Monday, January 26, 2009

Bauer Supremacy

"The following takes place between 9pm and 10pm (cue long hand ticking)"

I'm a HUGE fan of 24. I still remember watching the first episode in Fall 2001, where old girl jumped out of the plane and the joint blew up soon after. From there, pure dopeness was set in motion. Moles. Government Conspiracy. Workplace Tension. It had all kinds of drama. And it broke new ground from having a black president to a president being a terrorist to the current season of having a female president.. The show had it all. Like wine, each season seemed to get better with time. That is until I saw Season 6. I don't know if it was the Writer's Strike, the writers weren't getting any drawers, or what but it was gah-bage.

Season 7 is currently airing now and here was my initial thought after episode 1. The show was starting to feel like Nas' career in the late 90s. It wasn't that Nas released completely wack albums (except for Nastradamus) but it was like his career stalled until Jigga hit upside the head with 'Takeover.' It lit a fire under Nas and his career has been on the up since. Somebody needed to hit the '24' writers with a writer's version of Takeover and light a fire. The first two episodes were not bad, definitely better than last season but still, it's was kinda missing that umph.

But then the following night and then the next 3 episodes, it was like the CSI writers wrote a script taking digs at the 24 writers, and then the 24 writers were ready with the Ether. I mean the following was noted by yours truly:

  • You had weird chick versus weirder chick (Garafolo vs Chloe)
  • Is it me or does it look like Bill has been hitting the bottle?
  • And why does he know the answers to all the questions ("Yes I knew he was in trouble...")
  • I'm still trying to get over Billy the Director from Entourage being a IT techie.
  • Will Agent Walker stop saying "I have to make this right"
  • Tell me you didn't think of Bourne Ultimatum when Jack hotwired that car and drove it off the 2nd floor
  • Why do white people go ape shit whenever another white person tells them they are reckless? (see Secretary of defense calling the Prez reckless)
  • Tony looking like he's gonna go postal everytime someone mentions Michelle's name
  • The head FBI man frontin' like he's really concerned about getting Agent Walker back safely when he knows he just want to get the drawers
We're on episode 7 already and it's been mucho better than Season 6 completely. Now for those who know me, Waldini does an annual "Shoot 'Em in the Kneecaps" award for 24 characters that annoy me to no end and need to be shot for the dumbest thing (Agent Walker is an early nomination for her constant woe is me crap). Regardless from time to time you will find me talking about my shows (24, Heroes, 30 Rock, the Office) so consider yourself warned.

Today's Lesson

24, thanks for Ether part 2 (sniff) you were missed. Just don't make me regret letting you back into my life by bringing Kim into the picture.

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