Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Keith Olbermann goes to CHUUCH

My man Pilot sent me this link. It's MSNBC's own Keith Olbermann (of ESPN Sportscenter fame) doing commentary on racial discrimination. 10 minutes of pure brilliance. I say brilliant because the race commentary came from a white man. A white man who's not radical, bizarre, a tree hugger, or any of those adjectives that are typically stitched to white men that speak out on behalf of racial inequalities.

The Honest Man's personal opinion is until people stop avoiding talking about racial problems and start discussing them, there will always be a hint of discrimination. People don't want to offend other people but unless you are using derogatory terms in conversation with people, I don't see how one gets offended. It's not like when I have conversations/debates/arguments with other races that I am calling them out a bad name like "You stupid cracker" or "Just get back in the car with youjavascript:void(0)r family" or "Settle down Charlie!" You get what I'm saying.

Just insightful and good timing. I just hope the message is heard. And let the congregation say "CHUUUUUCH"

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