Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Movies the Honest Man Loves - Menace II Society

1994. Senior Year High School. Summertime in da SC. While I'm waiting to embark on one of my greatest rides at Morehouse, I'm at home just killin' time. One way I killed time was renting movies, especially after the family hooked me up with the TV/VCR combo for college. So the first movie I rented was one I had been waiting to watch for a year...Menace II Society.

If you've never seen Menace, shame on you. I personally think it's better than the more celebrated Boyz in the Hood. I mean after watching this, I truly thought I was hard :-). Out there walking the suburbs, quoting O dawg "What'chu say about my mama?" over and over. And it only got worse when I did start college, met D-Lo, and learned he was just as big as a fan. Me and him damn near watched this shit over and over every day. It was so bad, we knew EVERY line word for word. That's how much I loved this movie.

If you've never seen it, no fear, I've posted one of my favorite scenes below. It's the infamous "faggot ass Chauncey decides to educate white folks" scene. CLASSIC. Trust me, the rest of the movie is just as good. So go rent this movie...FOR HAROLD!!!

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