Sunday, January 4, 2009

Things that make you go hmmm Vol. 1

From time to time the Honest Man will post interesting articles, reports, or letters I find. The one below is just bananas and it's appropriately titled "Crack Whore Mom". A snippet is below but you can read the whole article at this site.

"I'm a 34-year-old straight woman living with a 32-year-old straight man. His daughter is 2, and I am the only mother she has ever known. (Her real mother is a crack whore somewhere.) My boyfriend tells me he loves me, but it doesn't feel like he wants to spend any time with me. I pay the rent and am the only person in our household with a full-time job. When I get home, I want to relax. He wants to go out because he has been sitting at home all day. If he hasn't been at home, he has been running around with his friends. This pisses me off, and I am not afraid to tell him so. His response? "You're just jealous because you have to work!" Damn right I'm jealous! Also, I do all the cooking and don't get any help with cleanup or housework.

Other factors include my 13-year-old son, who has had trouble adjusting to a baby in the house; my boyfriend's outstanding warrants; and the fact that I have desperately wanted another baby for 10 years. What on earth should I do"

Waldini's Take - You want to have a child with a cat that has outstanding warrants? Shouldn't that be a sign that something is completely wrong with that situation? Damn your son's worries about another baby, he (and you) need to be worried that your boyfriend doesn't set your ass up to take a fall over some ignorant half cooked scam.

Readers, if you really need me to spell out today's lesson, then I wish the same fucked up situation above to you too.

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