Friday, June 18, 2010

Dear Hater Reloaded

Dear Hater,

Good morning! How are ya? It hasn't been as long this time since we've chatted but can you believe a year has passed by. Last year, it had been 7 years since we chatted, this time only a year since the last Laker title. But trust me, I paid attention to the constant belittling of the Lakers 2009 win. It didn't matter that the Lakers added Mr. Queensbridge aka Ron Artest. It didn't matter that they were picked by most to win the 2010 title. All that mattered to you was finding new ways to step your hate up. And I applaud you for it.....

Man, during the regular season, you were everywhere. Celebrating Prince James' regular season wins over LA on Facebook. Interesting. Texting me when LA lost to your hometown team in the regular season. Different. And my personal favorite, calling me to rub in a regular season loss and do your "Here go the Fakers" comments. Brilliant. But yet you ignored my feigns of it's only the regular season. But hey can only lead a horse to water, can't make them drink right hater?

So the playoffs start and where are you hater? You ate your wheaties, drank your mountain dew, and started spewing the LA won't come out of the West talk. I was befuddled hater because I guess you and I were watching different teams. Thunder in 6? Ludicrous. Jazz in 7? Umm no. The funniest? The Spurs-Suns winner over LA in 6. That was crack epidemic smoking at its finest. But you weren't convinced hater. You said pure luck, LA beat all those teams. Doesn't matter LA had homecourt in each of those series right?

Now we get to the Finals. You had Celtics in 5 or 6. Told me LA wasn't tough enough. Told me it will be just like 2008. Forget the fact that key personnel from both teams from that year (Bos - Posey, Brown, Cassell, LA - Space Cadet, Turiaf) were not in this series. You ignored me when I said this Lakers team is not the 2008 team. You ignored me when I said this Lakers team is not Cleveland or Orlando. Didn't matter did it hater. And when LA won Game 7 last night, oh you were in rare form. Let me refresh your memory

Fuck Kobe and the Lakers and that ugly Kardashian loving motherfucker, too!!!!!!!
- And I still HATE Kobe and the lakers...this is bull$hitery
- This is horrible, they are making calls ala the Trailblazers and Kings.
- The NBA is fixed, refeering is biased!

Jealousy is an ugly emotion hater. And laughter is the best cure for everything. And believed me you cured me of some crazy talk. Lebron's still better. Fine. The better team didn't win last night. Better. You're a fairweather fan Honest Man. Impressive. I'm more shocked than anything at the accusations but hey when you're a hater, you're a hater.

But you should marinate on this. Winners win. Losers lose. LA is your 2010 NBA Champion. Hate it or Love it, LA's on top! So I encourage you, get your weight up, not your hate up.

Sincerely yours,

The Honest Man, Lakers' fan since '84

Today's Lessson

Fuck Red Auberbach, Fuck KC Jones, Fuck Bill Russell, Fuck Larry Bird, Fuck Cornbread Maxwell, this is America, my president is black and my lambo is blue. And if I see you in the streets, Imma slap da shit outta you - Young Heezy

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