Thursday, September 3, 2009

Daily Thoughts

I have a friend from college that works at the same company as me. One day she im'ed me and told me she was on a conference call and one of our co-workers asked her about how her family was doing. What's so interesting about that you say? Well for the simple fact that ole boy confused her with my wife and asked my friend how's your husband (the Honest Man) doing. Keep in mind ole boy is of hispanic background and should know better than to loop us all colored folks together like that.

So I relayed to her that next time he says something silly like that, you should say "Here's the 20 dollars I owe you for cutting my lawn last Saturday." Bet'cha he won't forget again ;-)

Today's Lesson

Yep, I know that comeback is fucked up on so many levels but what's more fucked up is you laughing at the comeback. MESSAGE!

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Chicagoflygirl said...

OHHH SNAP!!! OUCH!! I didn't even see that one coming...that was quite harsh!...and NO, I am NOT laughing...(anymore)