Sunday, January 2, 2011

It's a New Year Charlie Brown!!

Happy New Year Readers!! The Honest Man is already a day late in posting the first blog of 2011 but that's because I was too busy partying and running the streets. And that requires about a 1-2 who am I kidding. The Honest Man was enjoying not having to pick cotton during the holidays so I celebrated by doing a favorite pastime activity of mine...taking naps! Yep no getting drunk and embarrassing my family. No going to IHOP or your favorite diner to reduce the chance of a hangover. No trying to convince a waitress she should be working at the Pink Pony instead of IHOP at night this time. I kept it real simple and boring. Sleep, sleep, and more sleep!

But I'm getting away from the point of this post. In 2009, my first post was on New Year's resolutions. In 2010, my first post was a Songs in the Key entry. So I didn't know what to post. Should I come at you with more resolutions? Should I come at you with another Song entry? Nope I ultimately just said, just like my holiday break, Imma keep it simple for my loyal readers. For 2011, if you aiming to make moves, then start handling your business now. If you trying to catch up, then that means start working harder. And if you just hating, then pimp get your weight up, not your hate up (Shout out to D-Lo)! Catch ya'll on the way to the top!

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