Friday, November 13, 2009

In need of some MORE hugs

Man I thought giving out hugs back in September was good enough for the year but no less than 2 months later, another week of back to back foolishness. Different folks, same strokes, HUGS for everyone!!

Monday - Katt Williams falling off the pimp wagon. He starts off the week getting arrested for burglarizing the home he was a guest in. As in he stole from the house of a friend he was staying. I wish it were not so but considering that ugly incident earlier this year in South Cack, anything's possible right

Tuesday - Lil Boosie trying to look tough but ended up looking stupid. Get this he was going to jail for possession of marijuana and illegally carrying a firearm. Originally was a 10 yr bid, judge took pity reduced it to 2 yrs, along with house arrest. Dude violates his house arrest repeatedly, new judge oh you think this is a game? Doubles the sentence like Jesus doubled bread and fish. He's going to prison for 4 years for this??? Oh yea it's his first conviction. BRILLIANT

Wednesday - Iron Mike re-enacts his scene from the Hangover at LAX. To be fair it's still being debated if he did it to defend his daughter or if he simply just initiated with the paparazzi. Regardless, it's Iron Mike, so you know anything he does physical, gets extra attention. That face tattoo doesn't endear him to the folks that decide his fate either ya dig!

Thursday - GUCCI! Ah yea Mister make the trap say AYE man just got busted for violating his parole. For not doing community service?!?! Tell me you got caught with some grams. Tell me that you were fighting outside 112 because you were fucking with Hollywood Cole in the parking lot. But don't tell me you going back to prison cuz you too good for showing up to tell the kids, don't (screw) up like me.

Honorable Mention - Someone needs to give that serial killer in Cleveland a hug but it won't be the Honest Man. I don't want to be #12 under his house. And I need the hip hop community to pray for 50 cent. He's decided he doesn't want to fight in his weight class anymore and step up to the heavyweight decision to battle Jigga. And he's got Beanie as his manager.

Today's Lesson

We got to get it together people. I mean our hugs have to be strong enough to squeeze the stupidity out of them. Otherwise we will be back here, same Honest man time, same Honest man channel!

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