Sunday, September 13, 2009

Songs in the Key of the Honest Man's Life - Militant Edition

Back in high school, some of the white kids called me militant. That's because they would say things like "You don't talk black" and I would reply "What's talkin' black?". And I would always get on my philosophical soapbox about there's no such thing as that, stop watching BET as your source for Black people, yada yada yada. I didn't make matters easier by rocking my Public Enemy "It takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us back" sweatshirt at soccer practice, complete with red Umbro shorts and socks to support the movement :-).

Which brings me to today's choice. Public Enemy. Fight the Power. I don't know what got me more crunk from 1989-93 than the kickoff lyric of "NINETEEEN EIGHTY NINE/A number/Another summer (get down)/Sounds of the funky drummer" That was my shit back in the day. I'm talking that I'm wrong person to fuck wit today type motivation. Tests, sporting events, dates, it didn't matter, I listened to this. And with that, I share my motivation for today.

Public Enemy - Fight The Power

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