Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Point #1 - Guys

“Man, there are no hot chicks in (insert location)!” – Today’s average male

There are some males out there that are currently living in a fantasy world. Their fantasy world is comprised of themselves and bunch of other folks who are blessed to be breathing the same air as the individual. In my short time on this earth, I have met and/or hung out with dudes who believe they are entitled the best, especially when it comes to dating. NEWS FLASH, you are entitled to nothing. I have some classic examples of situations where I felt these individuals needed a reality check.

I used to take the bus to work back in the day. One day, I remember riding home on the bus with one of my co-workers. He was vocal about his perceived notion that our company had no decent looking women. He was going on and on about him and his buddies’ comments about so-called “ugly chicks” until I could not take it anymore. I asked him what the females think about him and his buddies. He paused for a moment, then responded that these females probably think the guys are just as ugly as the guys think the girls are. The purpose of my questions was to have my co-worker really think about what he was saying, especially since he was balding early at a young age. He needed to take a look in the mirror before making comments about ANY female, regardless of our company.

Another scenario where I have encountered this type of thought was during graduate school. Many of the males routinely criticized the lack of eye candy in class. Their comments were often and on a consistent basis. Let me get this right, you are balding, overweight male with chronic bad breath and you have the audacity to demand better looking females in class. I think before you start making bold statement about girls, you need to get your self together first. My thing, I know for a fact if there were indeed “hot chicks” in our class, these guys would have kept quiet anyway and not did a thing. Plus it’s graduate school people…at this stage in our life, we should not be motivated by the opposite sex to stay interested in class.

Point #2 - Gals

I'm an equal opportunist so I believe the same speech is needed for my females out there. Some of you are living in a fantasy world right now. You believe that you are entitled to a good man, who has a good job, who lives a good life, and will you treat you good forever. For starters, you ain't entitled to shit. A good man worked hard to get to where he is so what you makes you any different. There is no way a good man will share his hard-earned wealth with a gold digger who cannot take care of herself.

FACT #1 - There are more women on earth than men. Knowing those odds, I am willing to take a chance on a woman because I know if she says no, her friend will say yes. Why do I know this? Because it's math stupid and I cannot lose. So while are you are thumbing down your nose at me thinking I am not worthy of your treasure, know that your friend is getting hers and you could have been in that position. Women need to understand the law of probability.

FACT #2 - You cannot have your cake and eat it too. Some women love to pump that Destiny Child's Independent women bullshit but trust at the end of the night they are dependent on the man for some things. You don't believe me then think about this, when a man and a woman go out on a date who is expected to pay? And if the man decides not to pay, do you think the woman will go out with him again? But I guess the rules are different for dating, huh? That sounds like bullshit to me. Guys, here's some advice. The next time a woman starts talking that "Are you gonna buy me a drink" or "Are you gonna pay for my dinner" foolishness, just start singing "The shoes on your feet, you bought 'em, the clothes you're wearing, you bought 'em, because I depend on me". Singing this song reminds them what they told you in the beginning. They are independent women.

Today's Lesson

The lesson here is that people have flaws and tend to talk out the side of their mouth when it comes to the opposite sex. Take my advice, know your limitations and lower your expectations. Trust me, if you want high quality men or women, you better be making high quality money or hope that the other person is blind.

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