Sunday, November 30, 2008

Happy Hour

I enjoy the occasional white russian and/or rum punch and/or Hurricane and/or Heinenken...okay you get the point, Waldini likes to drink. And I enjoy these drinks in a social setting like Happy Hour. These two are great meeting points for the minds to get together and shoot the shit. Unfortunately sometimes people and places have a way of screwing that up.

Point #1 - Co-workers

If I had a nickel for every time I went to happy hour with co-workers and actual work was the topic of discussion, I’d be a millionaire. I do not know if it’s lack of personality, a decision to not discuss non-work items, or that simply you live for work but it has to stop. I did not work 50 plus hours in a week to discuss shop for another 2 plus hours. Please talk about something more interesting like the good looking woman in accounting or else SHUT THE HELL UP. If we are off the clock, why would you want to bring up work in a social setting? Exactly my point, you are talking about something you hate which makes no sense. You’re turning my hour into an unhappy hour with all this bullshit about how rough the week was or how the boss is being a dick, etc.

Point #2 - Location

Equally as bad as talking about work is the choices where my co-workers select for happy hours. Hey stupid, if you live in a big city, it’s guaranteed there are places in town that have drink specials, appetizers specials, or both. Stop picking the spots that charge FULL price for drinks during happy hours and only offer bar peanuts as snacks. I’m consider myself a Happy Hour connoisseur and I’ve been places where they offer you $2 you call it (the good liquor) and have buffet lines that serve steak and chicken. Geez, I feel like I have to educate the clueless on the best spots for truly unwinding after a hard week. Again, if I’m spending over $6 a drink during Happy Hour, which means it’s truly an unhappy hour for me. Can I go home now?

Today's Lesson

The next time your co-workers ask you about Happy Hour, lie and say you are headed to Bible study or something along those lines. One, it ensures they won't ask you out again b/c they feel you are more like Ned Flanders and less like Homer Simpson. Two, you then can set up happy hour at a spot YOU like and invite people YOU like. You know ones that talk about more important shit like why does Jeff''s breath stank all the time....

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Anonymous said...

ROFLMAO!!!! Waldini you are a TRIP! This is oh so right. Lord knows I've had my work drama, but I have NOT talked about it at Happy Hour!!!!!