Thursday, March 5, 2009

Songs in the Key of the Honest Man's Life - Through The Wire

The self-proclaimed Louis Vitton Don has cranked out hit after hit since he hit the scene in '02. Back then he was cocky, confident, Rocafella member that loved his mama. Now's he's a cocky, confident, Rocafella member that loves his mama and has a horrible hairdo (the shag was retired with New Edition and should stay that way).

Anyway, back when this song dropped, I was working in an on-call role and working on my master's degree. One particular semester, I was taking Financial Management II and we had this big Final that involved me calculating like crazy. I popped this Kanyeezy joint in the deck on my way to class and got super crunk in the car. During the exam, I just kept playing this song in my head and got crunk, tapping my feet on the ground. Yeezy, I cant hate on you for 808s because if you hadn't drank that boost for breakfast, I wouldn't have gotten that A. God Bless You!

Kanye West - Through the Wire

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