Monday, September 14, 2009

In need of a hug

I don't know if it was due to Blueprint 3 dropping on Friday or what but some of our people are in need of a hug. Here's what happened over the course of 3 days...

Friday - His Airness' HOF induction speech. If you missed it, man I'm talking SERIOUS backhanded compliments. From the callout of "the little guy" (Jeff Van Gundy) to flying in the dude that he was passed over for in high school, Jordan spared very few.

Saturday - Mz Fat Booty aka Serena Williams having a public meltdown....during the US Open semis. First it started with the racket throwing during the 1st set. Then it got ugly, real ugly, during the 2nd set when she got into it with the line judge

Sunday - Kanye's outburst at the MTV Awards. He ran up on stage during someone else's award presentation to say that Beyonce's Single Ladies should have won, then dashed off the stage. What's wrong with just blogging that??

Honorable mention - for Lil Mama almost ruining a classic live performance by Jay Z and Alicia Keys (Empire State of Mind) by running up on stage. B list talent trying to act like you A list. It would be like Soulja Boy running onstage during a Michael Jackson/Janet Jackson performance to show off his dance. I'm just saying....

Today's Lesson

Give these folks a hug peeps, they need it....The Honest Man is wondering who's next :-). But regardless, he's here to give them hugs too LOL.

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