Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Exhibit F

"B Waters hit me up on IM, said "What you waitin on?"
HaaL hit me up with a twitt, said "What you waitin on?"
D-Lo send a text every hour on the dot sayin
"When you gon write that post negro you taking long" - Honest Electronica

Today's post is inspired by a combination of Jay Electronica and my man B Waters. The latter was asking me today when was the next time I was gonna go on somebody. And I was like damn you know I actually got inspired from a recent conversation with a co-worker. It was so like what the fuck are you talking about that I said I need to speak on it. Then I was listening to "Exhibit C" this morning, got inspired, and said you know what, "Let's talk about that dumb conversation." So thanks B Waters, it's talk shit time b/c as you said the people need something REALLA ;-)

This message is for folks who live in ignorance. Ignorance of talking about something you know nothing about. To be clear about what I am saying, it's talking about a subject matter that you have yet to experience. So how can you talk adequately about it if you never experienced it before? Or even often a comparison? Still confused by what I am saying? Wondering if there is a puzzle? Likely means I am talking about YOU stupid....

The conversation I am referring to revolved around the subject of weddings and babies. This person apparently is in a lot of weddings this year and was commenting on the costs (traveling, gifts, wedding attire) of being in a wedding. I simply mentioned that's how it goes with your friends. The weddings happen in droves, then a few years later, the babies start coming in droves. So the person comes back with that weddings though probably cost more than having a baby. How does this person know that? Because they are single, have no kids, and apparently study hospital costs for having babies in their spare time to compare against wedding costs. Jigga What? Jigga Who? This is one of those what the fuck are you talking pimp? How can you speak on a subject you know little to nothing about?

But this is what I mean. This is a recent conversation. I have been in other conversations where people have talked about various things they don't know shit about (being married, being poor, being discriminated, getting advanced degrees, doing dirt, etc). Shit, I've been that person myself and had to realize Honest Man, shut the fuck up, you outta your zone. At least I recognize it though and worked on it. Some of ya'll mofos are in need of a reality slap because you start drinkin' that Kool Aid and feelin' ya self too hard. And for the record, I've been in situations where I had to attend a lot of weddings in one year AND had a baby. The latter is more expensive...even with insurance.

If you don't know anything about a particular topic, it's okay. It's not okay if you start talking like you an expert on the topic and don't know anything. Case in point, I don't know anything deep about the drug game. I've had plenty of family members knee deep in it, I've seen a drug raid from my grandma's house, and I've seen my peoples holding large wads of cash from doing dirt. Does that make me an expert? Hell naw. I've never seen naked hoes in a house measuring grams. I've never seen a real life transaction go down. And I've never seen any of my family members getting high on their own supply. So know I can't relate nor talk intelligently on the subject. And no, watching "The Wire" doesn't make an expert.

You wanna know what I can talk about? I can talk about being raised in a one parent household. I can talk about working, getting a degree, AND getting married at the same time. I can talk about dating (fried chicken, curry chicken, el pollo loco, project chick, stewardess, all but snow bunnies). I can talk about legal hustling to make those ends meet. And most importantly I can talk about if you get the money, you get the honey :-). But again, I try to stay in my zone. Going outside it opens me up to being clowned.

Today's Lesson

For the sake of everything that's right with the world, don't try to be an expert on shit you don't know about. Because that makes me liable to call you out for reckless stupidity. Now let me get back to household business and pay this high ass hospital bill for having a baby.

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