Friday, March 6, 2009

Beware of a Hungry Girl

Are you familiar with the term freshman 15? It's what they tell incoming college students about how much weight they should expect to add during their freshman year. Well that rule applies actually throughout college and post college as you see plenty of folks, including yourself putting on extra luggage. Well today, I'm going to discuss another term called Hungry Girl. The term is pretty self explanatory and it was coined by one of my boys. Sadly, the term came about from me dating a female that turned into this phrase and I'm going to share my story today.

Back in college I was dating this girl and apparently she had been putting on some pounds. I say apparently because I was not aware of it but my homeboys were. My roommate was like man, your girl is turning into a Hungry Girl. Of course, I'm angry and sensitive to those words so I'm like you do not know what you are talking about trick. you just a hater. He tried to break it down to me, saying all 'I'm saying is everytime she come over here now, our food supply be going down like crazy.' He was like 'look at those donuts you bought. Them joints is almost full of crumbs.' Still unconvinced and trying to save face, I'm like 'Man she doesn't like what they serving in the cafeteria.' His eyes got real big, this devious smile comes across his face and he's like 'Alright let's put it to the test. Let's see if she is hungry.' He was going to test and prove his theory.

So this was the plan. My roommate and I would order a pizza, eat the whole thing between ourselves, and leave the empty box on the bed. I also would call ole girl to come over later to kick it, and like a mouse to cheese, we were going to see if this mouse would take this cheese. Keep in mind, I specifically asked her if she had eaten already before she came over and she said yes, just finished eating and is full. That was approx. 5:45pm. She comes over around 6:15pm, with both my roommate and I there. She sees the box and for the first 15-30 mins she was cool. But out of nowhere "Do you guys mind if I have some pizza?" If you could have saw the expression on my roommate's face, it was priceless. This mofo seriously was trying to hold himself together from dying of laughter. And me, I'm just in a state of shock, like this chick really is indeed a Hungry Girl. And what it worse when she opened the box and saw it was empty. It was like her dog had died. Maaannn how could it be, some food took my girl from me, now that she is gone, I'm so alllll alone, man my girl is Hun-gry (UHHHHHHH)

Today's Lesson

I know I am going to Hell for this and I plead with God to have mercy on me LOL.

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Oluwaseyi said...

hungry homeboy is even worse!always coming thru eating ur find.. dont be asking..just go str8 to the fridge..drinks all ur kool aid and beer.