Friday, July 9, 2010

Hulk Hogan

By now, you've heard the biggest story in America today. Nope not the Oscar Grant travesty (which honestly should be based on the jury's outcome). But about Prince James and his decision to take his game to South Beach. Personally, it's a good look for him. He gave up more money to opt for winning a title faster. What's not a good look for him is publicly using TV to announce his intentions (nor is his former boss' public email reaction).

As you know I'm a HUGE wrestling buff. And last night's news immediately took me back to the summer of 1996 when Hulk Hogan turned his back on the Hulkamaniacs and decided to form the New Wrestling Order. Or NWO. He gave the legdrop heard around the world on Randy Savage on Sunday night, then cut a fuckin' dope promo on Monday Night Nitro the following night. Lebron even had the black beard going like the fake one Hulkster sported on Monday night. All LBJ needed was the bad guitar riff in the background to complete the transformation.

All Prince James needs now is another special to cut his own promo "Tell the Lebronamaniacs and Lebron groupies to STICK IT BRUDDA!!" It's only fitting considering the epic fallout from his decision. And it would just validate my point about how wrestling like the 2010 NBA Free Agency bonanza has been. Enjoy the stroll down memory lane below...

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