Monday, November 16, 2009

Fat Chance

The Honest Man was grocery shopping the other day and couldn't but notice this obese lady walking up and down the aisle. You're probably ok Honest Man what's so unusual about that, I see fat people all the time. Well what struck me was that this lady had opened up a bag of chips that she was planning to the store!!

My mind is going is it that crucial that you could not wait to eat that bag until you got home. Or at least in your car. I mean she literally was picking food off the shelf while stuffing her face with chips. You already know the Honest Man's take on snacking. I'm just going could you at least act like you care about what goes in your mouth. At why not some fruit or vegetables?? Why does it have to be the stuff that will put your closer in the grave :-)

Today's Lesson

I'm hoping for her sake, she at least didn't eat the plastic too :-). But America this is bad. Like real bad, real bad Michael Jackson. And it has the Honest Man, real mad real mad Joe Jackson. Yep and for those who are reading and going wow, he's wrong. No she's wrong for what she's doing. I love chicken but you don't see me walking in the grocery store eating a leg now do you ;-)

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