Sunday, November 16, 2008


Point #1 - Fat Free

Many times I see people buy fat free cookies, fat free ice cream, anything-you-know-you-should-not-be-eating that is fat free. I am here to set the record straight people. There is no such thing as fat free. If you want to know what fat free cookies taste like, remove cookies out of the equation. Then you truly will have something that is fat free. I'm sorry people but if I see another person debating between which fat free ice cream sandwich package has the most calories, I am going to walk up behind that person and slap the packages out of his/her hands. Then I am going to take them over to the vegetable section and tell them to eat some celery or carrot sticks. That along with the 2 Ws (water and walking) will help you lose that weight. Not this bullshit about eating fat free stuff.

The other thing that drives me absolutely up the wall is when I go to places that serve greasy food. How in the hell are you gonna order a value meal, super size it, and then ask for a diet drink? That is just bad logic to me and I will never understand it. Again, remove greasy food from the equation and just walk. Eat some salad, drink some water, run a few laps and call it a day. McDonald's can't say save you man.

Point #2 - Fat Kids

People, there's an epidemic that's sweeping the nation right now and it's bigger than cancer, AIDS, or any of the other so-called big diseases out there. That's right, I'm talking about fat kids. I don't know when it started or how it happened but America has a LARGE amount of kids that are fat and out of shape. I saw a little boy the other day wheezing and bending over from just walking to mailbox from his house. That's barely 20 feet!! What the hell, am I being overly mean or hard on these kids? History says hell no.

The problem is most of these kids are lazy. Back in the day, I remember my mother, father, grandmother, etc would force us to go outside and play all day until it got dark. Now parents are letting play station and Xbox run these kids' lives. They come from school and immediately go to playing video games. All that sitting and they are not burning off any of the energy. Do me a favor, unplug the system, hide it, and tell your kid that if he/she doesn't lose 20 pounds in 20 days, then the system is going to the pawn shop. I guarantee those kids will be moving around more.

Today's Lesson

Some feeding your fat face and walk. Damn, it aint that difficult. And I don't want to hear those excuses about it's harder for you to lose weight because of some family gene. That's just an excuse for you don't want to get your lazy ass out the bed and do something about your life. But if you are content with your shape, then don't get sensitive when people crack on you.


Gangsta D said...

Whatever dude. Fiber One makes some bomb ass snacks. I'm a Fiber One whore. I eat their pop tarts like Pookie smokes crack.

Great Waldini said...

Get yo ass up and walk :-)