Sunday, November 23, 2008


Point #1 - Keeping It Real

I do not know where it started but I do know that it needs to end. And I'm talking about folks bragging to each other to see who's life was the hardest than the other. Instead of celebrating where we at now, we want to talk about eating fried bologna sandwiches and eating one meal a day. I remember one time when I was young, some kids cracked on me because I did not know about only having two pairs of pants. They said I was not keeping it real. Guess they did not know that my both my parents came from low middle or low income situations, worked they asses off to attain what they want, and decided they wanted their children to have what they did not growing up.

Keeping it real to me means not feeling ashamed for having the finer things in life, especially when you work hard for it. I will never apologize for my speech, appearance, lifestyle, upbringing, etc. So while you out there keeping it real and living "grimy", I'll be keeping real warm inside my multi-level home in the suburbs watching ESPN, and surfing the net. That's keeping it real patna.

Point #2 - Leadership

"There are too many captains and not enough sailors" - Me, back in high school

Look, everyone cannot be a leader. But I grow tired of folks claiming to be one because they sound intelligent when they talk. That's not being a leader. What, you think you my master? These same folks are talking about what certain groups need to do as a people and rise but are not doing a damn thing about it. You need to sit yo' silly ass down and get in line like the rest of the folks out there. If you want to change the world, stop talking about it and just do it. Yea, Martin had a dream but at least he woke up to do something. He didn't continue to take a nap if you catch my drift. Otherwise if you do not feel like being a leader but want to make a difference, stop rocking suits and khakis, start wearing dashikis and cargo pants. Just don't come by house with that old Belly "Let's go back to Africa" nonsense.

Also on a personal note, stop congratulating me on becoming a team lead. That is like congratulating me at McDowell's because I went from lettuce to fries. Congratulate me when I become a high level manager, executive or CEO of a firm. Otherwise, just say good luck and let me be on my merry way. It's a harsh reality that I know you may have problems coping with but deal with it!

Today's Lesson

What have we learned in today's lesson kids? Keeping it real and being a leader are difficult in America. But if you stay true to yourself and practice the words that you preach, then everything will work itself out for the better. Otherwise stop fronting like you a gangsta when you know you went to private school and were raised by BOTH parents in the suburbs.


Anonymous said...

Congrats on being team lead. Celebrate the baby steps, whether they are forward or backwards

Great Waldini said...

smart a** :-). I appreciate it