Friday, September 3, 2010

Who needs a hug? You do!

Damn it has it really been a year since the Honest Man gave out hugs to some special friends?? I've been neglecting my duties or ignoring the obvious as I hope folks will do better. But nope this week's transpired events called for me to stop the foolishness, duck into the booth, and POOF, get into the HugMobile!!

Unlike the previous "In need of a hug" posts, there is no daily dose this week of stupid acts, just a combination of random things that have occurred in the past 2 weeks. But like the previous posts, the Honest Man definitely knows somewhere, these folks could use a hug from yours truly....

8/26 - Father attacks Vice Principal. This happened in my home state. Man's son gets in fight. No problem. Man's two other sons and older brothers of Man's son jump in and help baby brother. Again no problem (some of you may say that's a problem but I'm a family dude, you jump on my sibling, then I'm jumping on you. Period). Man comes to school open house, allegedly jumps assistant principal in the office. That folks is a problem. BIG problem. The Man needs a hug. And prayer!

8/30 - This one involves a politician in my current state. The politician decided to take the Sprint Family and Friends Network slogan and apply it to her job. Since 2005, over 25K worth of scholarships handed out to grandchildren, nieces, nephews, and close friends' children. And in 2010, she goes I didn't know what I was doing was wrong. Seriously. That's why she needs a hug from the Honest Man. To let her know that it won't be alright and yes you were wrong. I mean based on what her bank account statement, why didn't she just give them the money outright? Do you see where I'm going with this?? If you still are not connecting the dots, you need a hug too :-). (Hint: Uncle Sam).

9/2 - Everybody's favorite rapper that can't stay out of trouble and his down ass chick/wifey were busted in LA the hard way. What makes it worse is ole boy literally JUST got out of jail. You don't think he needed to be more careful considering the track record. And why didn't his down ass chick, who's got her own fame, say before they got in the car, "You know maybe it's not a good idea"?? This one calls for a group hug folks!

Today's Lesson

Same story, different year, same result. Again, we got to get our shit together people. I understand we are prone to moments where we lose our collective senses and do dumb shit. But in a few of the above cases, I mean hot damn you REPEATED shit that you know was wrong. Shoot I'm giving myself a hug for just thinking about it :-).

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