Thursday, September 10, 2009

Que Pasa!!

"Badges? We don't need no stinkin' badges" - Mexican Bandit in Blazing Saddles

I don't know what makes them love it, I don't know why they crave it, and I don't give a shit about either but it's got to stop white people. And I'm talking about you always wanting to get Mexican food. It doesn't matter if it's Spring Bling, hot fun in the Summer, cold as balls winter, but you always asking me about going to get Mexican food. And the Honest Man is sick of it...

For starters, it's not authentic Mexican food. It's friggin' Tex Mex or some other knockoff of it. You honestly think Mexicans are eating fajitas, rice with peas, and refried beans every day. Oh hell no. Think about this, how many Mexicans do you see eating in On the Border, Don Pablo's, El Chico or some other bullshit wanna be Mexican restaurant. And I mean as a patron not the ones in the back cleaning dishes that get the stuff discounted. Hmm, makes you wonder doesn't it.

Second, why are you persistent in me going to places that serve only margaritas and Mexican named beers like Dos Equis and Corona? Can a brotha get a white russian in a clean glass. It's like they look at the calendar, see it's Friday, and automatically assume it's margarita night. So you end up picking the margarita spot...except you do it every Friday. I like my margaritas from time to time (I see you El Patio and Cabo's in Houston) but damn not every fucking Friday.

Lastly, from now on, if you start talking about going to Mexico, I'm going to start asking you if you are from Mexico. Maybe that will offend you but my goal is get you to stop talking about going to get Mexican food. Can we get some options? Asian, French, Caribbean, Soul, etc all are decent choices. But stop this silly shit about "craving enchiladas and burritos."

Today's Lesson

You're not from Mexico and neither am I. How would you feel if I were in your face every day about going to Sylvia's to eat. Uh huh, you would get sick of it. Class dismissed.

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