Friday, January 7, 2011

Sanaa vs Nia

"I couldn't keep it home, I thought I needed a Nia Long.
I'm trying to write my wrongs,
But it's funny these same wrongs helped me write this song"
- Kanye West

Sanaa Lathan. Nia Long. Which one would you choose? That is the question today readers. It's one I've been asking my friends on email, Facebook, instant messenger and other social outlets. And it's one I've where the choice is not one sided. Before I get into that, I should explain how I even got to this point.

The Best Man. Good not great movie. If you haven't seen it, then what the hell are you waiting on :-)? Kidding, I won't spoil it for you. But I was watching it and observing Taye Diggs' character. He's dating Sanaa Lathan but thinking about possibly hooking up with his college crush in Nia Long. I'm going damn oh to be in this man's shoes. So I happened to be on IM, saw Dope Boy King on and asked him if he had to choose, who would he take? And he said Nia. I responded I'm a Sanaa man. At that point, I was like wow that's interesting we would opt for the other for different reasons (he was in love with Nia from Boyz in the Hood, I liked Sanaa after Disappearing Acts). So I expanded the question to others and below I've included some sample responses.

- Nia Long, can appreciate a lady in the streets and a freak in the bedroom..., but still got love for Sanaa (just a cup of dripping hot sexiness) Lathan.

- Since I was a Nia supporter. Here is why I chose her over miss Sanaa....... Because she was supertight in Friday and Boyz N Da Hood when I was a young hormone horny teenager. Soulfood and Love Jones (especially) icing on the cake. Lol Done end of discussion.

- Nia! Sorry but I have yet to see Sanaa in her birthday suit in a movie! Unless I missed something....which I dont think I have!

- Although that's by far a tough one I'd have to go with Nia Long hands down. Partially due to the way she looks now. Thick and juicy like a popeys

- Sanaa. Nia seems a little high maintenance.

- Sanaa. What did it for me was her donkey in disappearing acts.

I should say the overall responses I got back had Sanaa winning but her responses were normally just "Sanaa" versus the Nia responses, I get a long explanation for why Nia. But on some of them, I got the good point of really does anyone lose in this case and say "no way". All I say is if you are a Nia supporter, at least I don't have to worry about you cock blocking me when I go after Sanaa.

Today's Lesson

Oh to be Taye Diggs :-). That's a tough call for any sane man and actually a GOOD scenario to be in. Because even you lose, you win in this case. The court will now rest....Feel free to post your own response :-)

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