Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Da Art of Storytelling Part '94

"You better go and get, the hump, up out your back now
It's about four, or five, cats off in my 'Llac now
We just, shoot, game in the form of story rap now
It's like that now, it's like that now" - Outkast

The Honest Man went to school in Atlanta. That school was the Mighty MIGHTY Morehouse College, home of the pimps, playas, mackdaddies (EAST POINT), which meant our school was the joint. That's right we everywhere. Martin Luther King. Samuel L Jackson. Spike Lee. David Satcher. Edwin Moses. And of course yours truly (cue applause) ;-). Ok that's my school pride rant for the decade...Enjoy it

I brought up the above as the intro to the following story. Before I officially started at Morehouse, I attended two summer pre-freshmen programs to get credits (yea I was an egghead). During the 2nd program, I hooked up with my one and only girlfriend in college (we lasted a year), and made history with the Infamous Voltron Clique (Rev. Dr Page, Big Mike, Ice Cold, Gangsta D). Anyway, coming from South Cack, I would find out shortly how much different ATL was than my hometown.

1994. Freshman week. During the day, we had to wear long sleeve shirts with ties during the day. Our dorms had NO air condition. To put it in perspective, it's August in Hotlanta, which means it's averaging mid 90s every day. It was so hot, I swore the devil was constantly in my room laughing at me when I get in the for the evening. But I, along with my bruhs, got through it, and the end of the week, it turns out there was going to be a party at the downtown Radisson.

That party was a lot of first for me. First time I took a shuttle bus to a party. First time I ever had security search me for weapons before entering a party. First time I attended a party without parental supervision. First time I paid for a party ($5). First time I seen a chick hit a dude upside the head with Heinenken bottle. First time I seen a dude get smashed over the head with a chair. And most importantly, the first time I would party with my college friends.

The party scene inside the hotel was thick. Even though I had a shortie, I'm not Stevie Wonder, I can see there are shorties galore in the house. And I don't mean just average looking chicks either. You had Outkast (pre ATliens and other albums) in the building and they actually performed a few cuts off their first album. Sans the above mentioned incidents, there was a lot of love in the room with a lot of us starry eyed and geeked being in da ATL. Little did we know there was a MAJOR reason for us getting searched outside.

Around 1:30am or so, my entourage decides they want to leave and beat the rush for the shuttle bus back home. We get outside and see other folks had the same idea. So we start walking slowly over the bus line to get our spot. In the distance, I faintly hear a sound like firecrackers going off but it seemed like whomever had them, had a gang of them. The sound starts getting closer, and I start to realize those ain't no muthafuckin firecrackers, those are gunshots ringing out. It was confirmed seconds later by someone screaming "DRIVE BY" at the top of their lungs. Neither me nor my crew knew what to do but fucking run like crazy. Gangsta D is 6'4, 200lbs. That 'bama ran like a damn gazelle running away from a lion to find cover. Shit, he was outrunning me. Fortunately, he, myself, my girl, and others found refuge around the corner.

Minutes later, the shots stopped, and everyone outside noticed the bus was still there but no more line. We all dashed like crazy to get on the bus and get the hell out of dodge. I remember holding my girl's hand, telling her "don't let go" as we ran to the bus. By the time we got to the bus, that joint was packed like sardines. Literally as I'm on the steps, the bus driver closes the door, but with one problem. My girl's arm is stuck there. I plead to the bus driver to let her on but he's like look in the back. yea that bus is full and there is one seat left. So I quickly took a seat, he cracked the door just enough for her to pull her arm back, closed it quickly, and took off for campus. My boy Blahzay was like "Yo man, you just gon' leave your girl back there like that." I was like "Shit ain't no point in both of us getting shot."

Today's Lesson

I told you last time I needed Jesus but in that case, I needed him, the Father, and the Holy Spirit LOL. Now, I did wait for her back at campus, did my best TLC imitation (Baby, Baby, Baby) and we were all good soon after (The art of pimping comes in a separate blog).

On a grander scale, that historical party would set the tone for my ATLien experience. Just fabolous times. Shit I need a tissue, I think I got something in my eye.


Gangsta D said...

Greatest. Party. Ever.

All I remember is, someone said "Right on to the real and death to the fakers." Then all Hell broke loose. And yeah, I was hauling more ass than Minnie's Meat Market:)

LJ said...

Boy you are OFF the charts! GREAT Story! LMMFAO!