Thursday, April 2, 2009

School Daze

"In life, there are times to be quiet, to shut the fuck up. This is one of those times." - Grady (Bill Nunn), taken from "School Daze"

Do you have school pride? You heard the Honest Man's rant about his college in a recent post. I'm proud of where I went to school. No we weren't a sports school like say the University of Georgia, but with a student body of less than 5000, what do you expect? But for whatever reason, you come across the completely ignorant that are always trying to pull yo' card.

The Honest Man has an MBA (yes I izz smart). My class was full of people that I worked with and/or attended a big state school. These schools ranged anywhere from University of Texas to LSU. And as with most people that attend big schools, these cats were big on their sports, particularly football, basketball, and baseball.

I should make it known, growing up in the Southeast, I am a huge SEC football and ACC basketball man. I long for the days of Jefferson Pilot sports, where I would just watch all the conference action for either sport. Now I have to suffer with the local channels and watch this Big 12 bullshit all day e'day (yea I'm a hater). Anyway, my loyalty would be put to the test one day in class.

One Saturday morning, one of my study group members, a UT alumni, is mouthing off about his school playing Arkansas in a football game later in the day. He was going on and on about Arkansas and the SEC being a joke conference. I literally choked on my orange juice when he said it but I was like whatever. The reality was that season, Arkansas was one of the bottom feeders in the conference and UT was one of the elite Big 12 schools. But for the SEC conference remark, I was like I don't know what crack yo mama smoked when she had you but obviously she toked on the rocks too long. I forgot that since he was white that joke would go way oooover his head.

Anyway, fast forward to the game, Arkansas laid a whuppin on UT, in Austin no less. I was grinning ear to ear during lecture, just waiting for break time to pour some salt on his wounds. We get in the break area and I start egging him, like what happened to your boys, what's up with the SEC being garbage. We start going back and forth to the point where he ran out of material and came up with this zinger...'Does Morehouse even have a football program?'. My immediate response was 'When someone from your school gets a holiday named after him, you come holla at me.' Sarcastically, he was like who from your school has a holiday. I go 'Martin Luther King, ever heard of him?', equally sarcastic in tone. That shut that muthaphucka up REAL QUICK.

What kills me about this is that I've been in similar situations where folks like to play that card about my school. Seriously, you want to go into a battle of whose school is better using sports as the basis of your argument. Well if that's the route you want to take, the Honest Man is here, ready and able to verbally disarm you. Fuck a football field, let's take it to where it really matters. Yea you might have a Heisman winner but we got History Makers.

Today's Lesson

I hate to break it to you readers but the Honest Man is smarter than your average negro (Ain't that right Boo Boo!). And for my HBCU peeps, don't worry, I got blog waiting on fact vs fiction on attending HBCUs.

Let today's story be a lesson to all. One, the Honest Man ain't afraid of anybody and Two, Martin Luther King marched so that I could teach the dumb. Poetic Justic is a beeyotch!

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