Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Cookie Monster

"C is for cookies and that's good enough for MEEEE....." - Cookie Monster

The Honest Man loves cookies. I like to take fresh dough, mix in my favorite ingredients, put them in the oven, and watch the goodness that unfolds. Sometimes though I bake my cookies a lil too long, burning a few in the process, and unfortunately have to throw them away. But the ones that stay fresh, I stash those in my cookie jar so I can eat them over and over. I'm selfish about my cookies though and I don't like anyone putting their hands in my cookie jar.

Before the Honest Man became a Married man, I also loved women. And I always compared my dating experiences to baking cookies. Meeting a woman for the first time is fresh dough, the favorite ingredients is Honest talk, putting them in oven is going on the date, and I liked to watch the goodness unfold ;-). But like cookies, sometimes you can get "burned" by a woman because you "cooked" (dated) them too long, and unfortunately you have to "throw" (drop) them away. But the ones that stay "fresh" (stay in good standing), I stash those in my "cookie jar" (the Honest Man's rotation) so I can "eat" (keep dating) over and over again. But like my cookies, I'm selfish about my women and I don't like dudes putting their hands in my cookie jar. You wit me so far ;-)

No dude should ever put his hand in his homeboy's cookie jar. Let me repeat that. NO DUDE should EVER put his hand in his boy's cookie jar. I'm cut from the old school cloth where dudes don't date an ex. I'm not talking that bullshit where your boy had a crush on some chick but never took a swing at the plate because he was too shy or too corny on some ice cream and puppies foolishness. I'm talking that your boy either dated the girl for a good minute or got them drawas. It's that simple....

I hear you saying oh yea how would you know Honest Man, have you ever been tested? Actually jabroni, if you paid attention to the above sermon you shouldn't even be questioning that but I see you still sleeping. One story that comes to mind is my boy had a chick he was with for a minute that I became friends with. They had been broken up for at least a year and not even on speaking terms. I'm not gon front, shortie was fine but the FIRST thing I thought about was my boy. And I thought about how I would react if he were to do that to an ex of mine. To make matters worse, ole girl was dropping game and hints all day to me, culminating to the following conversation.

GIRL: "Hey what'chu doing right now?"
HM: "Working, likely taking a half day. Prbly will go home and take a nap."
GIRL: "You wanna come take a nap with me?"
HM: (Silence)

The devil is alive always and I constantly feel him breathing. But I thought with the right head in this case and told her no, I don't get down like that. I explained to her that her ex is my boy and that game recognize game. She at least understood but since she knew she I didn't want her cookies, the game changed completely and ultimately so the communication ceased.

The Honest Man can't roll like that. I work too hard in baking my cookies to watch you wait until all the hard work is done and you come in like a thief in the night to take what's wrongfully yours. Go bake your own cot damn cookies!!

Today's Lesson

Don't be that dude. I mean if you say my friend and do something as dirty as trying to get in my cookie jar, why in the world would I ever trust you to do something else for me? You get it, you got it, you know it's good, the blogs I write, you wish you could :-).


Gangsta D said...

What if your boy says, "You know, you two look good together. Go ahead, I don't mind." Is he genuine, or is it a trick? lol

Great Waldini said...

A trick a trick!! LOL