Thursday, January 7, 2010

The definition of a WTF moment

I told you on Monday that it's been only 4 days and people are already on some dumb shit. By now you have heard about Gilbert Arenas aka Agent Zero and his dumb decision to bring guns to the workplace. Originally I was going to blog about how retarded he was and do the Honest Man yada yada yada spiel. But today I got an even more unique situation that I have truly deemed What The Fuck.

A What The Fuck or WTF (for my "pure" readers) moment happens when common sense and reality decide they need to divorce themselves from one another inside someone's brain. Like the chicken nuggets situation this week.That's a What The Fuck moment. You have to capitalize the first letter in each word to emphasize just how stupid that moment was. Back to my story, again I was about to crown Mr. Hibachi as having the What The Fuck moment of the week, possibly year, but then this happened.

The Honest Man lives in North Texas. And North Texas weather is very similar to South Carolina and Georgia's weather. It gets extremely hot in the summertime and it gets cold in the wintertime. This winter has been unusual. In December alone, we had 3 separate incidents where it snowed. Mind you it didn't snow much nor did it stick. And more importantly, sans one of the incidents, it did not cause schools or businesses to shut down. In fact in the one case I mentioned, school was just delayed a couple of hours.

Fast forward to this week. We were told on Monday that a cold front was coming. They were predicting the coldest days this area has seen in 10 or 15 years. What is the tempature you ask? Nothing more than an average high of 25 degrees during the day and 13 degrees at night. Cold? Absolutely. Need the big coat on? Damn straight. Shut down school for the day? My spidey sense tells me a What The Fuck Moment is coming......

My wife tells me last night that I should be expecting to work at home tomorrow because our kids won't be going to school. I tell her she's crazy, they not going to shut down schools just because it's cold. I mean it's not even going to snow for crying out loud. But the WTF moment kicks in early this morning. I get up, turn the local news on, and looking at the scroller for school closings. After 10 minutes, I'm going see she's crazy, school's not shutting down. Literally just as I thought that, I see my kids' school post their school is closed today. And this point you're going well it is like 14 degrees outside, should play it safe. This is where it gets What The Fuck

Sunrise was around 7:30am. I looked outside, not a lick of ice, not even a flake of snow on the ground. It's just windy and cold. Does that sound like school should have been shut down. In the words of Stone Cold Steve Austin "OH HELLL NO!!" I can see delaying school start time to be safe but to shut down the entire school for a day because it's cold is screaming What The Fuck are you thinking??!?! I mean what's next, you gonna shut down school b/c it's too hot outside. Have you lost your marbles? And for those disagreeing with me, you are fucking stupid. Period.

There was a lady on TV saying she agreed with the school board for shutting down. She said you have to err on the side of caution when it comes to your children's safety. Do you know where this broad was? At a muthaphuckin' BOWLING ALLEY?!?! So it's not safe to go to school but it's safe to go bowling?!?! You get the Honorable Mention What The Fuck moment award!

Today's Lesson

There's a reason schools have's to keep the classroom warm. If the streets are clear and the roads are safe, the kids' are in school unless it's summertime or a holiday. No Ifs, Ands, or Buts. It's supposed to be cold again tomorrow. I guess that will be another What The Fuck moment for the board...Agent Zero you got a get of jail free card from the Honest Man today due to a local breach of common sense. Be Happy!

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