Sunday, November 29, 2009

We're all in the same gang - Vol. 2

Here is the beginning of my post. Earlier this month the Honest Man hit you with the first wave of essential jams for the progression of the black man. I'm back with the second batch and the theme is focused on Knowledge of self.

Wake up (Reprise)

A definite must for any black man that needs some knowledge and wisdom on the wicked ways of the world. I first heard this as an early teen and was just captivated by Brand Nubian's lyricism. Definitely has you thinking about what you doing with your life and how the evil forces can try to get you to do the wrong things in life...MURDERAH!!

Fire and Earth

To the east my brotha, to the east...Another good knowledge of self song from the same era as "Wake up". X Clan may have overdid it with the physical appearance but there's no denying the message in their music. Pay careful attention young bruhs to what they are saying because my nation is protected by some pro-black (negroes). LOL, yea the Honest Man isn't going there on this post

Git up Git Out

This was a true combination of the Honest Man's makeup: From the south and conscious thinking. Outkast's been spittin messages since '93 and they were the first group from the South to include these types of messages in their raps. Like the Honest Man, while they are about having a good time, they also understand you got to do something do, cain't just be getting high all the time. Cuz you and I got to do for you and I....

My Philosophy

The Honest Man was an academic nerd. But growing up, you had folks doubting how smart the Honest Man was because of skin color. And lawd don't ever let the Honest Man have an opinion. It was like I was blasphemous for challenging the 'system.' This song clearly represents my thought against old time thinking.

True to the Game

A message to the Oreo Cookie, find a mirror, take a look G, do you like what you see. Do you get this black man? No matter how high you climb, how many mountains you move, you need to stay grounded, remember where you came from, and who you are at all times. Because they will quickly knock you down as fast you stand up. Get it?

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