Monday, February 9, 2009

Know Your Role and Shut your mouth

Ok, people I need to kick the actual factual for the dumb and stupid of the world. Just because we work together does not mean you are entitled to know about my personal life. EPMD released an album called "Business Never Personal" and you mofos need to listen to it. To me, telling you something personal means we need to have built a personal relationship. Here's an example of what I mean.

My wife and I are expecting a child next month (more on that in a separate blog). I just started telling co workers last month. At this point, you are saying, man Waldini you are cold for waiting so long to tell them. But think about it this way, if someone constantly emails, calls, or instant messages you with work questions, then you are inclined to give work answers. It's not like I'm going to say "Yea we need to crank out those budget numbers before Friday and oh yea, my wife's pregnant." Usually the smarter, sensitive person will mix in work questions with personal questions ('How's the family, how's the wife, etc'). I let my co workers know that normally you only ask or ping me with work stuff so why should I feel obligated to inform you about my wife. I mean you didn't care about my personal life before so why now?

Today's Lesson

You can call me a dick if you want to but you can't tell me the above isn't rational thought. Truss, I got no problems telling you about my life. But if you step to me with questions about the Wii, I'm not going to tell you I got a PS3 too ;-)

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