Monday, December 8, 2008

Waldini's Logic - Part III

Well the epic concludes for now with this post. Enjoy but don't fret, I'm pretty sure I'll have more Tales of the Logically Impaired.

Oh do not think Waldini only debates with Baby Boomers. I also enjoy ‘conversation’ with members of my own generation. Everyone is different and definitely entitled to their own opinion. But again, I find myself thinking “Are you listening to what you are saying?” and then having to play dickhead mode just to show them how silly they sound.

For example, I was in high school during the Rodney King incident. I remember the day after it happened, I went to school and one of my peers goes “Ya’ll need to let that go.” Interesting, a person gets beat up by 6 cops on camera, the cops go to trial, and the jury decides they are not guilty. Right, simply let that go. Anyway, I ignored that completely ridiculous comment and carried on. But again, here I go to Algebra class and another jabroni starts it back up.

He’s going on and on about King being high on PCP and that’s why the cops beat him. Keep in mind, he didn’t say that Rodney attacked the cops (which he didn’t) or said something derogatory (which he didn’t) to merit that ass whuppin. In his mind, since he did drugs, he deserved the beating. So I said at the parties where you guys get drunk, should you get your ass whupped? Because technically alcohol is a drug and not only are you guilty of underage drinking, you probably will be driving home which makes you guilty of driving under the influence. He gives me the response “well that’s different.” Yea it was different all right. No cop is busting up in your shindig to give you a public beating. Completely stupid but you cannot make this stuff up.

Today's Lesson
The message here I was trying to get across is just be mindful of what you say and think before you speak. The best way to combat ignorance is with intelligence. And in this case, not a whole lot of intelligence was needed; just plain ole common sense.

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