Sunday, March 15, 2009

Reader's Choice - Bathroom Whuppins

Good day readers! The Honest Man got a request from his lawyer, Ryan Berkowitz, to talk about the following story.

"In 2006, Cathleen Schandelmeier-Bartels was working as a cultural program coordinator at the South Shore Cultural Center, a Chicago Park District facility. Schandelmeier-Bartels alleged in the lawsuit that she was fired because she reported to the Illinois Department of Children and Family Service and the police that the 6-year-old's aunt beat him in the park district bathroom."

Let me get this right....a white lady reports a whupping because she does not believe spankings are necessary. She gets fired because she believes she reported the ass whupping, which her superior told her was a black thing. She sues the center and wins because the jury sides with her on whuppings and thinks race played a factor. Where do I even start :-)?

My Thoughts - I'm from the old school where if you acted a fool in public, then not only did your parents get in your ass but so did the neighborhood. Also in school, teachers were allowed to hand out whuppings if yo' ass got out of line. But somewhere along the trendy 90s, it became taboo to hit children. People crying "It's not right to hit kids", "No hitting", or some other bullshit like that. Then when that same child, whose only form of punishment as a youth was time-out or no TV, turns into a good for nothing-bad grades getting-parent back-talking, couch-sleeping, lazy muthafucka, who's to blame? Why the parents of course.....

The writing on the wall was there for the kid in this article. Written up six times in ONE summer for bad behavior. If the boy's mother is sending backup to handle this, you know it's a wrap for him. The aunt did what I would do with my own son (which I have), which is take him somewhere supposedly private, and get "handle business."

As for the race thing, I hate the center played that card. It's not so much a race thing because I know plenty of black parents that do not believe in spankings and plenty of white parents that do believe in spankings. It's more how one person was raised versus the other. Like Chris Rock, I'm not saying you should put a belt to a child's behind but if he/she is out of control then "I understand."

The fact that this lady copped 200K for this is unfuckingbelievable. But then again, about 20 years ago, a lady won a suit against McDonald's for spilling hot coffee on herself because she said the coffee was too hot. And the jury believed her....Go Figure.

Today's Lesson

There are some ignorant people in this world. I would say that this lady is one but considering she bagged 200K for snitching on her peers, the only ignorant ones are the people running the center for allowing this to happen. Next time, have evidence ready!

Secretly I hope that 6 yr old turns into a hoodlum and robs this lady at gunpoint, screaming "Remember when you said don't spank me muthafucka, well what about now? Gimme the Loot". Betcha she'll wish that aunt would have continued LOL.

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