Monday, January 10, 2011

Movies the Honest Man Loves - Remember the Titans

Today's post was inspired by a lot of different things today. Let me first start with the good. The Honest Man is America's Next Top Corporate Negro (or at least I'm trying to be). I've been fortunate to accumulate awards and recognition for the grind work I've been putting in. The most recent just happened and brought the normal "You Go Boy!" from the family and closest friends plus some love from my bosses. That's the good news....

The not so good part about it. The lack of acknowledgment from my teammates. Less than 1/4 of my teammates offered congratulations. Think about that. I'm on a team of 10 plus people so do you the math. Even though we work in an environment that fosters competition, I still find it cordial to give praise when deserved. Shoot I've been on the other side hearing other folks' getting accolades and I gave them proper recognition (without a hint of jealousy mind you).

I couldn't help but think about that great scene from "Remember the Titans" when Wood Harris lets ole boy know about being on a "team." It so fit how I was feeling earlier. "You call THIS A TEAM?!?!?" Who knows maybe we'll end up yelling "Strong Side, Left Side" at some point ;-).

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