Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I need Jesus

The Honest Man is semi-back from baby hiatus. I haven't hit the Internet full-time yet but when I have those moments where sleep is not available AND I'm not delirious (and truss sleep is definitely for losers in this house right now...I see you Puff), then I will jot down thoughts. But one came to me during a night of changing poopy diapers for like forever....

The Honest Man actually has a funny story for you. As I mentioned, my second child was born last week. During our hospital day, we repeatedly had nurses coming in and out of the room for all sorts of things. One of the times, the lactation consultant (yea it's a real title) was in the room, was rambling on and on, and got on the subject of women and pregnancy. She looked at me and said "You men don't understand how difficult pregnancy is. I wonder why God did this to women".I retorted "Do you want me to find the Bible verse for you?" ;-)

Today's Lesson

One, the Honest Man is an ass when he doesn't get his sleep. Two, don't ask questions if you don't want the truth. Three, I truly need Jesus.

At least the people in the room, including the Honest Woman, were laughing their asses off :-)


Gangsta D said...

That's the Sean I know!!!! LOL

Dope Boy King said...

Sometimes a good "Why are you talking?" is sufficient to shut down random questions