Monday, December 1, 2008

Entertainment - Hip Hop Music

Let me first say my favorite form of music is and always will be hip hop. I listen to a lot of other types of music but rap has always been first in my heart. That said, I am close to abandoning hip hop. The quality has suffered since the golden era of the late 80s to early 90s. And when I say suffer, I mean I'm hearing songs from cats comparing women to candy. Has hip hop fallen that far? Most of the artists today aren't original and I swear all of them used to deal drugs. Their saving light was rap and got them off the streets. That is one of the dumbest things I have heard. So if rap didn't work for you, all you got is the streets. Muthafucka, get a job and earn the money the hard way like other people.

I'm at the point that I am ready to record "Get your knees dirty" or "Wash your mouth out" and get paid big time dollars to make an ass out of myself. Hell, I might even called my kids "Lil Kibbles N Bits", find some nursery song, create a song, and make millions off them.

The worse thing I ever heard was when a rapper came on one of those rap shows and the host asked him "What makes you different than the other artists out there?" The rapper had the audacity to say "I keep it gangsta more than the others out there, yo." Hey stupid, you ever heard of NWA? They were the first rap group/act to do gangsta music therefore what you are doing isn't different from they were doing in 1988.

Today's Lesson

The sad part is hip hop is making more money today off bullshit songs than off the quality that was produced in the golden era. And the quality that does exist today, you have to dig for it through various channels like,,, etc. Aw hell, I guess I should just buy a extra large pair of pants, put on some designer something, and crack open a 40 oz. Crappy rap I embrace you....HOORAY BEER


Sonar said...

I do completely agree with you that what the current pop charts declare rap music as, needs to change. The music has completely digressed from what rap is and the meanings behind it. In fact, I call it “ring-tone tunes” or “ring-tone rap” if you will. The funny thing is once people become exposed to the four basic elements of Hip Hop, I mean really become exposed to them, then they do not want to hear, or be a part of that crap that is passed as rap ever again.

Great Waldini said...

Yep, there are a few commercial artists I'll support like Kanye, Jigga, 'Kast, etc but everyone else...naw like PE use to say "Cant Truss it, oh no no no"