Friday, April 24, 2009

Ashton Kutcher

"You just got PUNK'D" - Ashton Kutcher to various celebrities after a prank

I know, I know, the Honest Man has deprived the loyal following of some good reading materials. The Honest Man has honestly been tired trying to adjust to doing the bidding of Corporate America during the day and watching my youngest kid during the night. If my job isn't sweating me about a deadline, then it's my son flipping out because he's hungry. Yea I know, you're like whatever dog, stop all that whining and just do your job :-).

Anyway, today's story focuses around my oldest son. When his brother was born, my oldest, TC, was expectantly jealous. He was throwing more tantrums to get attention and the People's Angry Stare wasn't having the same effect on him like it used to. However, thanks to the Honest Man doing his best Joe Jackson imitation, TC quickly straightened up. So after a few days of good behavior, I decided to reward him by taking him to a local kiddie play center.

If you have kids, you know about the kiddie play center. It's what we parents call a safe haven to let your rugrats wear him or herself out so that they will take a nap when you get home. To kids, it's heaven and a neverending ride of fun, at least until the evil parent says it's time to go. Anyway, I took my son there one Saturday morning, and typical the place is packed fill with equally energized kids and parents like me who say have at it child.

Now you know how kids can be. They will push and run over each other to get to the toys and rides they want. Some do it in a subtle manner where you say to yourself that's just kids being kids. Others do it in a malicious manner where you say if this lil muthafucka's parents don't come get this kid, I'm gonna beat him like he's my own. One particular child fell into the latter category.

TC was riding around in "his" car (I say his because he just took it and refused to share with others) and stumbled upon a play area with a toy wheel and wall puzzles. He got out of his car, ran up to the wheel and puzzles, and started playing. A bigger kid rolled up and also wanted to play with the toy. At first he subtletly pushed TC, but my son wouldn't budge. Then the kid took both his hands and pushed with all his force, knocking my son to the ground. Now I'm protective of my kids, so I quickly stuck my head in the area and sternly told the boy "NO, you don't do that." Keep in mind, I had to play the choir boy role b/c TC and me are the only ones of color at this play area.

When my son hit the ground, he didn't cry, he just looked shocked over what happened. He looked at the boy, then looked at me wondering what should he do. The Honest Man doesn't believe in violence but he ain't raising no punks either so I gave him the following advice. I said "TC, you march right back over there, take your toy back, and tell that boy NO HITTING, NO TOUCHING. I'll be damned if he didn't take my words to heart and did exactly what I said. The bigger kid shockingly backed down as he found something else to play with.

That something else was my son's "car" and TC quickly ran to the car to let the kid know what time it was. TC got in the car first and the bigger kid was trying to push him out. TC was having none of that, held his ground, and was pushing the kid out the car. I was getting ready to step in again when the kid's dad came over there and scolded his son for getting involved. I like to think in my mind, he backed up out of fear, thinking that us po' colored folks might act a fool in here and he didn't want trouble.

Bottom line, real recognize real and that was one of my proudest moments as a father. My son stood up to the bully and made sure he understood he ain't getting punk'd by nobody. (Sniff), I'm gonna cry....

Today's Lesson

Mess with the Honest Man and his clan all you want. We don't take ass whuppins, we give 'em especially when fools start trippin :-)

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let's take yo clan to Oakcliff and see how they do.