Saturday, February 20, 2010


It's been a rough week readers. My godmother passed away this past Sunday after a decade long battle with Alzheimer's and years of complications from diabetes. She joined her husband, my godfather in a better place (He passed away from cancer in 2001). I don't know a lot of folks who had close relationships with their godparents but mine was a special bond. They literally told my mom before I was born that they were going to be my godparents. Not asked by but told to my parents. Think about that. I have mad love for them. Treated me like I was their own son. They would do dope shit like send me a big ass box of toys every year for Christmas. EVERY. YEAR.

So as you can imagine when you lose a loved one, you have your down moments. I've lost a lot of close people to me and one way I cope is trying to remember a funny story about them. That's my medicine to somewhat ease the pain. As I was leaving the funeral, I started to recall a funny story with my godparents.

1996. Houston. Summer Intern. My godparents hooked me up that summer and allowed me to stay with them rent free. All they asked was that I pay for my long distance calls. No utilities, no cable, just my cover for long distance calls. See why I love them :-)? Anyway, I was spoiled rotten that summer. My godmother would have breakfast ready every morning before I left for work and dinner ready when I walked in the door. You keeping tabs? Rent free, Bill free sans long distance calls, and hot meals. EVERY. DAY.

One day my godmother asked me had I ever had chicken and waffles. I'm like nope only heard about it from the West Coast rappers braggin' about Roscoe's all the time. So she told me that she was gonna cook that for dinner that night. Up until that point, I've never had that combo. But I was daydreaming in my office about that meal. Like I'm literally leaving work so I can DESTROY some chicken and waffles for dinner. Since my godmother usually makes everything from scratch, it was like destiny waiting to happen....

So I get home, walk in the door, and waiting to smell the normal aroma of my godmother's good cooking. When I walk in the kitchen, she's there and like dinner's almost ready. Literally, the toaster suddenly popped, scaring me slightly, and up pops Eggo waffles. Right there, that was a sign. I'm telling you it was like clockwork, my godfather walks in seconds later with a box of Popeye's. Eggos and Popeye's chicken does not equal what I envisioned as chicken and waffles. But that was my reality for dinner :-).

Today's Lesson

At the time I was blown about the letdown. But as time passed, I found great humor in that story. Considering everything that's happened, I think that's the great thing about life. Finding humor when things seem so blue. Rest in peace Larry & Mal, I love you guys!

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