Saturday, November 13, 2010

Your weekly inspiration - You're the Best!

Is there any child of the 80s that is NOT a fan of the "Karate Kid"? And I mean the original one with Ralph Macchio, not the remake with Big Willie Style's kiddo. For that matter do any of the Generation Yers know who Ralph Macchio is? For shame I say if you never saw this movie. It has all the elements of those "classic" 80s bully movies. New kid in school that has "problems" making friends. New kid makes quick enemies by trying to get with the school bully's girl (in this case ex-girl). New kid gets his ass kicked on a daily basis. New kid gets a "mentor". New kid fights back. And new kid ultimately fights for respect from the bullies and for the love of the girl. You indeed New Kid are the best! Don't believe me, peep one of the greatest cheesiest songs that is Ultimate 80s

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