Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Honestly Must See TV

Network television has not been the same since golden age of the 80s when Cosby Show, Roseanne, Cheers, Family Ties, and others dominated the airwaves. Most of the shows now are copying MTV's reality blueprint and hoping to cash in on the latest, greatest reality idea. You have shows where people get covered in worms for money, strangers backstabbing on each other while living in a house for money, etc. Hell what's next? I tell you what, I'm creating a show called "The Homeless" where people have to be homeless for a month. Whoever lasts the longest gets $4 in change, a free Happy Meal, and most importantly, a LONG shower complete with full scrubbing. You don't think it will make money? I've guess you've never watched any of the VH1 shows.

Television is also in desperate need of originality. There is too much follow the leader and not enough trailblazers out there. Maybe I do not understand the politics behind how a television script or show gets approved but I do know one thing. More and more folks are watching HBO than watching NBC and it's not because HBO shows allow cursing (okay well maybe part of it is). Cable allows writers to be more creative with their thoughts and hence original ideas. Do not get me wrong. Not every show on cable is great (please note my VH1 reference above). But ask yourself this, what are the 5 best shows on network TV? What are the 5 best shows on cable TV? Which side is better? Uh huh, I figured you see things my way.

Today's Lesson

I'm not going to elaborate on my resolutions because I'm not giving away all my advice for free but I will give you a start. Most males watch a lot of sports, t&a, guns, murder and mayhem. Most women watch home decorating, cooking shows, soap operas, and stories that may you cry. Most kids watch cartoons. If you need more help in figuring what to do, you're in the wrong business, jabroni! Do the math and go make me something that I would watch.

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