Monday, November 1, 2010

Election Tiiiime!

Alright America, it's November 1 and what does that mean to you? Maybe it's a countdown until Thanksgiving for you. Maybe it's your day after to recover from all the Halloween parties and trick or treating you did over the weekend. Or maybe it's just another day to kick off in your mind, another fucked up week of work. But to the Honest Man, it's the day before Election Day across the US.

Originally I was going to post another "Songs in the Key" but I felt this message was more important than reminiscing on what you were doing when you heard whatever song I posted. So much is at stake. The Republicans looking to take control of the Senate. The Democrats fighting to keep it. President Obama investing a lot of time because he understands the ramifications of what happens if the Republicans overtake Senate. The nasty (and unintentionally hilarious) Gubernatorial, Senator, and even District Attorney races happening in multiple states (I see you Nevada). Whatever your political party preference, I implore you to get out and vote.

I'm not gonna pull a Diddy on you, knock on your door doing the Harlem Shuffle, or even create some T-shirt with a catchy slogan like "Vote or Die" on them (nor charge you 29.95 for it either). But I am gonna run up on you and annoy the shit out of you until you cast that ballot (Think Shiny suits and repeated lines of "Can't stop, Won't stop").

As a minority, I truly do not understand how any of you cannot vote. Back in the day, the only people allowed to have a say in electing officials were white men. SLOW-LY over decades, minorities went from having no voting rights to having the right of 2/3 of a white man, to finally being able to vote but not without having to burn bras, stage sit ins, hold rallies, etc until the message was heard and rules were changed.

And don't give me that "my vote doesn't matter" foolishness. If all you do is sit around, bitch & moan about the government but never do anything about it, then the only person you can blame is yourself. Change always has, and always will start with YOU. Stop trippin' get out and vote...And in case you wondering, the Honest Man took advantage of early voting and voted last week. Take that, Take that!

Today's Lesson

Really? Does this merit a full paragraph. Go vote jabroni!

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