Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Annoying Things I wish white people would stop doing

You know it's been more than a year since the Honest Man has done an "Annoying Things" post? I should get like a Nobel Peace Prize for that alone because I've spared a lot of folks from being contestants on the Summer Jam screen, hell the Winter festival projector for that matter. BUT, there's been too much stupid shit recently for the Honest Man to ignore and it involves my fellow Mel Gibsons out there. Sorry man but Danny Glover's gotta speak on it today....

Point #1 - When a white person misuses the word "ghetto"

I don't know how many conversations I've been in with white people and anything that looks somewhat beneath them gets classified as ghetto. "Dude we were at some hotel and like a block behind us is the ghetto!" "We were in a place that was sooo ghetto!" Dumb ass do you even know what the ghetto is? Have you been to a ghetto? Here's a newsflash, while some places may not look like Beverly Hills, Trump Towers, or the Hamptons, not every place is quote Ghetto. The old Cabrini green projects in Chicago? Ghetto. The Cleveland Street area in Nashville? Ghetto. If you need more explaining peep this. But just saying a spot is ghetto because you saw one homeless cat or a rundown building does not qualify as ghetto. You wanna see a ghetto? I'll take you to a ghetto. But please stop spurting stupid shit and classifying everything as ghetto.

Point #2 - When a white person wants to spend time with you like you a couple

You know what I find fascinating about white people? The fact they they don't get tired of spending time with everybody. No disrespect but yo unless we a couple or are sharing a room together because we on a trip together, I don't want most of my non-sleeping hours spent with you. Take training for example. We in class all day, likely have gone to lunch too which adds up to 9-10 hrs together. Then when the work day is over, you talking about getting up for dinner. That's another 2 hours, possibly 3 if you start drinking and talking shit on someone you don't like. That's 13 hrs together. There are 24 hours in a day. You follow where I'm going with this. Get a clue chief! I mean what more do you want from me my blood? But yet if we oppose hanging out you get offended? Shit we offended that you don't know when to say when. We not saying we don't wanna hang out. We just saying we don't wanna hang out 13 hrs a day, 5 days in a row. Keep it moving!

Today's Lesson

Man I had to get that off the chest. You still down with rolling for donuts and coffee Mel? Or are you mentally saying Fuck You Danny Glover, fuck you and your group of oversensitive people. Well if you are, all I can do is shrug my shoulders, say "oh well", and start thinking how will I make it without you to help catch those bad guys. And then I start reading the beginning of this post and go oh yeah that's why :-). Keep trying to make your Lethal Weapon readers!

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DopeBoy King said...

I always think it's hilarious when a WP prefaces phrases with "I don't mean to sound racist but...". It's like a setup for them to say something completely ignorant.