau isn't getting the ball...
[22:32] s_curl1: I know this will sound crazy but I wish Phil would go with Drew, Pau, Odom, artest, and fish to end
[22:33] D-Lo: Ha! Yeah, right
[22:33] s_curl1: and tell Kobe, if you wanna be on this team, then you will stop making this a game for them
[22:33] s_curl1: Like I said, crazy
[22:33] s_curl1: but I'm bold enough to do it...and lose my job
[22:33] D-Lo: Damn, lil man must've written on the walls with a sharpie. You are HEARTLESS today
[22:34] s_curl1: I am arent I?
[22:34] s_curl1: work makes you that way
[22:34] D-Lo: You need a cool drink or something
[22:34] s_curl1:
[22:34] s_curl1: it's coming if LA wins
[22:34] D-Lo: lol
[22:35] s_curl1: good defense. KG is just on tonight
[22:35] s_curl1: man
[22:35] D-Lo: Finally
[22:35] s_curl1: I thought that wasn't going in
[22:35] s_curl1: lmao
[22:36] s_curl1: good switch Artest
[22:36] s_curl1: oh that's off KG
[22:36] D-Lo: The good thing is, we know KG won't play like this on thursday...
[22:37] s_curl1: nope but I'm like we gotta stop banking on just 1 or 2 Celts showing up per game
[22:37] s_curl1: I mean I expect Game 4 Pierce will have his breakout game
[22:37] D-Lo: Won't reverse it
[22:38] s_curl1: they should
[22:38] s_curl1: clear as day
[22:38] D-Lo: What? I don't beleive it
[22:38] s_curl1: whoa, I'm shocked
[22:38] s_curl1: now can we put some points on the board
[22:39] s_curl1: um Rondo touched that last
[22:40] s_curl1: and what did Bean do? you guessed it
[22:40] s_curl1: bad shot
[22:40] s_curl1: and had Odom open underneath, Artest on the wing
[22:40] D-Lo: Not sure why he refuses to be playmaker
[22:40] s_curl1: I really don't understand what he is trying to accomplish. He's been selfish
[22:41] s_curl1: AND ONE
[22:41] D-Lo: FISH!!!
[22:41] s_curl1: He's the MVP of this game if they win
[22:41] s_curl1: will change the Em remix to feature Fish's name
[22:41] D-Lo: Pretty much
[22:41] s_curl1: lol
[22:44] D-Lo: Wow
[22:45] s_curl1: that's a foul.
[22:46] D-Lo: If they reverse that, I got serious questions for Stern
[22:46] D-Lo: Guess that wasn't a foul
[22:46] s_curl1: you betta start writing
[22:46] s_curl1: thats horrible
[22:46] s_curl1: thank you
[22:47] s_curl1: moving screen all day
[22:47] D-Lo: My God, they better had called that
[22:47] s_curl1: Sasha, now?? I rather Drew be in there instead of Sasha
[22:48] s_curl1: Guess we're going back to LA
[22:48] s_curl1: you need to tell Mash that too..him and "Coach" Avery said Celtics in 5
[22:48] D-Lo: Nope. Pierce said we weren't
[22:49] D-Lo: Celtics in 5?!?! Are you shitting me? They should be fired.
[22:49] s_curl1: Wheelchair better hope they do if they want to extend the series
[22:51] s_curl1: yea I said this is not 2008
[22:52] s_curl1: repeatedly and yet no one believes me
[22:52] s_curl1: well except my boy Gangsta D
[22:52] D-Lo: That's cause I have a brain
[22:54] s_curl1: and you notice the Boston faithful is mighty quiet
[22:55] s_curl1: Overall you right, both teams set offenses back decades
[22:55] D-Lo: They stopped talking with 7 mins to go in the 1st
[22:55] s_curl1: lol
[22:55] s_curl1: If it wasn't for Fish going to work, it would have been over
[23:01] s_curl1: and email sent!
[23:04] D-Lo: lol
[23:06] s_curl1: like Phil's political response on Kobe's shot selection

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