Thursday, November 20, 2008


Today's topic focuses on education and the misconception about the educational gap, today's kiddies, and my own personal gratification from a good education.

Point #1 - Misunderstanding

There is a misunderstanding between wealthy Americans and poor Americans right now. Wealthy Americans believe poor Americans are dumb, stupid, and will never amount to anything. Yet wealthy Americans seem to be the dumb ones in their assessment. It did not occur to them that they benefited from a top notch educational system that made sure they were able to have a successful life. How do I know this? Because I went to private school jabroni, that's how! We were given access to computers, books written in the decade I attended high school, a real support system, etc. That set me up to be a success in life.

A friend of mine gave the perfect analogy for the educational gap that exists today. It's like you have two players on a football field that are about to race each other from one end zone to the other. However, one of the players is starting from 50 yd line, and the other player is starting from the opposite end zone. You think this is a fair race? Of course it isn't. So why would you expect someone who does not have the same access as another person to achieve the same amount of success?

Yes, there are exceptions to every rule but those exceptions are not the majority. So spare me the bullshit about "These kids are stupid or cannot learn". They can't learn because they are using history books from 1971 in the new millennium. Trust me, if the playing field is equal you will see more comparable results. But people don't want to see nor hear that truth.

Point #2 - Adolescence

You remember when you were went through elementary school, junior high school, and high school? Do you remember at some point being picked on, cracked on, or having a practical joke played on you? And do you remember your reaction? Something has changed dramatically since I graduated from high school (early 90s) because the kids today react a helluva lot different then I did whenever the situations above happened to me. And when I mean different, I'm talking about all the school shootings that have occurred in America and how people cannot believe these situations happened in "their town." The most infamous school shooting in US history took place at Columbine High School. A couple of kids donned some long trench coats, called themselves the Trench Coat Clique or Mafia, then went on a rampage. According to local folks, these kids had been the subject of verbal abuse by the peers, getting called names like "Dork" and "geek." I had a hard time trying to understand how verbal abuse would trigger someone to seek revenge by taking someone else's life. And at the end of the carnage, the assailants took their own life.

I bring up this story because I was early in my corporate career and got into a debate with a co-worker of mine. He said he felt sorry for the "mafia" because their parents did not love them enough and they felt as if no one cared about them. Of course, he conveniently left out that these kids were sixteen years old driving their parents luxury cars (BMW) to school, had their own room stocked with computer, personal phone, and TV. Yep, their parents didn't love them alright. Using this logic, then I should have went ape shit in high school because I had to PAY for my own car, which was a piece of crap 1987 Ford Escort. I had no personal phone, and a family computer that was shared by everyone in the house. Does that mean my parents did not love me? Hell no, it just meant that's the way it was for me when I was growing up. Do not give me that woe is me crap on those kids. Those kids were soft plain and simple.

Everyone gets picked on at some point in life. That's just the way it is. Resorting to taking someone's life is a chicken shit way of dealing with your problems. And why must they kill everyone instead of just the person or people they are angry with? Those cowards spared no one. I guess the kids living in single room apartments with a gazillion people, only 2 pairs of clothing, and truly no family support should just take their city hostage. The bottom line is this. Kids today need to get tougher emotionally and mentally. Stop watching TV and believing your problems can be answered by hurting people like your in a video game. Be mature and learn how to adjust to your environment.

Point #3 - Gratification

Were you considered a late bloomer while you were school? I sure was. Granted I did not experience the pleasure of having my lunch money taken from me or the shit kicked out of me on a frequent basis, I did struggle to get the "honey" in high school. It probably did not help that I was 5'4, 110 pounds (soaking wet), wore bi-focals & braces until junior year, and rocked the skin tight blue jeans courtesy of moms. But on the flip side, I was a honor roll student, a fairly decent athlete (lettered in soccer), bought my first car with my own money, and was getting scholarships to attend college. But that did not mattered to the honies as either I did not fit their pic of the ideal man. Don't get me wrong, I had a few girls who understood but the so called good ones wanted nothing to do with me. Crazy thing, their mamas were telling them to keep an eye on me because they said 'He's going to do great things'. That's probably the best advice Mama could have given them.

Now in college, my luck was a little better. In fact, I had a girlfriend freshmen year. But I do remember stepping to a few girls and they fronted on me, choosing to kick it with the "bad boys" and "thugs." Funny how times flies when you are about to graduate and you got a good job awaiting you? Those same chicks, along with new ones who learned about my status, were basically beating down my door senior year trying to be on my time. Like Mike Jones said "Back then, didn't want, now I'm hot, all up on me." Please, you could never be Mrs. Waldo because Mrs. Waldo would have been down with me when I was NOTHING!

Long story short, patience is a virtue and before you write off someone, assesses their potential first. You never know who you are dealing with and how that person will look or turn out down the road. I do know I got gratification from being able to reject those same chickenheads that turned their noses up at me back in the day. Poof, be gone tric!

Today's Lesson

Say your prayers, take your vitamins...and um yea right. Keep yo mind on them books and off dem gals. Truss me, those girls will come around. Don't think so, read the "Reality" section in the previous post.

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